Top Sites For Exchanging Gift Cards For Crypto

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Did you know that you can exchange gift cards for bitcoins? We have complied the list of the platforms to buy crypto with gift card. Where to buy and sell gift cards for crypto?

Can I Buy Crypto With Gift Cards?

If you’re conversant with trends in FinTech, you would know that a gift card is a digital virtual card that can be purchased online, or rather at Baxity Store. Cards can be purchased in any denomination presented on the site. While physical cards can be redeemed in a store, digital cards can only be redeemed online. In this article you can also read about How do give crypto as a gift?

At present, not all cryptocurrency exchanges offer the way to buy crypto with gift cards or to invest in digital assets using gift cards. Meanwhile, there are platforms that offer affordable ways to buy crypto with a gift card or exchange a gift card for crypto. Thus, you may wonder – Where can I buy crypto with a gift card?

Where To Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoins

There are several online platforms where you can conveniently exchange gift cards for crypto or buy bitcoins with gift cards. Due to the growing popularity of gift cards and the ability to purchase them online without leaving home, more and more people prefer to give gift cards to their loved ones. During holidays, you’re most likely going to get gift cards for shopping that can be redeemed for cryptocurrency. Where is it possible to sell gift cards for bitcoins and how to do that?

Gift Card Exchanges

Gift card exchanges are peer-to-peer marketplace facilitating card-crypto trades worldwide. The platforms support purchases and sales of cryptocurrency through a wide variety of payment methods where users can convert or trade over a thousand gift cards for crypto.

It’s a very common and profitable way to sell unwanted gift cards for crypto. Gift card exchanges will help you get rid of the card and take the opportunity to buy coins. It offers you to pay for someone’s orders on Amazon and earn BTC or BCH in exchange, while allowing the other side to spend some bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are also special platforms that do not offer p2p sales, but allow users to buy cryptocurrency with gift cards or vouchers. Payment is made instantly to your provided crypto wallet addresses soon as your gift card code is confirmed.

Best Platforms To Buy Crypto With Gift Card

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying crypto with gift cards. The first one is that the cards for selling belong to you personally. The second thing is that you sell the card with a positive balance.

As such, we’ve included major websites that let you exchange gift cards for crypto.

  • Rating:


  • Crypto Voucher can be easily bought on Baxity Store
  • One of the easiest ways to buy crypto with voucher
  • It is redeemable for BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BNB, USDC, MATIC, SOL
  • Lots of payment methods
  • Low transaction and conversion fees
  • Instant transactions
  • Simple and accessible interface


  • Limited number of cryptocurrencies
  • Мandatory verification process
  • Low limits without verification
  • Rating:


  • Users can sell gift cards for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and other cryptocurrencies
  • It supports almost 200 countries around the world
  • The purchasing process is intuitive and easy
  • No need for a Bitrefill account sign up
  • Informative FAQ page to answer most simple questions


  • Limited currency options
  • You can’t use the service anonymously
  • Questionable customer support
  • App interface could see some improvements
  • Rating:


  • Diversity of products or services
  • No fees for payments in Bitcoin
  • Enable your gift cards to be manageable through the app.
  • Often mentioned in several sources such as Forbes, Mashable and Cnet
  • Rewards system with Gyft points, which vary from 1-3%


  • Only accepts Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies
  • The actual rewards are at a rather low exchange, so that the average customer may not receive the benefit of the program
  • Payment method must be verified before making a purchase, this is a few additional steps for the first-time buyer
  • User complaints about unfulfilled purchases
  • Rating:


  • The most popular platform with the technologies to purchase gift cards online
  • Enable to exchange your gift cards with the cryptocurrency of your choice
  • Some big brand retailers are supported by Egifter – Bed Bath&Beyond, iTune, Dunkin’Donuts, Applebee’s


  • Careless customer service
  • No proof of funds being used
  • No live agents
  • Long response time for needed purchases
  • Raiting:


  • The way to turn unused Amazon gift cards into crypto
  • Enables to buy discounted products with crypto


