Skrill Review

Skrill is one of the leading payment services for online casinos and gambling sites worldwide. The ease and security of its service have made it into a go-to online wallet for any avid gambler or bettor wishing to send money online and deposit in poker rooms, bookmaker offices, casinos and many more.

36 million accounts and thousands of merchants advocate for the convenience, reliability and anonymity provided by Skrill, boosting the site’s popularity to all four corners of the globe.

Skrill for gamblers and traders

Although Skrill is best known amidst poker fans, casino players and sports bettors, the service is just as beloved of traders in forex or cryptocurrency, as well as freelancers in various different sectors, be it photography or illustrations. Whilst it may be the simplicity of the principle the company runs on which has attracted its wide following, it is the variety of options on offer which turns its clients into loyal users.

Skrill lets you deposit money and accumulate reserves, transfer money to other users via P2P transfers and even trade-in cryptocurrencies all from your personal account. You may even have the option of using the unique Skrill Mastercard, a prepaid plastic card that lets you withdraw from your account and pay for purchases at any nearby ATM or store. The site also operates a popular loyalty system, known as Knect, which allows one to earn bonus points on their transactions and claim financial rewards.

Skrill lets you forget all about those consuming monthly maintenance fees charged by your traditional local bank by seeking its revenue on its commissions on transfers, currency exchanges and withdrawals of money via ATMs. The payment service is dedicated to offering only the most secure experience to each of its users with its identity verification upon registration to reduce the risk of fraudulent activities or money laundering schemes. Although every one of your transactions is carried out safely, you will still be subject to fees and limits depending on your account status. These status levels range from the most basic verified status all the way up to Diamond.

Skrill has achieved an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5.0 on, with 71% of its reviews rating the payment service as “excellent”. Such encouraging online feedback is just another proof of Skrill’s position as one of the best-rated payment services online. With the site’s speed, simplicity, reliability and overall efficient customer support, scarcely anything can revoke its growing popularity and elite ratings.

Any gambler or trader is sure to find his joy amidst Skrill’s well-thought-out balance of efficiency, usability, versatility, low charges and general ease of use.

History and facts about Skrill

Skrill took its first step into the online payment service arena in 2001 in London under the name “Moneybookers”. The company kept the appellation until 2011 where its main clientele were gaming enthusiasts in poker, sports betting and casinos.

Since 2009, Skrill has collaborated with a great number of other businesses, including legal entities, and individuals outside of the gaming scene in an attempt to expand its reach to other parts of online commerce. It stood as an independent company until 2015 when Optimal Payments Plc, the competing payment service NETELLER, bought Skrill for 1.1 billion euros.

Skrill made a series of marking changes to its service in 2016 to restructure its user account functioning. Starting in November 2016, Skrill ceased its operation with bank accounts in US dollars for I/O transactions, whilst keeping its US dollars to VISA card transfers unchanged. Two weeks later, it withheld the operation of its Skrill Prepaid MasterCard plastic cards outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

On the last day of January 2018, Skrill once again reviews its MasterCard terms, for all users this time, by stopping all account credits via the card. Withdrawals with the MasterCard are however still permitted to this day. In the same year, the site started adding a cryptocurrency tab to its payment service, promoting the buying and selling of cryptographic money straight from your account.

This stream of continuous upgrades and long-standing dedication to its customers earned Skrill a nomination for “Best Digital Wallet 2019” at the Future Digital Awards ceremony in 2019. For many years already, Skrill has had the reliability of its payment system backed up by the Bank of Ireland license and monitored under the UK jurisdiction. This has ensured that every user’s money is available for instant return at all times and all transactions are checked for money laundering.

Benefits of Skrill

A number of payment services may roam the web, but Skrill certainly establishes itself at the top of internet searches with its most notable benefits:

  1. Skrill is omnipresent in almost every gambling or trading service around the world
  2. All transactions to merchants are high-speed and instantaneous without additional fees
  3. Features a VIP-program which reduces commissions for money withdrawals, increases limits and the number of additional accounts to open in any one of the 39 currencies on offer
  4. A practical mobile app lets you take your Skrill wallet anywhere you go with an internet connection
  5. Fast customer support for VIP status users
  6. Skrill MasterCard (for countries part of the European Economic Area only)
  7. Virtual Skrill cards for secure payments

You may reap even more benefits when registering onto Skrill via Baxity:

  1. Obtain a higher status with fewer deposits – VIP Silver for 5,000 € deposits (30 days) instead of 15,000 € deposits per quarter.
  2. Speedy verification in just 24 hours on any given business day and without the usually required deposit of $5 for normal registration.
  3. Customer support in English and Russian all 365 days of the year, 24/7.

