Crypto Voucher vs Bitnovo Coupons: What To Choose

Crypto Voucher vs Bitnovo
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Which factors it’s important to look at when choosing a cryptocurrency purchasing platform? The main criteria include supported assets, payment methods, fees, and security. In this article we would like to compare all the features of the following cryptocurrency payment systems – Crypto Voucher vs Bitnovo.

To help you find the right one, we have made a comparison of Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo, considering the factors mentioned below when selecting these two platforms of the best cryptocurrency exchange and payment system. In this article you can find Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo review.

What Are Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo Exactly

Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo Coupons are a kind of gift cards which help you to buy, exchange or sell cryptocurrency in a safe and fast way. After purchasing one of these coupons through the available payment system on the official websites, you will instantly receive a gift card code by email registered in the system before the payment. Redeem it on the companies website and get any type of cryptocurrency you want. Crypto Voucher vs Bitnovo – let’s look at each system separately.

About Crypto Voucher

If you are looking for an easy and simple way to buy cryptocurrency, the Crypto Voucher is exactly what you want. The most attractive feature of this platform is the full anonymity of the payment details when there is no need to enter a bank account or card number in order to redeem the voucher and get crypto.

And besides, Crypto Voucher offers a wide range of possibilities to buy crypto – both through direct payment or marketplace. You can buy vouchers from Baxity online retailer. Through the Crypto Voucher system you can deposit, redeem, transfer, send to a friend and swap the cryptocurrency you want. For more details about Crypto Voucher, please, follow this link.

About Bitnovo

As for Bitnovo, gift cards or coupons are available in major retail stores, supermarkets, and online webshops mainly in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Using Bitnovo gift cards you can buy crypto anonymously or if you have no problem with sharing your identity details make the payment through multiple methods such as bank transfer or card. Buying gift cards from offline retailers is the best option for privacy conscious people. Simply redeem it on the website and send your coins to any wallet you want. By this link you can find the article on how to use Bitnovo Coupon.

Bitnovo VS Crypto Voucher: Registration And Verification Process

Usually, the registration and verification process in any payment system requires going through standard steps, which may differ from each other in little nuances. Crypto Voucher vs Bitnovo table below shows the similarities and differences of these steps in Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo.

Bitnovo  Crypto Voucher
  • through the web access or app 
  • with name, e-mail and secret password
  • two-factor authentication configuration.
  • through the web access 
  • with name, e-mail and secret password
  • two-factor authentication configuration is not mandatory, but can be set up through the SMS
  • mandatory procedure
  • verification levels: Basic (Proof of identity, selfie with identity, tax data), Intermediate (Proof of residency), Advanced (Proof of origin of funds)
  • unblock all features and remove all restrictions (daily limits for withdrawing and buying)
  • mandatory procedure
  • verification levels: KYC level 1 (ID verification), KYC level 2 (Proof of address), KYC level 3 (Video verification)
  • unblock all features and remove all restrictions (daily limits for withdrawing and buying)

Comparison Of Bitnovo & Crypto Voucher Fees And Limits

As in all systems, somehow connected with payments and transactions, Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo digital wallets also have some limits and fees. Usually they are applied according to the account level and also depend on the tiers of account verification. In any case, in order to fully use the account, you must verify your identity. Let’s see the comparison of Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo and check the current limits and fee rates at the tables below.

Bitnovo  Basic Intermediate Advanced
purchases/sales limits up to €5,000  up to €15,000 from €15,000
Crypto Voucher Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
deposit/daily limits no limits no limits no limits
withdrawal/daily limits
  • external wallet  – €5,000 
  • p2p transfer – €20,000
  • external wallet – €30,000
  • p2p transfer – no limits
no limits


Bitnovo  Basic Intermediate Advanced
  • Wire transfer – no fee
  • Bitnovo Coupon – max 5%
  • Card (cryptocurrency purchase) – 1,89%
  • Wire transfer – no fee
  • Bitnovo Coupon – max 5%
  • Card – аpplied while depositing
  • Wire transfer – no fee
  • Bitnovo Coupon – max 5%
  • Card – аpplied while depositing
Withdrawal Applied while withdrawing Applied while withdrawing Applied while depositing
Crypto Voucher Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
  • Cryptocurrency – no fee
  • SWIFT – 10 €
  • The payment provider may charges a potential payment fee
  • Cryptocurrency – no fee
  • SWIFT – 10 €
  • The payment provider may charges a potential payment fee
  • Cryptocurrency – no fee
  • SWIFT – 10 €
  • The payment provider may charges a potential payment fee
  • Blockchain fee – €2,3-3,86
  • p2p – no fee
  • Euro SWIFT transfers – €10
  • Blockchain fee – €2,3-3,86
  • p2p – no fee
  • Euro SWIFT transfers – €10
  • Blockchain fee – €2,3-3,86
  • p2p – no fee
  • Euro SWIFT transfers – €10

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitnovo  Crypto Voucher
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Binance coin
Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Ethereum
Ethereum Classic
Litecoin Litecoin
Ontology Token
Ontology Gas

Bitnovo And Crypto Voucher Denominations

Check the list of available denominations of Crypto Voucher and Bitnovo:

Bitnovo  Crypto Voucher
€25 €10
€50 €25
€100 €50
€250 €100

In Which Countries Are The Vouchers Available For Purchase?

