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What Is Spotify Gift Card

Access high-quality music content instantly by purchasing a Spotify gift card and subscribing in the app. You will be able to listen to 50+ million songs and 700+ thousand podcasts.

How Does It Work

Save yourself the hassle of having to pay a monthly subscription to use Spotify services and share your bank details with gift cards available in different denominations on the Baxity Store website.

Who Is It For

A Spotify gift card will be a great gift for those who like to listen to music alone, or have a party in a noisy company. On the Spotify platform, you can easily find the right music, no matter what genre you prefer or what you do. spotify adjust to your wishes.

What Countries Is It Available In

Spotify gift cards have strict regional restrictions, so when choosing a card to buy, be careful and check which country is indicated in the order to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, a card available for activation in Australia will not be available in Spain.

How To Buy Spotify Gift Card

To purchase a Spotify card on the Baxity Store website, simply select the desired denomination and pay for the order using one of the available payment methods. The activation code will appear on your screen immediately after making the payment. In addition, you will receive an email with all the details of the order and the necessary instructions for use.

Available Denominations

When it comes to Spotify cards, we usually only have 3 voucher denominations available (may vary by country): €10, €30, €60. This choice may seem rather meager to you, but do not rush to be upset: this choice of denominations is quite enough to pay for the desired type of subscription on the Spotify platform.

How To Use It

All you need to pay for a subscription is the gift card number and PIN, which is usually found on the card.

How To Check Your Balance

To check your Spotify gift card balance, simply visit and enter your card number. The balance will be displayed on your screen instantly.

Are There Any Fees Or Restrictions

You do not pay any additional fees when you purchase a Spotify subscription with a gift card. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a Spotify Gift Card. First, it can only be used on – you can’t use it to buy items on other sites. Also, make sure you haven’t lost your card or PIN, in which case you won’t be able to use your card. You can always check the card details in the email with order details that you receive from Baxity Store immediately after making a purchase on our website. Just don’t delete it.