Best Alternatives To Steam In 2022

The best alternatives to Steam
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Steam has long been the world’s number one platform when it comes to digital video games, but that doesn’t mean that all its customers are entirely happy with it. Steam has received a lot of criticism over the years, from game developers and players alike, and it’s only fair to assume that many Steam users have turned to looking for alternative ways to buy and sell their digital games.

Many players are looking for gaming platforms like Steam because on some of these platforms players can save a few bucks and it incentivizes Valve to improve and innovate.

There are many other popular program like Steam out there today, with plenty more appearing each year, so we decided to do some research and find out which ones are considered the best alternatives to Steam in 2022. Read on!

Why Look For An Alternative To Steam

Game sites like Steam are very popular these days, but why? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why many gamers choose to shop on trusted and free alternatives to Steam.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

One of the biggest complaints gamers have about Steam is that they often use DRM, which can limit how you play and interact with your games. This can be frustrating for some people who just want to buy a game and play it without restrictions or limitations.

Rare Bonuses

The main preoccupation is obviously playing the game you bought, but it’s always wonderful to get some extras for free. Unfortunately, when you buy a game on Steam, you seldom get any additional bonuses. If you are lucky enough to find something like that, there are very few games available in your country or region.

Too Expensive

Although, there are usually deals on Steam. There are everyday deals as well as large seasonal sales during holidays such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The prices on Steam are a little bit too high, especially when you compare them to other game platforms like Steam, which offer similar games at a much lower price.

A Lot Of Low-Quality Games

Even though, there are many great games on Steam, there are also a lot of low-quality games that people don’t really want to play. This is because developers can publish their game on Steam even if it’s not high quality and doesn’t really provide any value to gamers.

TOP 7 Alternative Platforms Like Steam

Steam is a great place to buy PC games, but it isn’t without its issues. Valve’s service is bloated and frequently unreliable, which means that there are plenty of people who have decided to look for an alternative to Steam. Luckily, you don’t have to switch services entirely; just like there are sites for those who prefer indie stores or wholesale alternatives for traditional retailers, you can find sites like Steam without sacrificing quality or price. Below are some popular alternatives to Steam gaming platforms:


Electronic Arts’ digital distribution platform is one of the most popular alternatives to Steam, but it doesn’t have nearly as many users or games available for purchase. That said, you can find a lot of EA titles on Origin and it offers some features that are unique to other sites like steam.

Origin Access is an all-access membership package for gamers that enjoy testing out new games. This EA product provides its customers with previews of forthcoming releases as well as up to 10% savings on all game purchases.

Pros Cons
You can add retаil copies of your games A little heavy on memory
Clean design Game inventory is very small
Many games on sale

Nintendo Store

The Wii U, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch have their own digital storefronts, which means that you can buy games for both systems without having to deal with Steam or other services like it. That said, both stores are fairly small compared to other game platforms like Steam and they’re not always as reliable as you might hope. If you only plan on buying games for a single system, then they’re worth checking out; otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere.

Pros Cons
You may download and play the game at any time. The games cannot be resold.
Discounts are often available at the eShop. You are not permitted to lend the games to others.
Can redeem gift cards directly Playing games necessitates the use of storage space.

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is another alternative to Steam that you should consider if you only plan on buying games for a single system. While it’s not as popular as other digital distribution platforms, it has some unique features and benefits that might make it worth your time. For example, PS Plus members can get free games every month as well as early access to betas and demos of upcoming titles, which means that you can try out new games before they’re released and save money in the process.

There are also plenty of discounts available for those who want to buy multiple games at once or simply save a little bit of cash while playing their favorite titles.

Pros Cons
The PS store has regular sales. There’s no written review system for products.
PS plus members can get discounts. The browser version of the ps store isn’t that well integrated.
You can wishlist your potential purchases for reminders during sales.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Steam gaming that caters to younger gamers, then you should check out Roblox. This game-creation platform is designed specifically for kids and teens, which means that it’s easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of technical jargon or other features that might be confusing or frustrating for younger players.

Pros Cons
Players can buy avatars Higher Prices
Easy to redeem giftcards No game variety

Epic Games Store

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, then you might want to check out Epic Games’ digital distribution platform. The company behind that game has its own store, which means that you can buy games from one of your favorite developers without having to go through another service like Steam or origin.