Don’t register onto Skrill without passing by Baxity first to make the most out of your new payment service.

Skrill Registration

Just three simple steps will get you registered onto Skrill with all the best advantages offered by Baxity:

  1. Visit the official Skrill website through the link provided by Baxity
  2. Enter the required personal details on the registration form, including your name, email, place of residence and secure them by creating a password.
  3. Head on back over to and send in both your account ID and email to access a range of benefits.

Upon successful completion of the regular registration process, you will be issued with a standard non-verified status, along with its limited opportunities. In order to gain full access to additional privileges, you will be required to verify your identity.

You may consult the Skrill Registration article for further details and information about the registration process.

Skrill verification

Skrill’s verification process simply accepts you to confirm your personal identity and your current place of residence by submitting the relevant supporting documents onto the site for consultation.

Baxity lets you complete this process within 24 hours of completion on any business day. This is a significant cut back on the usual 3 to 5 days required for your verification to be processed with a normal registration with Skrill. Not only will you save time, but you will also be saving yourself money with Baxity by bypassing the expected $5 deposit.

Whether you prefer to complete your verification through your personal desktop or mobile application, you may do so in whichever way works best for you. In both cases you should have the following documents on reach:

  • An ID. This may be an ID card, a passport or a driver license
  • A document to prove your address of residence. A utility bill or certified bank statement may suffice for this.

As you go through the process, you will be requested to provide clear and legible scans or copies of the required documents, along with a selfie picture of yourself. Please ensure to have your webcam set up or otherwise have the mobile app available to use your smartphone camera.

If you wish to know about the Skrill Verification process in greater detail, see the Skrill Verification article.

Skrill fees

Skrill charges a fee for every transfer or withdrawal of money to and from your account, be they internal or external. This, therefore, applied on any currency conversions, Skrill Mastercard orders, cryptocurrency trades and any additional administrative fees incurred by unwanted actions.

These tariffs are highly dependent on an account’s respective status, substantially decreasing as the status level increases from your standard up through Silver, Gold and ultimately Diamond. You should also keep an eye out on the terms related to your specific country of residence as these charges may also vary accordingly.

Here is a brief overview of the most prevalent charges you may encounter when using the payment service:

  1. Funding your account
    • Via a bank transfer: commissions apply from 0.0% (in the UK) to 2.5% (in Canada, Brazil and Russia) for all status levels
    • Using VISA or Mastercard: commissions apply from 0.0% (in the UK) to 2.5% (in Canada, Brazil, Russia and Norway)
  2. Withdrawing funds
    • To a local bank account or international transfer (SWIFT): starting at 5.5 EUR down to nil from Silver status and above
    • to a VISA card: general 7.5% rate
  3. P2P money transfer (from one person to another person) carried out from within Skrill:
    1. For accounts registered after the 8th of April 2020:
      • First and subsequent transactions are charged at a 4.49% rate
    2. For accounts registered between the 18th of March and the 8th of April 2020:
      • First transaction is charged at 10% with a minimum sum of EUR 100
      • Second transaction down to 2,99%
    3. For accounts registered before March 18:
      • First transaction is charged at 20% with a minimum sum of EUR 30
      • Second transaction down to 1.45% with a minimum sum of EUR 0.50
    4. For all accounts depositing with from a card or bank account:
      • 1,45% rate
  4. Converting between currencies
Status Non-VIP Silver Gold Diamond
Fee for currency conversion 3.99% 2.89% 2.59% 1.99%

From this brief overview, one can quickly identify and attribute the greatest charges to both P2P transfers between accounts and currency conversions, with rates of 4.99% and 3.99% respectively.

If you are hoping to bypass those imposing charges, you may tackle P2P transfers by aiming for single deposits via bank or card to drop your rate down to 1.45% and henceforth attempt to upgrade your account to Silver VIP status to enjoy a more generous 2.89% commission rate.

How can you obtain a VIP Silver status with just a third of the deposit? As a matter of fact, it could not be any simpler: two steps is all you need.

