Neteller account limits for daily operations

How to Increase NETELLER Limits

No matter how big or small, if you have ever laid a bet on your favourite sports team or online poker table, chances are that you will have come across NETELLER’s payment service. As jackpot hunters’ best ammunition and Forex traders’ highly adaptable wallet, the online payment system lets anyone carry out quick and anonymous deposits wherever and whenever you need to. It is equally efficient when it comes to withdrawing all your hard-earned winnings, transferring your credit to other sites or buying vouchers, gaming credits, gift and prepaid cards from Baxity Store, with ease and security.

Do not miss out on NETELLER’s array of functional features and speed up your registration with Baxity to get the following preferential treatment:

  1. Obtain VIP statuses on advantageous terms to gain access to the associated privileges
  2. Verify your NETELLER account in as few as 24 hours of completion. Also, registering with us you do not need to make a preliminary deposit to start verification.

The table below expresses the conditions associated with a direct registration with NETELLER, versus one through Baxity.

Feature Directly via NETELLER Via Baxity
Verification Mandatory $5 deposit Free
VIP Bronze status upgrade n/a Free VIP Bronze Pro after verification
Currency conversion fee 3.99% 3.79%
Silver status upgrade  After $15,000 total deposits After $5 000 total deposits

Unlock your advantages with Baxity and get your VIP status upgrade by getting in touch with our technical support team to find out all the detailed information about the conditions and requirements.

Achieving higher status levels come with a range of bonus advantages including lowered fees and exchange rates, along with raised transaction limits. Reaching a Silver status will in fact let a user transfer money through the site without added charge.

Restrictions on NETELLER deposits and replenishments

Funding your NETELLER account balance with money may be carried out in a number of different ways depending on a user’s preference and available options. Such deposit methods vary from country to country with all the necessary details made available directly from your personal profile. Most of the payment service’s clientele is able to complete deposits from their bank account, credit card or Skrill account, where the limits on transactions depend on the chosen method of transfer and status level.

One may picture such an instance with a straightforward example involving money deposits from credit cards. Please note that your use of the e-wallet is very limited until the account is verified. The maximum limit for all transactions may vary by country, but on average it is $ 150-500. However, you should keep in mind that the account may be blocked with a request to pass verification even before the limit is reached. Therefore, we always recommend that you go through the verification process first.

Conditions for NETELLER withdrawal limits

The restrictions set by the site on withdrawals are determined by the following factors:

  • User account level
  • Account type (verified/unverified)
  • Account currencies

Unverified users are not allowed to withdraw funds from the account. So don’t rush to top up your account with large amounts before you pass verification. The minimum withdrawal amount to a bank account for verified users varies depending on the country, but on average it is $40.

Limits associated with the associated user’s country of residence will be listed in their personal profile.

NETELLER NET+ MasterCard: Benefits and Limits

Net+ Prepaid mastercard 2020

Net+ is a prepaid card operating via the MasterCard platform which grants its user instant access to their NETELLER account. Available for use for both online and offline transfers, making purchases from stores or cash withdrawals from any ATM.

The order and use of the Net+ MasterCard are currently available only for residents of the EEA zone.

The only thing standing between an EEA resident and the order of a Net+ PrepaidMasterCard is a complete verification of their account. A quick confirmation of your mailing address, a selection of your choice of currency and the setting of a pin code is all that is needed for your card to be ordered. It will automatically be set off for delivery within 2-10 days once a $13 fee has been deducted from your account. Silver status account holders and above may be issued the prepaid card without charge although the same waiting period will still apply.

Users who have gone through the NETELLER registration process with Baxity and received an instant VIP Bronze PRO upgrade via the link provided on the site will be able to enjoy the benefits of such a higher status level.

