AstroPay Alternatives: Top eVouchers Review

If you use AstroPay to make payments for your shopping or at a casino, you may think of other alternatives. We have compiled a list of 10 AstroPay competitors you can check out.

What Is AstroPay

AstroPay is a simple, instant, and secure payment method. You can use it to pay for services or products you purchase.

What is it Used For

AstroPay is used to transact money or make a payment when you don’t want to pay local taxes or have payment rejections. With an AstroPay account, you can purchase a product online using vouchers in your local currency.

How Do Prepaid Vouchers Like AstroPay Work

Prepaid vouchers similar to AstroPay are easy and reliable to use. They are available via mobile apps, and hence, you can make financial transactions instantly. The first thing to do is to top up your account without revealing personal information. You can use different payment methods, such as Visa cards, to deposit into your AstroPay account.

Once your account has money, you can purchase a gift from an online store with your AstroPay voucher. When making the payment, you will only need to fill in your voucher’s details manually. The cost of the product you have purchased will be deducted from your account, and you will receive confirmation.

The 10 Best AstroPay Alternatives and Competitors

Apart from AstroPay, there are different payment method solutions you can try out. Here are the best 10 AstroPay alternatives in the market and their differences:

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Flexepin is an AstroPay alternative that allows you to top-up your account and use the money to shop on the web. It is an accepted payment method on a variety of websites to cater for customers who don’t prefer traditional payment methods such as debit and credit cards.

Fees and Charges: Flexepin does not charge any fees to its users; however, if you do not use your voucher before its expiry date, you will incur a $4.00 monthly charge

Availability and Acceptance: Globally, on thousands of websites

Expiration Date: Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

Security: KYC, PIN

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Live chat and contact form

Is it Reloadable: You cannot re-use a Flexepin voucher or top it up with more money once you have used it

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Visa Gift Card

A Visa Gift Card is another alternative to AstroPay to gift someone or use it by yourself to do shopping. You can make multiple purchases with it as long as it has a balance. The card has the Visa logo, just like the other Visa cards; hence, it has minimal restrictions in online and physical stores.

Fees and Charges: The cost of purchase

Availability and Acceptance: In millions of locations and online stores globally where Visa is accepted

Expiration Date: They expire after five years from the date of purchase

Security: Visa Secure and Visa Advanced Authorization; can be replaced in case of theft or loss

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Phone, online chat and email

Is it Reloadable: Not reloadable

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BITSA Voucher

BITSA is a Visa card that you can quickly access on your mobile phone. You can load your BITSA account using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, card, or bank transfer, and buy the things you love. Besides, this payment method similar to Astropay allows you to buy items at online or physical stores.

Fees and Charges: Issuance commission, replacement fee and maintenance commission

Availability and Acceptance: Bank transfers in the SEPA zone and global online purchasing everywhere where Visa is accepted

Expiration Date: As indicated on the card

Security: 3D Secure

Transaction Times: Instant, but some transactions can take up to 48-72 hours

Customer Support Service: Phonecall and email

Is it Reloadable: Yes

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SCARDU Voucher

A SCARDU Voucher is one of the online payment methods like AstroPay that doesn’t require you to create an account or log in. Instead, it permits directed payments! Besides, it is available in multiple currencies to suit consumers’ needs. It is also accepted by a number of online merchants in the trading sector such as Almahfaza and ChainBit. Betobet is also one of the bookmakers accepting SCARDU vouchers.

Fees and Charges: Resellers’ commissions (5%-10% average)

Availability and Acceptance: Vouchers are available both in the MENA region and other countries; they are accepted by online stores worldwide

Expiration Date: 1 year from the date of purchase

Security: Protected by Coupon code

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Contact form

Is it Reloadable: No


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CashtoCode eVoucher

A CashtoCode eVoucher is a 20-digit code voucher for making payments. You do not need to register any personal details. To use it, go to the merchant’s website and fill in the 20-digit code, and your payment will be instant. CashtoCode eVoucher partners with hundreds of online casinos such as 5Gringos, Stelatrio, Unique, Platin, Sportaza, VegasPlus and Burning Bet.

Fees and Charges: No fees charged

Availability and Acceptance: Available in numerous resellers in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia, China, Japan, and India. It’s accepted on a wide range of websites, including online casinos.

Expiration Date: 12 months after purchase

Security: Barcode, 20-digit prepaid code

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Call support and email

Is it Reloadable: Redeemable once, with unlimited transaction times

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JetonCash Voucher

Customers use JetonCash to buy, sell or spend their money online without disclosing their financial details. You can get yours from the recommended retailers and redeem it on numerous websites. It is one of AstroPay’s competitors and is accepted in more than 100 countries worldwide. Besides, the maximum amount you can deposit is EUR 10,000. It is accepted in thousands of online stores for shopping purposes.

Fees and Charges: Depositing 2.50% when using local payment methods, 2.00% – sender fee

Availability and Acceptance: Thousands of online stores

Expiration Date: 1 year from date of issue

Security: Two-step verification

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Live chat

Is it Reloadable: No

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An ecoVoucher is an online payment method that allows you to make payments online on websites that accept it. You can buy it from a retailer in USD, EUR, or GBR currencies. It is a perfect payment solution if you don’t have a credit or debit card or a bank account.