While it doesn’t have as many games available for purchase as other alternatives to Steam, it does have some unique features and benefits that make it worth checking out. For example, there are no fees associated with using Epic Games Store and all purchases are handled directly by Epic Games; they don’t use third-party payment processors or other intermediaries.

Pros Cons
Free games every month Only available on PC
Exclusive games Fewer games per month
Ability to turn off auto-updates
Lets you use your own 2 Factor Authentication
Better revenue share for developers


The Blizzard store is another option for players who only want to buy games from a single developer or publisher. This site sells titles from both Blizzards’ current and past catalogs, which means that you can find new and classic games without having to leave your favorite company’s website. Overwatch, Call of Duty, StarCraft, Diablo, and more famous PC titles are available on the platform.

Microsoft Store (Xbox)

The Microsoft store is a digital distribution platform that’s specifically designed for gamers who own PC or Xbox console. While it doesn’t have as many games available for purchase as other alternatives to Steam, it does have some unique features and benefits that make it worth checking out. For example, all games purchased on Microsoft Store are compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, which means that you can enjoy your favorite titles without having to switch between platforms or manage multiple user accounts in order to play them.

Pros Cons
Exclusive Games Slow download speeds
Easy to redeem gift cards Limited payment options
Available on PC and Xbox consoles
Ease of switching from one game to another
Microsoft run sales at times through out the year

Best Payment Methods For Game Platforms Like Steam

Paying for games online can be a bit complicated, especially when there are many platforms to choose from. If you’re thinking about using game sites like Steam, consider how it may work with your local currency and payment methods. Take a look at our list of best payment methods for game platforms below.

Steam Gift Card

The Steam gift card is one of many cheaper ways to add funds to your Steam account. The gift card can be purchased at retail stores and redeemed in your account, where you can use it to purchase games, software, wallet credit, and any other item you can find on Steam’s marketplace.

PlayStation Gift Card

Similar to Steam, Sony offers a gift card that can be purchased at retail stores and redeemed in your account. The card can be used to purchase games, movies, and more from Sony’s online store. It is also an easy way to add funds directly to your PlayStation Network wallet.

Xbox Gift Card

The Xbox gift card is another easy way to add funds directly to your Microsoft account, which can be used to purchase games and other items from Microsoft’s online store.

Roblox Gift Card

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends, consider purchasing a gift card from Roblox on Baxity Store. The gift card can be used to purchase in-game items and currency, as well as downloadable content like new characters and clothing. You can also use it to purchase a premium membership that grants access to exclusive items and content.

Blizzard Card

For PC gamers, there’s no better gift than a Blizzard card. The gift card can be used to purchase digital games and content from your favorite titles, including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo III, and StarCraft II.

EA Gift Card

If you’re a fan of Electronic Arts games, consider purchasing an EA gift card to add funds to your account. The gift card can be used to purchase downloadable content for titles like Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, and Madden NFL 17. It can also be used to purchase full games from popular franchises like Star Wars Battlefront and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Nintendo eShop

If you’re a fan of Nintendo, consider purchasing an eShop gift card to add funds to your account. The gift card can be used to purchase digital games and content from your favorite titles, including Super Mario Maker, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Pokémon Sun and Moon.

A Wide Variety Of Gift Cards At The Baxity Store

There are hundreds of legit gift cards available to purchase online through Baxity Store. If you’re looking for gift card alternatives to Steam, it’s a good idea to browse Baxity Store for some great options. There are also plenty of entertainment discounts that can help you save even more money on your favorite movies and shows. Check out Baxity Store today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Look For An Alternative To Steam?

The simple answer is that there are a lot of things you can’t do on Steam. If you want to access your library from anywhere, or don’t want others to see what games you own, or if you want more control over how and when your games update, then it might be time to start looking for an alternative.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Steam?

If you don’t know what are alternatives to Steam or you’re looking for a better experience with your games library and all its bells and whistles, here are some options to consider include: Origin, Nintendo Store, PlayStation Store, Roblox, Epic Games Store, Blizzard and Microsoft Store (Xbox) just to name a few.


With so many options and features, it’s easy to see why so many people choose alternatives to buy games Steam. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your favorite games organized or you want more control over how they’re shared, there are some great alternatives out there. If you’re looking for a new game store on PC, make sure to check out our list of best online stores for PC games. With thousands of titles and many unique payment plans, we hope it helps find exactly what you’re looking for! In addition to this article we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best Gift Cards for gamers in 2022 and made an overview of top entertainment gift cards.

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