Transaction Feature Regular users verified directly through NETELLER VIP Bronze Pro users via Baxity
Maximum number of ATM transactions 10 10
ATM withdrawal limit $1000 $3300
Maximum number of POS operations 50 50
Transaction limit $3000 $7000

The limits applied on the Net+ prepaid card are significantly increased with registration through Baxity. By obtaining a VIP Bronze Pro immediately upon verification, users can start saving up right from their first deposit and purchase carried out using the NETELLER MasterCard.

Increasing limits on the Net+ Virtual MasterCard

Net+ virtual prepaid card 2020

In addition to its plastic card, NETELLER also features a virtual prepaid card for any online purchase or deposit to a bettor’s office. The Net+ Virtual card is accepted on various online trading platforms wherever the MasterCard is available as a payment method.

NETELLER’s virtual card is the ideal way of securing your money transfers, making your transaction history fully anonymous and safe. By deactivating itself automatically as its limit is reached, this prepaid card will ensure that your account funds remain protected from payment to payment.

You may order up to five virtual Net+ MasterCards, choosing your limits as you please. The first one is issued without charge, whereas an additional $3 fee will apply to the subsequent ones.

Limits for verified and unverified accounts

NETELLER seeks to guarantee that every one of its users can use the platform to their preference, that includes the decision of whether to use the payment service anonymously or not. Nevertheless, that choice will come with certain consequences, including stricter limits, restrictions on transfer volumes and withdrawals as well as the number of daily transactions.

Failure to complete the verification process will result in a fixed commission rate of 4.49% for every transfer to another user. Successfully completing every step required to verify your account will reduce this fee by three times to just 1.45% after the minimum deposit amount has been met by bank transfer or via card. Silver status account holders and above may enjoy those functions without any charges.

Neteller VIP status

Verification will boost limits to higher rates, although their extent will remain dependent on the user’s status. Starting with a VIP Silver level, users are granted an array of benefits for their account operations. These are made significantly more available with registration through Baxity by making status upgrades more readily available on favoured terms.

Registration directly with NETELLER will require a customer to accumulate a minimum total of $15,000 in deposits to achieve a Silver status level. Using Baxity’s link, just $5 000 worth in transactions over the first 30 days after registration will suffice to unlock the same status upgrade. With two times less to spend, moving up through higher status levels could not be any easier as with Baxity.

Fulfilling all verification criteria is straightforward, a simple scan of your ID or passport,address verification document and a selfie via a webcam is all that is required for you to confirm your identity. These relevant documents should be uploaded onto your personal profile where they will be available for review by the payment system for final confirmation.

Once authorised, you may get in touch with our staff to initiation your instantaneous NETELLER account upgrade to VIP Bronze PRO.

What are the advantages of registering onto NETELLER via Baxity?

Registering through Baxity isn’t just as quick as a regular sign up, it also comes with a variety of additional benefits:

Neteller VIP

  1. Instant assignment of a Bronze Pro VIP status after verification and without prior deposit. Such an exclusive level cannot be obtained via a direct registration through NETELLER, where all the status rewards are reserved only for users who have registered with our link.
  2. Higher limits. After you successfully verify your account, transaction limits will be raised up to $50,000, whilst caps on card withdrawals will be increased from $1000 to $3300.
  3. Speedy verification. Forms submitted by clients associated with Baxity are processed faster than the norm, significantly reducing the waiting time to allow you full access to your account handlings within just 24 hours on business days. This applies wherever all necessary documents have been submitted and confirmed with success. Requests to verify placed directly through the NETELLER site may take around 2-3 business days to be fully processed.
  4. Status upgrades to VIP Silver for just $5 000 worth in deposits. Achieving your next status upgrade is both quicker and cheaper with the link we provide.
  5. Quick and efficient assistance. Our support team is a set of experienced and dedicated people, not just some automated bots. Always on the lookout for clients needing help or additional information about the service, you may contact us any time you find yourself with a doubt or uncertainty. Simply get in touch with us to find out more about our preferential terms for NETELLER status upgrades.