  1. Register with Skrill via the link offered by Baxity and complete your verification
  2. Accumulate just 5000 EUR worth of deposits within the first 30 days of your sign up instead of the hefty 15 000 EUR asked for by standard registration

For additional information on the rates charged by Skrill on transactions and other actions, see the Skrill Fees article.

Skrill limits

Like most payment services, Skrill applies a set maximum limit on the amount of money that may be involved in a transaction by any given user. As users wish to transfer greater sums within a single payment, they will be required to level up their status to benefit from more lenient terms.

Below is a summary of the limits applied to ATM withdrawals and Skrill Mastercard payments, the latter being limited to member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Feature Non VIP Silver Gold Diamond
Daily ATM withdrawal limits €900 €1,500 €3,000 €5,000
Daily POS limits €2 700 €3 000 €5 000 €10 000

In the same ways that the rate charged for various transactions varied with a user’s current status and country of residence, the site’s limits are based on the same criteria. You may consult your personal account’s limits at any time, right from your profile.

For more details about these limits, have a look at the Skrill Limits article.

Skrill security

Whether you are choosing which bank to choose to mortgage your house or which online payment service to join to fuel your gambling hobby, security is key to selecting and trusting the institution that will be handling your hard-earned money.

Skrill has a number of policies in place to make sure that its site is always worth your trust:

  • Maintains 100% of its users’ funds in secure accounts as prescribed by the Bank of Ireland. Being licensed by such an organisation forces Skrill to comply with these requirements without fault.
  • Holds a global business license (European e-Money license), which subjects Skrill to the laws of every country it operates in.
  • Skrill has a 4.5-star rating on, with 71% of reviews rating the service as “excellent”.

Skrill may already have shiny licences and a stellar reputation, but how can you keep your money secure in your Skrill account?

Here are a few guidelines you should aim to meet to ensure your account’s optimal security:

  • Check your transaction history on a regular basis to identify any potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Write down your password somewhere safe
  • Use a more complex password
  • Keep your computer protected by carrying out regular updates and installing relevant antivirus software
  • Do not stay logged into your account if you are browsing elsewhere, always click the “Log out” before leaving the page
  • Do not use computers in public places to sign in to your account
  • Use two of the most secure and reliable ways to login to your account instead of two-step authentication:
    • Use a strong password with a text message code that changes every time you log in with a new password.
    • Come up with a complex password, a permanent PIN as well as a one-time PIN to receive via email and is valid for 15 minutes.

If you happen to come across any suspicious activity on your account, you should immediately change your password and context the Skrill Support service to inform them about your concern. Skrill will then be able to take the necessary precautions to keep your account safe.

More information on the site’s security measures is detailed in our Skrill Security article.

Skrill VIP statuses

Skrill operates on a VIP status scheme which aims to reward loyal users with lower commissions, higher caps, additional multi-currency accounts, premium customer service and a range of advantageous offers.

Anyone with a fully verified Skrill account is eligible for its VIP scheme and will simply be required to meet the set deposit amount to qualify for a certain status level. As you carry out deposits left and right, buying from merchants or selling cryptocurrencies, the amounts transferred are accumulated over a quarter and counted toward your status level. The higher level you reach, the more advantageous your rates and limits will become.

Once you successfully acquire a VIP status, your account will retain it for the full calendar quarter before being reset at the start of the next one. You will, therefore, be expected to keep up with your merchant deposits or cryptocurrency transactions for every quarter if you wish to retain your prime status.

Fees & Limits Non-VIP Silver Gold Diamond
Minimum Transaction n/a €15 000 €45 000 €90 000
after registering with Baxity n/a €5 000* n/a n/a
ATM Withdrawal Fee 1.75% Free Free Free
ATM Limit (per day) €900 €1 500 €3 000 €5 000
Foreign Exchange Fee 3.99% 2.89% 2.59% 1.99%
POS Limit (per day) €2 700 €3 000 €5 000 €10 000

* within 30 days after joining loyalty program

Save up time and money by upgrading your status level more quickly by registering via Baxity’s link and benefiting from lower requirements.

  • VIP Silver for €5,000 (30 days) instead of €15,000

If you want to find out more about VIP statuses, please consult our Skrill VIP article.

