JetonCash launches VISA debit card

Jeton Visa Cards
August 05, 2022

A new generation e-wallet JetonCash has launched a Visa Debit card which can be used in daily life wherever the merchant accepts Visa. The cardholders can make domestic and international transactions using it both for physical purchases and online payments. Like all other Visa cards, Jeton Card is designed for ATM cash withdrawals too.

JetonCash is a global payment solution that makes finance accessible, helping to simplify the way to pay and get paid. The app offers users 40+ currencies worldwide making it easy and secure to pay, transfer or receive the digital cash both through the online wallet and voucher. The last one is especially popular in gambling and trading when necessary to make a deposit without having to share the personal data or bank details. It will be possible to buy Jeton Voucher in the near future on the Baxity Store.

How to get a Jeton Card?

Users can now apply for a VISA debit card through the JetonCash official website. This uncomplicated process requires that the following steps should be fulfilled:

  1. First of all, to be able to get a Jeton Card you need to have completely validated Jeton Wallet.
  2. In the Jeton Card menu click the button for ordering your card.
  3. In a new screen you will see your address shown on it. Once you place the order, it might take up to two weeks for it to arrive at your address.

What are the benefits of a Jeton Card?

Let’s go into the advantages that Jeton Card offers:

  • Use your account anywhere inside the SEPA zone with your dedicated IBAN.
  • Make cash withdrawals in whatever country you go to.
  • Don’t worry about the security of transactions since the Jeton Card offers the contactless payment option.
  • Freeze or unfreeze the card at any moment whenever you choose.
  • Withdraw cash with responsible rates.
  • Control your transactions and keep track of your spending.

What are the fees and limits of the Jeton Card?

First of all, we wish to note that Jeton Cards are available only for UK and EU residents. Here are the fees and limits of the card that can be used for deposit, withdrawal and payments.