Fees and Charges: 2.9% fee for topping up

Availability and Acceptance: More than 22 countries

Expiration Date: 12-month validity

Security: A 2-step authentication process, 18-digit PIN

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Filling the contact form

Is it Reloadable: It is not reloadable

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Neosurf is another alternative to AstroPay with a face value. You get your Neosurf voucher from an agent, and you can purchase goods of up to the voucher’s value. You will provide your card number when using Neosurf at online games stores, gambling sites, or e-shopping stores. Some of the online merchants accepting Neosurf payment option include PokerStars, League Legends, Amazon, Bigpoint and Habbo.

Fees and Charges: No charges

Availability and Acceptance: Available in local POS and online resellers. It can be redeemed at more than 20,000 websites

Expiration Date: It doesn’t have an expiration date, however, there is an inactivity fee after 12 months from its purchase or 6 months from the last use

Security: 10-character PIN

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Email

Is it Reloadable: No

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The Paysafecard payment method comes in vouchers with 16-digit PIN codes. It is one of the Astropay competitors not linked to your bank account or debit and credit cards; however, the voucher codes cannot be passed on through telephone or email. It is accepted in thousands of online shops, including Deezer, Microsoft, Steam, Leagues of Legends, Epic games and Wargaming Net.

Fees and Charges: No fees

Availability and Acceptance: Accepted worldwide

Expiration Date: No expiry

Security: 16-digit PIN

Transaction Times: 30 minutes

Customer Support Service: Online chat, and contact form

Is it Reloadable: Not reloadable

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Bitnovo Voucher

A Bitnovo Voucher is also one of the payment methods like AstroPay. It allows you to convert your money into more than 20 available cryptocurrencies. You can use Bitnovo voucher in several online stores and some media organizations such as Business Insider and be IN crypto have embraced it.

Fees and Charges: Coupons commissions

Availability and Acceptance: More than 40,000 stores and establishments

Expiration Date: 3 months from the date of purchase

Security: Unique code

Transaction Times: Instant

Customer Support Service: Contact form

Is it Reloadable: No

How to Use Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid vouchers services, like AstroPay, have recently become popular because they are faster and secure; hence, it is crucial to know how to use such vouchers for your personal or business use.

  • How and Where to Buy It

You can purchase your prepaid vouchers on Baxity Store. Companies like AstroPay have retailers distributed all over where you can get your prepaid voucher. Besides, you can get these on online platforms, via your phone, or in some banks. The voucher can be virtual or physical, depending on the company.

  • How to Activate It

You cannot use a prepaid voucher unless it is active; therefore, your prepaid voucher issuer will activate it for you. You can do it online, through the phone, while some have instant activation.

For example, if you want to activate a Visa Gift Card, you have to call the number on your voucher, dial the number at the back of your card and follow the steps prompted to activate it. You can opt to register your card or not. Once your card is active, you can use it to make payments.

  • Tips For Using

All prepaid cards need to be handled with care and used safely; therefore, record the details of your card and keep them somewhere safe. This is because in case you lose it, you can replace it.

Also, AstroPay alternatives, such as Visa Gift Cards, have an expiry date; therefore, use such cards before their expiry date, because you will not have access to the remaining balance once they expire.

Choosing the Right AstroPay Voucher Alternative

As you have seen earlier, you can consider several AstroPay competitors for your online shopping. Use the following comparison tips to choose the best alternative:

  1. Fees – how much does it cost you to purchase the prepaid voucher? Besides, will you pay a deposit and withdrawal fee when using it? Also, other vouchers have a monthly charge.
  2. Topping up – you need to top up your prepaid voucher to use it. Each AstroPay alternative allows different methods to top up. For some, you can visit a nearby retail store and recharge it, while, for others, you use bank transfers.
  3. Withdrawing – how and where will you get out the money that is contained in your voucher? Some prepaid vouchers will allow you to get a cash withdrawal at a nearby store, while others will be by an ATM; therefore, look at what is most convenient for you, and choose the best online payment method like AstroPay.

Benefits of Using Prepaid Vouchers Similar to AstroPay

There are several benefits of using payment methods from companies like AstroPay. Here are 5 of them:

  • Security

Prepaid vouchers are more secure compared to bank cards since you don’t need to share your personal information while using them. Plus, online payment methods are safe because you can cancel them if your voucher gets lost. Besides, you can replace it.

  • As Easy as Cash

Using a prepaid voucher to purchase a product from a store is as easy as using cash, and only the value of the purchase you make will be deducted from the voucher.

  • Anonymity

When using AstroPay or any other payment method similar to it, you do not reveal your identity and bank details, and, also, some prepaid vouchers do not need you to register your details.

  • Flexibility

Prepaid vouchers are flexible. You can use them in numerous stores online and offline to purchase goods. They are also available in different currencies, depending on your location.

  • Prevent Overspending

For those addicted to overspending their money, prepaid voucher are the solution. This is because you cannot spend more than the value of your voucher. You can only spend what you deposited on the voucher.

Purchase Vouchers Online on Baxity

The best way to get your voucher is through reseller websites like Baxity Store. It is a secure and convenient official website where all your voucher needs are sorted out. You will get each of the vouchers online without having to search each separately because we have prepared everything in one place for you. We have AstroPay, JetonCash, Neosurf vouchers and many more.


Is There an Alternative to AstroPay?

There are several alternative payment methods you can try out. Some include a Bitsa Voucher, a Visa Gift Card, CashtoCode, eVouchers, and Neosurf.

What is the Best Alternative to AstroPay?

If you are searching for the best AstroPay alternative, you can check on Flexepin, JetonCash, or Paysafecard. These payment solutions are similar to AstroPay.

How to Choose the Best Services Like AstroPay

Before settling on any prepaid payment methods, look at its fees, currencies accepted, country restrictions, and how to top up and withdraw cash.

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