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What Is iTunes Gift Card

If you’re an Apple user, you’ve probably wondered about the easy and secure shopping experience on the App Store and iTunes platforms. We are ready to say that iTunes gift cards are one of the easiest and most convenient payment methods for those who use Apple.

How Does It Work

You can use your iTunes card as a fixed balance prepaid voucher to make purchases from Apple. With an iTunes card, you don’t have to share your bank details or pay additional fees. In addition, it can be used as a good gift for a loved one or friend who uses Apple products.

Who Is It For

The iTunes card will be useful for any Apple user, providing many opportunities for entertainment within all Apple electronic services. No matter what device you’re using, you can redeem your iTunes code whenever and however you want, since your prepaid card balance is linked to your Apple ID.

What Countries Is It Available In

When buying an iTunes prepaid card, you should keep in mind that the purchased card will be strictly limited by region, i.e. you can only activate the card in the country for which you bought it. Therefore, when placing an order on the site, we advise you to carefully check the details to ensure that you have selected the correct country when purchasing.

How To Buy iTunes Gift Card

After paying for the order on Baxity Store the gift card code will be delivered to you by email.

To buy a gift card you just need to select the denomination of the iTunes prepaid card and pay with one of the available payment options. After receiving the voucher by email, you can use it immediately.

Available Denominations

On our site, iTunes gift cards are available to users in several denominations. You can choose one card or buy several. Available denominations may vary depending on the country of activation of the card: €5, €10, €15, €25, €50.

How To Use It

You can use your gift card to top your iTunes balance and pay for the subscription in iTunes app.

How To Check Your Balance

It’s unavailable to check the balance of your gift card. But there is another useful option: after redeeming your iTunes gift card you can see the available balance that is shown in your App Store account.

Are There Any Fees Or Restrictions

When buying an iTunes card, you will have to pay a quite low processing and service fee, the amount of which depends on the payment method you choose to pay for the voucher. All fees and charges are shown at the moment of order checkout on the site.I don’t have to pay any extra-costs while using iTunes gift card.

Is It Possible To Recharge It

No, you can’t recharge your gift card, but you can check your current balance on the App Store. Just log in to your account and look on the line under your username.

What Can I Buy With iTunes Gift card

Which Websites Accept It

Please, remember that you can redeem your gift card only on the App Store platform. You can’t use it anywhere else.

Pros and Cons of iTunes Gift card

What Are The Advantages

  • No expiration date
  • No extra-costs
  • Instant transactions

What Are The Disadvantages

  • Region-locked


Can You Buy An iTunes Gift Card Online?

Yes. iTunes gift card are available for purchase online in different denominations.

Where Can I Get An iTunes Gift Card?

Baxity Store is one of the iTunes retailers allowing you to buy gift cards and pay online securely.

How To Get An iTunes Gift Card?

You can buy an iTunes gift card on our website almost instantly:

  1. Select the denomination of the card you want to buy
  2. Place an order on the website: go to the shopping cart, visit Checkout page, select a payment method, enter the necessary data
  3. Confirm order payment
  4. The voucher code will be delivered to you by e-mail