Crypto Voucher or coupons are available in all countries where the buying or selling of cryptocurrency is not prohibited by law. The list of restricted countries includes the following: Afghanistan, Bahamas, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Yemen, Uganda, Vanuatu , Myanmar, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Islamic Republic of Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Sao Tome and Principles, Libya, North Arab Republic, Korea, Syria, Libya, Guiana, Burkina Faso, Cayman Islands, Morocco, Senegal.

Bitnovo also deals the same way in countries where this crypto service is allowed. The Bitnovo coupons are available in more than 130 countries.

Bitnovo And Crypto Vouchers’ Validity Period

After purchasing the Bitnovo voucher make sure to redeem it within 3 months from the date of buying. Don’t forget that time frame.

As for Crypto Voucher it is valid for 180 days. You should redeem it in one go or exchange for one type of cryptocurrency.

Customer Support

When problems occur or you don’t know how to buy, contact Bitnovo through the special form available on the website. The support helps you also through the orange question mark symbol that you can find at the bottom right of the screen. There is another way to submit a request using the “Contact us” link. Go ahead and get instant help from customer service 24/7. However, many users complain about not being able to solve any question via live-chat.

You can find the form of Crypto Voucher customer support on their helpdesk. If you have any questions the service firstly offers their FAQ to start with, only then to contact Crypto Voucher via the special form. As in Bitnovo, they do not have a live-chat customer service platform on their website.

Crypto Voucher vs Bitnovo: Pros and Cons Compared

Pros Cons
  • No need to provide any documentation for Basic level
  • No fees for cryptocurrency purchasing via bank transfer
  • Available in 130 countries
  • The limits of buying and selling depends on account level
  • To upgrade account level the user has to proof the residence and source of funds 
  • No bonus while upgrading account level
Crypto Voucher 
  • Many ways to accept the payments 
  • Instant transactions
  • The lowest fees possible
  • Simple and accessible interface
  • Limited number of cryptocurrencies
  • Complicated identity verification  
  • Low limits for not verified accounts 

A Wide Variety Of Vouchers At Baxity Store

Where can you buy Crypto Voucher? Baxity Store offers users a secure and fast way to get prepaid or gift cards and vouchers instantly. Simply purchase Crypto Voucher of any denomination you want on the Baxity website, get the special code via email and redeem the voucher on your favorite stores. Any issue will be promptly solved by our customer support via contact form or online chat.

Bottom Line

What is better Crypto Voucher or Bitnovo? In this comparative review we have tried to give a definition of these two crypto services as simply and easily as possible, comparing all the features of those platforms and taking into account their rating and reviews. In any case, each user decides for himself what to choose Crypto Voucher or Bitnovo, which tool is more effective or convenient, as well as beneficial to them or geographically available. On our part we recommend purchasing crypto vouchers or coupons from reliable resellers such as Baxity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Crypto Voucher?

It is a platform offering the easiest way to buy many types of cryptocurrencies instantly. Choose the online distributor Baxity Store, as recommended, make a purchase through various payment methods and redeem it with crypto on the sites you want.

What Is Bitnovo Coupon?

Bitnovo is a digital platform that provides gift cards or vouchers. The user can buy several of different denominations, then redeem them for different cryptocurrencies. As for payment methods the coupon can be purchased with a credit card or cash in a large number of offline stores.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Available For Bitnovo And Crypto Voucher?

Before answering the question what to buy a Crypto Voucher or a Bitnovo Coupon, check the available cryptocurrencies you can redeem your vouchers for:

Bitnovo  Crypto Voucher
  • Bitcoin
  • 0x
  • BA
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Chiliz
  • DAI
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Omisego
  • Ontology Token
  • Ontology Gas
  • Ripple
  • Qtum
  • Tether
  • Verge
  • ZCash
  • Tron
  • Stellar
  • Siacoin
  • NXT
  • Bitcoin
  • Binance coin
  • DOGE
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Matic
  • Solana
  • USDC


What Is The Difference Between Bitnovo And Crypto Voucher Fees?

For replenishment the fees applied depend on the payment method you use. For instance, Crypto Voucher charges 10 € for payments, while the wire transfers in Bitnovo are free of charge. The Crypto voucher withdrawing fees are more transparent. As for Bitnovo, the amount of the withheld amount can only be found out when the transaction is in process.

Which Vouchers Have Longer Validity?

Crypto Voucher has longer validity compared with Bitnovo coupons. You should redeem or exchange Crypto Voucher within 180 days, while the Bitnovo voucher expires in 3 months.

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