Skrill MasterCard

If you are hoping to take your Skrill account offline, the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is the ideal way for you to withdraw funds at any ATM you may encounter which accepts Mastercard or pays for your purchases wherever you may find yourself in the world. Skrill offers this prepaid plastic card as a direct link to the account credit of any user living in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Skrill Card

It may be ordered only in EUR currency for €10 for regular account holders or otherwise free of charge for VIP Silver and above. The delivery period is then estimated within 2-10 working days from the order completion to its arrival in your mailbox.

Fees are incurred on the card based on three different actions:

  • The annual card service charged upon the issue (10 euro or free with Silver status and above)
  • Currency conversion charges (from 3.99 to 1.99% depending on status)
  • ATM cash withdrawal standard rates of 1.75%, or otherwise free for VIP Silver and above

Skrill Mastercard limits:

Feature Daily ATM withdrawal limits Daily POS limits
Non-VIP €900 €2700
Silver €1500 €3000
Gold €3000 €5000
Diamond €5000 €10000

Users with a place of residence in the European Economic Area (EEA) may even enjoy an additional prized Skrill feature: the Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. This online card lets its user keep their full anonymity and ensure maximum security on a one-time transaction from their account. Upon successful completion of the payment, the card will automatically be cancelled, without leaving a trace of ever being seen again.

Find out more about the site’s cards on offer in our Skrill MasterCard article.

Skrill app

Having been founded in the early beginnings of the 21st century, right as smartphones began their rapid expansion into the widespread dominion they hold today, it comes as no surprise that Skrill was quick to release its own mobile application. Ever since 2013, users of the service can have full access to their account handlings and all main functionalities straight from their phone as a portable online wallet.

Downloading the Skrill app will let you:

  • perform all transactions with your account funds and cryptocurrency reserves right from your personal profile, including an overview of your balance, transaction history, upload and withdrawal or transfers
  • trade in the cryptocurrencies (European Economic Area residents only).
  • manage your Skrill MasterCard, checking your credit and ATM withdrawal limits, choosing your currency and PIN code or cancelling your card if lost or stolen
  • contact the support team and consult the FAQ for any pressing enquiries
  • verify your account
  • manage your account

There is scarcely anything you cannot do straight from the Skrill mobile app which you can download for free from the App Store for any iOS device, or similarly for Android straight from Google Play.

Have a look at the Skrill App article for more information.

Skrill Knect

Where its VIP status scheme seeks to reward its users with reduced charges and loosened caps via an incentive to make more deposits, Skrill Knect is a loyalty program which offers benefits for all users of the platform, regardless of account status. Any transaction through the site tallies up a corresponding number of bonus points which may then be exchanged for prizes or gifts.

These precious bonus points are counted on the following rates:

  • 1 point
    • Receive credit for every 1 EUR spent via deposits, withdrawals, Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® transactions, or crypto trading
  • 0,25 points
    • For transfers to the store site (merchant) *.

* only for users who deposited into their verified account by any means other than NETELLER, Paysafecard and Bitpay.

Point limits apply for any one transaction and time period:

  • 1000 points for one transaction
  • 500,000 points per month

These are also subject to a deadline where the tally is reset from the current year plus the following year.

No matter how many points you have accumulated, you may exchange them for money, get a gift card or a merchant voucher.

Exchange rate for bonus points:

  • 1,000 points = 1 EUR = 1.1 USD

For every 1000 points accumulated, you may earn 1 euro or 1.1 USD in exchange.

This may be resumed more concisely as a base rate of 0.1% conversion of your spending into Knect points. You may hence earn a maximum of 1 EUR on each transaction, equivalent to 1000 points, and a maximum of 500 EUR per month for 500,000 bonus points which require you to carry out a total of 500 transactions within a 30 days period.

Please consult the Skrill Knect article for more details.

Skrill Crypto

It was only recently, back in 2018, that Skrill first launched its cryptocurrency trading service, and yet, it has already amassed ample users exchanging in as many as 9 different cryptocurrencies: Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XLM, Ethereum Classic, 0x, EOS and XRP. These can be purchased from accounts in any of the 40 standard currencies accepted by Skrill.

Not only can you access all cryptocurrency buying and selling features from your personal profile to handle manually, but you may also have the option to set up automatic trading. This automated service will trade the cryptocurrency of your choice whenever it reaches a predetermined rate, placing an automatic order to buy or sell a set amount. Skrill lets your nerves take a break from the market’s ever-changing rates by taking care of your trading based on your preferences.