All in all, NETELLER is a fantastic tool for gamblers, traders and even day-to-day users wishing to make payments online conveniently and securely. Push the flexibility of your limits further and enjoy the payment service to its full potential by registering with Baxity. Simply follow our link to adorn your account with a VIP Bronze Pro level and get it promptly promoted on our preferential terms to enjoy all of its exciting privileges.


  1. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. The first table is very importnt. Reading it actually maked me want to connect my Neteller to Baxity. I tested things and what you said is true about no deposit required, fast verification and free Vip. I like this “Our support team is living people, not bots” I talk with such support bots and it not pretty so it was good talking with real poeple without bots. Thanks for vip.

    1. Dear Abdal, thank you for your feedback and for the trust you have placed in us!

  3. I’m interested in the Baxity account but it all seems too good to be true. Heard a lot many good things and I want you to suggest me some bad things. Anyone?

    1. Dear Ravi, thank you for your question! For our part, we really try to do everything possible to let our clients enjoy Baxity service. As you can see in this article and on our website main page, we have many beneficial offers for our clients. Our clients don’t usually have any problems while using our service, however, we have to recognize that sometimes some technical issue can happen and we can’t influence it. But it happens not so often, so there are more pros than cons.

  4. $3300 ATM withdrawal limit instead of $1000!? Where can I submits an application for? Suggest me please

  5. You mentioned that we should get in touch with your staff to upgrade to VIP Bronze Pro. What is the best way to do so?

    1. Dear Marziabae, thank you for your question. There are several ways to contact us, you can choose the most convenient for you. 1 – write us on specifying your account ID for upgrade; 2 – contact our support team in a chat on a website (green window in the lower right corner). We are online from 8 to 18 in UTC time on weekdays. We will gladly help you with all your questions!

  6. u said that new users must have 40 bucks to withdraw funds if they arent verified. do they always need to have that amount of money, or is it just for first withdrawal? what happens ifwithdrawal makes amount go under 40 bucks, will it still go thru?

    1. hubbabubba, $40 is the minimum amount you can withdraw from Neteller to your bank account and it refers for all bank account withdrawals, not only for the first one. Withdrawal of funds in Neteller is available only for verified customers.

      1. Oh, I see, I misunderstod the article. Didn’t realize that minimum withdrawal was 40, i thought you just had have 40 in your account. i hope they change this in the future, bc sometimes i need to make smaller withdrawals.

        1. We don’t think that the minimum withdrawal amount will change in the near future, besides, it will be quite unprofitable, since the commission for withdrawal to a bank account is fixed – $ 10 (free only starting with Gold status). Still hope our article was useful for you!

  7. I was nervous for verification process but it worked real quick and easy! i liked that I could take pictures of required docments just with my phone. but one thing was it tok a while 2 take a pic with my camera because it didnt see the document right

    1. pakiboy, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Verification via a mobile app can really be a little long, since it is tailored for European documents in the form of plastic cards, and therefore other document formats are a little difficult to adjust to the verification window. But you can always just take a photo of the documents and upload them through your personal computer.

  8. Hello, I really appreciate your family..
    But I make all my verification successful, waiting since after the given 24hrs and nothing changed.. Any way can I contact them to make it more quickly?

    1. Muhammed, if you didn’t use our special link while registering in NETELLER, verification can take more than 24 hours. You can contact NETELLER support via e-mail or mobile phone: +44 20 3308 9525

  9. Hi. I am from nigeria and wish to register. However, I wish to know which is better, neteller or skrill. And if skrill is better, do you also have a link for it?

  10. For verfication of limit of receiving and withdrawl amount in neteller in India what we have to do

    1. Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us.

      At the moment, Neteller doesn’t publish limits on the official website, and therefore the best way to find out each type of transaction limits is to perform a trial transaction without completing it, where at the final stage of the transaction, the system will automatically show you the minimum and maximum limits for the desired transaction.
      Methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds, as well as limits, differ depending on the country of registration of the account.

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