The Best Gaming Gift Cards

Trying to find the perfect gift card can be tricky, especially when the recipient loves gaming. You don’t want to give them anything they already have, so you want something new and exciting that they don’t already own! This year, why not give the gift of gaming? These are the 11 best gift cards for gamers in 2022!

What Exactly Is A Gift Card?

A gift card is a great way to give someone a present that they can choose for themselves. Gift cards are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because of days. In fact, you could say that the best gift you can give anyone is an opportunity to make their own choice. With so many options available these days, it’s no wonder that gamers have more choices than ever before!

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Main Types of Gaming Gift Cards

Shopping for a gamer can be difficult, and that’s why gift cards for games are such great ideas. But what is a good gaming gift card? There are many different types of gaming gift cards available, but here we’ll focus on online gaming gift cards for consoles, PC games, mobile games, and more. We will cover how to choose between them and give our recommendations on which ones are best.

Here are the main types of gaming gift cards:

Platform-Specific gift card

Buying a platform-specific gaming gift card lets your recipient choose from among all available games for a certain gaming platform. A platform-specific gift card is best for someone who already has an idea of what game he wants to play, but it’s not always possible to know ahead of time what your favorite games will be.

Game-Specific gift card

Buying a game-specific gift card allows your recipient to choose one particular game and nothing else. Because they’re limited to only one title, game-specific cards are best for someone who knows exactly what he wants. For example, if you know your friend really wants The Witcher 3, then a game-specific gift card is an excellent choice for him.

Console Gaming gift card

If you buy a console gaming gift card, it’s just like buying a game-specific gift card, except that you can choose from among all games for any platform. Because of how expensive some console titles are, purchasing one as a gift is especially nice—and good for gamers who have everything but don’t want to limit themselves to one game. Xbox, PlayStation Store, or Nintendo eShop gift cards are the official options for their respective consoles.

Mobile Gaming gift card

Like console gaming gift cards, mobile gaming cards let you choose from among all available games for a particular platform. In our opinion, mobile gaming cards are best when they’re paired with a game-specific or console-gaming card so that your gamer has some choice over which game he wants to buy. For those who love to game on their phone or tablet, you can pick up a Google Play gift card if your giftee is an Android user or an Apple iTunes gift card for those who have iOS devices

The 11 Best Gaming Gift Cards

PlayStation Gift Card

PlayStation gift cards (prepaid credit cards for PlayStation Network purchases) are one of the best present options for gamers who have a PS4 or PS5. These can be bought at physical locations like GameStop and Walmart, online, or on your phone with a mobile carrier.

Steam Gift Card

One of Steam’s latest innovations was Steam Wallet, a way to buy games and software on their digital download service. A $20 card will give you $20 to spend across all your games on Steam, which is a great place to get quality PC titles without paying full price.

XBOX Live Gift Card

The Xbox Live gift card is one of the favorite gamer gift cards for Xbox console owners. With an Xbox Live gift card, you’re giving your friend or family member a way to play games online as well as some freebies they can pick up while they play.

oBucks Gift Card

Openbucks card is one of Paysafe Group payment solutions, allowing gamers to pau for skins and other stuff on more than 2000 gaming platforms. By the way, this card doesn’t have the expiration date.

Nintendo Gift Card

If you’re looking for a gift card that works on just one system, Nintendo has you covered. The eShop credit is available for all three major consoles – the Switch, 3DS, and Wii U – and is compatible with both digital games as well as physical titles. And since there’s no expiration date on digital credit like there would be with a Steam card, it will be good to use whenever you’re ready.

Razer Gold Gift Card

One of the most prolific names in gaming peripherals, Razer’s Gold line is designed to allow gamers to customize their set-up and express themselves while they play. The credit card size online gaming gift card can be used across all platforms including PC, console, smartphone and tablet – and even Mac.

Blizzard Gift Card

If you know someone who loves Blizzard games, why not give them a gift card for their favorite Blizzard game? This could be Overwatch, World of Warcraft, or Diablo. These cards come in various values and can be used to purchase additional content for their favorite games. If you want to go all out, check out Blizzard Battlenet Pack cards, which have a value of $100 and are designed specifically for online gaming.

GameStop Gift Card

If you’re looking for the best gift card for gamers, a good bet is GameStop. The retailer has been around since before most of us could even play video games—much less understand them. With hundreds of locations across North America, thousands of products, and an ever-expanding library of exciting games, it’s easy to see why gamers would love to get their hands on one of these plastic cards.

NCSoft Gift Card

Buy a gamer gift card for one of South Korea’s biggest gaming companies, which is behind titles like Blade & Soul and Guild Wars. The site offers six different gift cards, ranging from $10 to $300. The more you buy, the cheaper each unit costs. Treat your favorite MMO player to something special from NCSoft—or use it yourself when Blade & Soul 2 finally comes out!

Roblox Gift Card

A few years ago, video game giant Roblox launched a gift card program that quickly gained popularity among gamers. And we’re not surprised: If you purchase a $10 digital gift card for Roblox, you can use it to buy virtual currency and other items for your characters—such as new outfits or hairstyles.

