Bitnovo Exchange Overview: how to use a coupon online

What Is Bitnovo

If you are interested in bitcoins or cryptocurrency and are looking for ways to sell and buy crypto, Bitnovo is something for you. This digital platform which is originally a Spanish company, offers the method to purchase cryptocurrency with coupon. As for the voucher, which is also called a Bitnovo coupon, you can purchase it from official resellers and redeem with currency via Bitnovo website or in the app.

The main features of Bitnovo:

  • Working with 25 types of cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency purchasing through cryptocurrency vouchers redemption
  • Available on Android and iOS apps

Is Bitnovo Safe?

Bitnovo was established 5 years ago and works mainly in Spanish speaking countries. The Bitnovo online platform operates under European and Spanish regulations. Thanks to the private keys the security of the account increases which means that this is a very important aspect of the popularity and of good Bitnovo reviews from customers, which don’t talk about Bitnovo scam. The cryptocurrency service provides you with the secure platform and transactions through the network.

To save the account from any fraud in case your password is stolen it is strongly recommended to enable two-factor verification. When you activate it, the process to login in your account will change. Along with your Bitnovo username and password, you have to enter a temporary extra code from your phone.

How The Platform Works

In this Bitnovo review we will focus on the main aspects of its activity, as well as whether Bitnovo is safe and Bitnovo is legit. Bitnovo offers a great selection of payment methods like bank transfers, card payments or voucher redemption with user-friendly options for novice and experienced users alike. With Bitnovo it is easy to buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies managing them for free with security, as well as to top up the card and redeem coupons, which you can buy in 40 000 points of sale.

Buy Cryptocurrency

It is possible to sell, buy and exchange cryptocurrency at any time for free on the Bitnovo digital platform. For buying you can pay with the method you prefer – bank wire transfer, credit card or coupons. The following crypros are available to users for trading:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Cardano
  • Chiliz
  • DAI
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Omisego
  • Ontology Token
  • Ontology Gas
  • Ripple
  • Qtum
  • Tether
  • Verge
  • ZCash
  • Tron
  • Stellar
  • Siacoin
  • NXT

Top Up Card

Bitnovo offers the option to recharge your card, that means that it is possible to top up your Visa or Mastercard cards with cryptocurrencies converting them into euros. To do this, in your Bitnovo account enter the number of your card to replenish, choose the crypto and amount to recharge Bitnovo. After receiving the corresponding euro with your cards you can pay for purchases or services at online and offline stores.

Redeem Coupons

With Bitnovo coupons or vouchers the brokers can easily buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrency without taking any risks. After buying the coupon you will receive a code to your email which must be kept carefully. Enter this code in your account choosing the Bitnovo “Redeem coupon” section, then select the crypto you want to purchase, enter the coupon code and the cryptocurrency wallet address.

Bitnovo Vouchers can be redeemed for cryptocurrencies through websites and APIs.

Bitnovo Verification And Sign-up Process

The Bitnovo sign-up process won’t take long. Following steps need to be done:

  1. Go to the Bitnovo official website, choose the “Login” button.
  2. Find the link “Login here to register” at the bottom of the page
  3. Enter your personal data.
  4. Configure two-factor authentication.
  5. Go to the mandatory account verification which includes email verification and phone number verification.

To trade without restriction you also need to verify your identity. The KYC verification does not last more than 5 minutes

In Bitnovo there are 3 levels of identity verification with their own limits of crypto purchase or sale: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced. At any time you can upgrade the previous to another level by providing all necessary documentation, increase the limits and get access to the other features of the account.

To start the identity verification process follow these steps:

  1. In your Bitnovo account choose the “Setting” tab and click on “Identity verification” button
  2. Scan QR code with your phone camera
  3. From that point on you follow the Bitnovo verification steps on your mobile phone. You need to input your basic information, provide your identity document and take a selfie.
  4. On screen you see the applicant data fields to fill in.
  5. Identity document type to choose.
  6. Pay attention to the way of taking the photo of your document as shown below.
  7. Here you can find how it looks like to take a photo of the document.
  8. The next step is a selfie screen with a little guide on how to make it.
  9. Then in a new window you can review all your data provided to make sure everything is right.
  10. Wait for your data checking and the verification status update.
  11. Get the successful identity verification status

Bitnovo Cards

In this Bitnovo review we have planned to talk about Bitnovo cards, since a few months ago Bitnovo users could request the prepaid card to send to the address they wanted. The crypto debit card should have been activated through SMS and after the appropriate personal data recording it was possible to recharge them online. But today Bitnovo cards are no longer available, and we have decided to simply explain what Bitcard and Bista Prepaid Cards are. As for Voucher, this product still remains the main remarkable feature of Bitnovo.


Bitnovo offered the opportunity to get a prepaid card without the need for it to be associated with a bank account. The requested prepaid card was sent to the address you want and activated via SMS. It was a convenient way to withdraw money from ATMs. However starting from January 2022 cards issue has been suspended.