  • The customer service falls short
    users complain about account blocking without any reason
  • Two-step verification of six-digit numbers is forced
  • Crypto rates and wallet updates will not update unless you press F5
  • Rating


  • All coincard holders earn Coin Points
  • With 600 points users can get a €15 shopping voucher, with 2,000 points – €50


  • Points have different values depending on the account level the customer has (Easy, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Shopping vouchers cannot be spent on products on sale and cannot be combined with each other
  • Rating:


  • It lets you trade gift cards with a number of cryptocurrencies
  • It supports a wide range of cards from different countries
  • Cash rewards for shopping
  • Great customer service


  • There is no option to pay with crypto directly
  • The customer is required to create an account to buy bitcoins with gift cards
  • No way to add cash with credit card or bank.
  • Rating:


  • Great user interface
  • Safe and secure system
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • 2FA enabled
  • Customer support via Livechat
  • Enables to sell gifts cards on Telegram @RedeeemBot


  • This exchange is currently (July 2022) out of service. The Team is working on remodeling the site.
  • Rating:


  • You can trade over a hundred gift cards for bitcoin on Paxful. Some of the supported ones include Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Domino’s, Uber, T-Mobile refill cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Google Play.
  • Over 300 payment methods supported
  • Fees are very competitive and no fee is charged to buyers
  • Bitcoin wallet included with the account


  • The exchange rate will vary per seller
  • Security of the wallet is questionable
  • Only Bitcoin is supported for exchange
  • Rating:


  • Supports up to 14 methods of payment, gift card exchange for crypto
  • Enables to purchase and sell bitcoin with cards and codes for numerous retailers
  • User can interact with platform through the desktop browser and mobile apps
  • The platform is highly secure
  • Low fees and transaction security guarantees


  • Applies limits when trading on the exchange or the OTC market place
  • Need to be verified to increase the account limits

Check Out Baxity Store And Get Your Voucher Right Now

After giving a short overview of gift cards trading platforms with their pros and cons it is time to answer the question – Where to buy gift cards in a secure and easy way?

Choose from a wide variety of cards and vouchers on Baxity Store according to your preference and buy your gift cards online with fast email or account dashboard delivery! Visit Baxity Store, pay for digital gift cards at the best price, then sell gift cards for crypto on Peer-to-Peer exchange platformes of your choice.

Тhere is nothing easier than to:

  1. Go to Baxity Store.
  2. Select the gift card or voucher value you need.
  3. Buy it with just a few clicks choosing the way of available payments.
  4. Get gift card’s code via email or account dashboard.
  5. Sell gift cards for bitcoins on a partner website.

After purchasing cards or vouchers on Baxity Store you can easily find your order history and vouchers codes on your personal account:

  1. Simply log in to the Baxity Store website.
  2. In your personal account click on the “Orders” tab.
  3. On the dashboard see your orders’ date, ID, status, name of voucher or card, quantity and code.

Why to choose Baxity Store?

Our aim is to provide trustworthy gift cards and vouchers shopping service for customers, while continuously working to improve it.

We offer:

  • easy way to shop e-vouchers and prepaid cards
  • secure and quick checkout process
  • instant code delivery
  • transactions monitoring on account dashboard
  • no hidden fees

The Baxity Store team looks forward to serving you and provides technical assistance with products or solves customers’ issues regarding their purchases or experiences.

Check out all the ways to contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Crypto With Gift Cards?

Yes, you can. After purchasing a gift card on Baxity Store you can choose the one among P2P and gift card trading platforms, and marketing services, then get crypto for gift cards at low fees.

Where Can I Buy Crypto With Gift Cards

The list of the best gift card trading services has been provided above. Before choosing and buying crypto with gift cards it is recommended to study in detail the features of each platform.

Which Are The Best Platforms To Sell Gift Cards For Crypto?

Making the best choice of the platform to sell gift cards for crypto depends on features, available crypto for gift cards and a whole host of other factors. In a nutshell, the basic list is provided above. Тhe choice is yours!

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