Is ecoPayz Safe, and How Does It Work?

If you’ve never used ecoPayz before, you may have wondered – is ecoPayz legit, and are its services safe? In this guide, we’ll show you how exactly ecoPayz works and give you a breakdown of its safety and privacy features.

How Does ecoPayz Work?

ecoPayz is a company that provides instant and convenient payment solutions to customers worldwide. When you have an account, you can send, receive, and spend money all from one account. You can open an account for free in just a couple of minutes – no existing bank account or credit check is needed. Some of ecoPayz’s features include:

– A mobile app with an intuitive interface

– Access to ecoPayz Mastercard (you can get 3 cards maximum, with 8 currencies to choose from)

– Exclusive monthly offers and promotions applicable to online shopping

– The ecoVirtualcard is a virtual prepaid card that lets you make safe, convenient online purchases

There are five “ecoAccount” levels, each with their own set of fees and limits. When you first make an account, you will start at the Classic level. Over time, you can work your way through Silver, Gold, Platinum, and, finally, VIP. As you become a higher-level VIP member, you’ll gain access to reduced currency conversion fees and bank account withdrawal fees, as well as higher balance limits, maximum single transaction limits, and more. For a closer look at the differences between each VIP level (and to see all perks of each level), check out our article on the topic.

ecoPayz also gives you the opportunity to conveniently fund online gambling accounts – such as sports betting, eCasinos, and more. You won’t need a credit check in order to fund your gambling activities. ecoPayz promotes virtual privacy by keeping your online gaming platforms separate from your banking services.

Is ecoPayz Safe and Legit?

ecoPayz is indeed legitimate; it has been a method of secure payments for twenty years and has millions of global users. The company has gone up for several awards, such as a nomination for Payment Solution of the Year in 2019. ecoPayz was even the very first UK-based e-wallet to collaborate with Western Union. You don’t have to worry about ecoPayz flaunting financial best practices.

They are regulated under the FCA, compliant with Data Security Standards (DSS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI). Lastly, they are registered by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). So, you can rest assured that ecoPayz is definitely not a scam.

Now, is it safe to use ecoPayz? Yes, it is. The e-wallet uses many methods to protect users’ safety. For instance, in order to deposit money onto a credit or debit card, the card must first be verified via micro-deposit.

ecoPayz also requires identity verification before you can upgrade your account from Classic to Silver. With the Classic account, there is a lifetime deposit limit. To verify your identity, you must send in a copy of either a driver’s license, an ID card, or a passport, as well as a selfie. You will also need to submit a document to verify your address. Some acceptable documents include a bank statement, a utility bill (gas or electric, for instance), or a residency certificate. Screenshots will not be accepted; you must submit a high-quality photo or a scanned copy of the documentation. Furthermore, the address verification document must contain your full name and address somewhere on it, and it must be dated within the last three months.

To make things even more secure, you can enable 2-step verification. When this is turned on, you will be required to input a verification code every time you access your account (in addition to the password). The code will either be sent to your device or to Google Authenticator.

Lastly, ecoPayz encrypts all transactions via SSL protocol. Servers that hold private data are separate from hardware and are located in highly secure areas and behind firewalls.

ecoPayz Account Opening

Registration with ecoPayz is totally free of charge. You’ll need to choose a username, input your email address, create a password, and undergo the setting up a security question/answer process. Next, select the country you reside in, pick the language you’d like to be contacted in, and choose your account’s main currency. You’ll also need to input some personal information – your legal name, birth date, and residential address. Input your phone number, and ecoPayz will send you a verification code. Lastly, read the ecoPayz Terms of Use, plus their Privacy Policy. Once you agree to them (and optionally choose to receive marketing updates, if you’d like), click the “Create account” button.

Immediately after creating an account, you can access basic account functions through your Classic account. However, you will be limited to a total lifetime deposit limit of 2500 EUR. To get access to more functions and higher limits, you must verify your identity. ID verification will upgrade you to the Silver level, which takes approximately 2 hours on business days.

ecoPayz Help

If you need assistance with any of ecoPayz’ features or its verification process, there are multiple support channels that you can reach out to. First of all, you can try to find the solution to your problem by using the Help & Support section. There is a search bar that you can use to input terms relevant to your question – this database has answers to many commonly asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer, you can fill out a contact form to email the customer support team. You can also get a quicker answer by using the live chat function.

In conclusion, ecoPayz is a safe, reputable, and convenient method of storing, spending, receiving, and transferring money online. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and it has amassed millions of satisfied customers throughout the last two decades.

If you would like to create an ecoPayz account, you can sign up through our link. We offer the most advantageous sign-up conditions. Through our partnership with ecoPayz, we can offer you an instantaneous gold status, speedy identity verification, cashback advantages to big spenders, and a lower threshold for VIP access.


  1. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you can use classic account with out giving verification documents?

    1. allieoop, yes, you are right. In ecoPayz you can use your wallet without verifying your identity. But the total amount is very limited – 2500 EUR for all operations, this is done in order to protect the system from fraud. We always recommend our clients to verify their wallet before they start working with it, preventing any problems with accidentally frozen money in your account. Moreover, when registering using our link, verification will take no more than 2 hours during business hours.

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