Multi Game Card

If you’re buying a gift card for someone who loves to play video games, then you can’t go wrong with a multi-game gift card. They are available from GameStop and Amazon. These cards enable gamers to choose exactly what games they would like to purchase and make them feel special.

Top Game-Specific Gift Cards

There are so many great games out there these days, it’s hard to choose just one. If you’re buying a gift for a gamer and want to ensure they get what they really want, look no further than game-specific gift cards. Whether they prefer PC, PS4/5, or Xbox games, these are some of our favorites:

World of Tanks gift card 2022World of Tanks

World of Tanks gift cards can be redeemed for freebies including premium account status, virtual goods, and even gold bullion that can be used in-game. The best part is you won’t have to take out a second mortgage on your house to get one. These cards are currently available at GameStop stores throughout North America, as well as online via their website (exclusively for US residents).

Minecraft gift card 2022Minecraft

In an online world dominated by blocks, you might assume it’s hard to find a fun new way to shop for Minecraft gift cards. You’d be wrong. There are tons of great gift card options available, including physical Minecraft cards as well as digital gift cards that you can use from any device. Any gamer would love one of these cool gifts.

fortnite v-bucks gift card 2022 logoFortnite

Epic Games’ multiplayer first-person shooter Fortnite might not be as popular as Overwatch, but it has a dedicated following. If you’re looking for a gift for a Fortnite fan, give them an Epic Games gift card. It comes with a $15 bonus to spend on character skins and other in-game items, or you can use it to purchase extra V-Bucks (currency) to purchase cosmetic items directly from their account inventory.

League of Legends gift card 2022League of Legends

League of Legends is one of those games that continues to evolve and surprise its players even after it was released. LoL just announced a new edition to their game, with one of its most requested features: a brand new map! New characters, environments, and so much more are coming to League of Legends soon, which is why LoL gift cards will make an excellent present for any player.

Gift Card Benefits

They Are Convenient To Use

One of the main reasons people like buying gift cards is because they are very convenient. Since you already know which store or restaurant a person likes, getting a specific gift card for them allows you to tailor your gift to their preferences.

Deals And Discounts Are Available

Some places offer promotions if you buy their gift cards with a certain amount of money on them. You can save 5% to 20% if you buy a gift card online from some retailers, so always check out what promotions are going on before making your purchase.

They Save Money And Time

Because gift cards are so convenient, they save you money and time. There is no need to spend hours going from store to store trying to find that perfect item or deal when you can use a gift card. All you have to do is decide how much you want to put on a gift card and which one to get for your loved one!

They Are Easy To Purchase

Another great thing about gift cards is that they are easy to purchase. Most of them can be purchased online, but if you prefer not to, you can go directly to your local store and ask for a gift card.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Gift Cards For Gamers

If you’re looking for gamer gift cards, then it’s important to be familiar with some basic facts about game systems before making your purchase! That way, you can ensure that whoever is receiving your gift will actually appreciate it.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Options

To ensure a successful experience while shopping for gifts cards for gamers, remember these considerations before hitting up that favorite store:

  • Save the receipt when you make a purchase. It’s a good idea to keep the gift card receipt in case you have any issues with the card.
  • Purchase gift cards from reputable retailers. To prevent purchasing phony or stolen gift cards, think hard before purchasing them from online auction sites. Read the article about Gift Card Scam.
  • Read the terms and conditions on the gift card. Know what you’re receiving when you buy gift cards. Is there a price every time it’s used – or if it’s not used at all?
  • Think outside of console packages If your gamer is like most other people in America today, he probably already owns a gaming console—but chances are it doesn’t contain every single game available right now! So consider buying them downloadable content instead of another system pack-in game.
  • Buy digitally instead of physically. Most players prefer purchasing online codes over collecting stickers or trading coins with friends at brick-and-mortar shops.

If you’re looking for gifts for gamers, it’s important to make sure you choose a gift card that is up-to-date. You can quickly do a search of all gift cards available online, or check with your local GameStop/Best Buy to see what they have to offer. Each year gaming developers release new games and expand their current lines, while also giving gamers access to new platforms.


What Are The Best Computer Gaming Gift Cards?

If you’re shopping for a PC gamer, there are tons of gift cards available online, but if you’re unsure what you should buy, here are our top picks for gamers. GameStop gift cards, Minecraft gift cards, Steam gift cards, and NCSoft gift cards. . Get any of these and your PC gamer will be happy as can be. Even better is that many can work on Steam (like Amazon and Google Play).

How To Use Gift Cards For Gamers?

Gaming Gift Cards may be used to purchase digital content from a variety of gaming platforms. They may be used to purchase downloaded games, renew memberships, purchase game add-ons, order movies, and purchase avatar apparel, among other things.

How To Choose A Pc Gaming Gift Card?

When choosing a PC gaming gift card especially as a gift card make sure you know the game the person likes. This will make it easier to buy them a gift card. Some of the popular game specific gift cards are Minecraft gift cards, Fortnite gift cards and Roblox gift cards. However , if you are not aware of the games they like. You can go with PC gaming gift cards that can be used to purchase not only games but accessories as well. Some of these include: Steam gift cards, Xbox Game Pass gift cards and many more!


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