Bitsa Prepaid Card

It is important to note that Bitsa and Bitnovo are two different companies. Bitsa is connected with Bitnovo only by processing that converts currency into crypto. The features of Bitcard and Bitsa Prepaid Card were similar.

Bitnovo Voucher

They are also called Bitnovo Coupons. The users can get a Bitnovo Voucher online with 78 payment options on 40 000 points of sale. It is a convenient way to buy cryptocurrency online.

However, we recommend buying Bitnovo Voucher on a trusted and reliable site where you can safely share your payment or bank account details.

How To Buy Coins At Bitnovo Exchange

The Bitnovo exchange is the safest way to buy/sell, store and exchange cryptocurrencies even for beginners. The user-friendly interface makes this platform a convenient tool to deal with cryptocurrency in your daily life. But first at all remember that to have full access to Bitnovo exchange features and start web trading you need to complete the KYC procedure on the Bitnovo website as described below.

Go To The Official Website

Log in to your Bitnovo account. After successful verification you will be able to purchase all available types of crypto, sell and exchange them.

Choose A Coin And Amount You Want To Purchase

In the “Home” tab go to the “Markets” section and choose a coin you want to buy. This page shows the actual price of each cryptocurrency, the percent of changes in 24h and the trend chart.

Provide The Requested Information

On the next page of particular crypto you will see the form for entering the amount of fiat you want to sell and the amount of crypto you will receive.

Choose A Payment Method

At this step in a new page you should select a payment method: card or Bitnovo wallet balance. Enter the card details if it isn’t linked to your account yet or choose it from the list of linked cards. Fill in the wallet address box, check the payment details and confirm the purchase.

Bitnovo Fees

Bitnovo has its own exchange rate that you can check in real time on the pages for selling or buying cryptocurrencies. Just enter the amount you prefer and check the Bitnovo fees that will be applied to you in case you decide to buy or sell crypto. So the commission rate is actual only at the moment when you perform the transaction which is tax-free.

Customer Service

You can contact Bitnovo through the help form available on the website or through the orange question mark symbol at the bottom right of the screen. It is possible to submit a request using the “Contact us” link and get instant help from a specialist 24/7. Unfortunately, on the site there’s no live-chat.

Bitnovo App

In general all the apps developed for the payment and exchange systems are the convenient way to have a digital wallet in your pocket, for example Paypal. Тhe same applies to Bitnovo. Download the Bitnovo app available both on the App Store and Google Play and enjoy all the features of the wallet without restriction.

What are the options available to the Bitnovo user in the app?

The customers can:

  • make transactions and exchanges with cryptocurrencies anywhere;
  • receive cryptocurrencies directly to the Bitnovo wallet;
  • send cryptocurrencies easily by scanning the receiver’s wallet address;
  • convert one crypto to any other;
  • buy coupons and redeem them directly on your wallet.

Final Thoughts

Here are some of the thoughts on the Bitnovo online platform.

Bitnovo is an indispensable tool for receiving cryptocurrencies in your e-wallet by redeeming Bitnovo coupons which you can buy in 40 000 points of sale. It is also possible to top up your Visa and Mastercard by sending cryptocurrencies and receiving converted euros. In the SEPA area euros can be sent into the user bank account too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bitnovo?

Bitnovo is a Spanish payment platform offering the methods to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via website or app. One of the great features of the system is a voucher – the special kind of the prepaid payment method. It works the same as a gift card with credit that you can easily use to buy cryptocurrency.

Is Bitnovo Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe and legal. Only you are the owner and Bitnovo also does not have access to your security phrase generated every time you create a new wallet. It is formed by 12/24 words which must be saved in the same order they were shown to you and don’t share them with anyone.

How Does Bitnovo Platform Work?

Bitnovo works through coupons that you can exchange for cryptocurrencies. These coupons are purchased in exchange for euros on the websites or physical stores. You have the possibility to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies quickly through a credit card or bank wire transfer.

Can I Buy Bitcoins At Bitnovo Exchange?

Yes, you can. Bitnovo offers the option to buy cryptocurrency through a credit card, bank transfer or a Bitnovo voucher. The digital currency is safely kept in your crypto e-wallet.

Is an alternatives to Bitnovo?

If for some reason Bitnovo does not suit you, we recommend to use an alternative – Crypto Voucher which can be bought on Baxity Store with following benefits to purchase:

  • Baxity Store is the official reseller;
  • to receive a card you wouldn’t go through boring verification process in the payment systems;
  • you purchase and get the card code almost instantly on email as well as to personal account without delay;
  • user-friendly dashboard for orders monitoring and keeping your coupons and vouchers securely in one place;
  • qualified customer support;
  • no additional fees.

All you need is:

– to go to the Baxity Store,
– to select the value of your Crypto Voucher,
– to choose the secure payment methods,
– to complete your purchase.

After that you get your voucher code immediately on the screen which simultaneously arrives in your inbox via email. Just remember that the Crypto Voucher redemption term is limited. To understand which is better – Crypto Voucher or Bitnovo, follow the link.

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