The fees associated with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are as follows:

  • for amounts over €100 – 1.5% rate
  • 20 – 99.99 EUR – fixed €1.99
  • up to 19.99 EUR – fixed €0.99

P2P transfer fees also apply to any such transactions placed within Skrill and are set at a rate of 0.5%. It is also important to note that the site also has a minimum set at €10 on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

For additional details, take a look at our Skrill Crypto article.

Deposit options and withdrawal options

What would a payment service be without its deposits and withdrawals? Just like many aspects of its operations, Skrill has laid out its transaction options according to a user’s country of residence, as noted upon registration.

The platform features 4 primary deposit options and additional methods, each with a 2.5% commission rate:

  • from your bank account
  • MasterCard or VISA
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • various others to consult directly from your account

Alongside multiple funds withdrawal opportunities:

  • to a bank account
  • with a VISA card
  • from an ATM using a Skrill MasterCard (applicable to accounts from the European Economic Area only)
  • other transaction options which you may consult directly from your account

Serviced and restricted countries

Skrill’s platform and endearing reputation have indeed extended all over the world. It has, nevertheless, incorporated certain features which are only available to a restricted number of countries. This includes both the Skrill Prepaid plastic and virtual Mastercard which to this day is reserved for members of the European Economic Area (EEA).

The availability and functionality of the platform may be resumed by three distinctive categories:

  1. serviced countries with and without access to the Skrill MasterCard.
  2. countries serviced with the distribution of the Skrill MasterCard (restricted to EEA countries)
  3. countries which remain unattended

Check out the status of your own country on the following map:

The countries which fall under the “serviced” category may profit from the following functionalities:

  • create an account
  • complete transfers or make transactions to merchants
  • add credit to your account and withdraw money from it
  • issue an order for the delivery of a Skrill MasterCard (EEA zone only)

Countries where Skrill Mastercard is available

The European Economic Area (EEA) is made up of an array of countries with the aim of facilitating and combining payments from individuals and businesses across the European Union. The member countries are listed below:





Republic of Cyprus

Czech Republic

























United Kingdom

These countries may order and receive the Skrill MasterCard.

Non-serviced countries





Burkina Faso

Cape Verde






Faroe Islands

French Polynesia










Lao People’s Democratic Republic





New Caledonia


North Korea




Sudan (North and South)






10 of Skrill’s most important features (for those who don’t have time to read everything):

Some may diligently read the entire article but forget half of it, others may not bother reading more than a page’s worth of content; either way, here are the most important takeaways about Skrill once you have registered via Baxity and obtained a Silver VIP status on favorable terms:

  1. Skrill is a favourite of gamblers and traders for its speed, simplicity, functionality and reliability.
  2. Skrill was rated 4.5 stars out of 5.0 by with 71% of reviews rated the service as “excellent”.
  3. Skrill is very popular amongst merchants, be they poker room handlers, bookmakers, Forex traders or online casinos. Wherever you choose to place your bets, you will likely find Skrill already in place.
  4. You can trade in cryptocurrencies right from within your Skrill account without the need of any additional external transactions. Exchange any of the 40 recognised currencies for Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XLM, Ethereum Classic, 0x, EOS and XRP.
  5. Use the Skrill mobile application for quick verification and easy account handling
  6. Order and receive by mail a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard plastic card to make cash withdrawals and pay for your purchases – as long as you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA) only.
  7. Use your Skrill Virtual Card for anonymous card payments – EEA residents only
  8. You can easily fund your Skrill account straight from your bank account, VISA, MasterCard or various other ways at a 2.5% commission rate
  9. You can withdraw money from Skrill to your bank account for €5.5 or entirely free of charge starting with a Silver VIP status
  10. Currency conversion rates range from 3.99% down to 1.99%
  11. Collect Skrill points on your external transactions, to be exchanged for money at a rate of 1000 points to 1 EUR (0.1% of transaction volume).
  12. Achieve higher VIP statuses with fewer deposits by registering through our link and benefit from these preferential terms: VIP Silver for €5,000 (within a 30-day period) versus the usual €15,000

How do I get the most out of Skrill for free?

This is certainly the question on most people’s mind and the answer is surprisingly brief. In just 3 quick steps, you will be making the most out of your account – without paying an additional cent:

  1. Join Skrill using the link provided by Baxity
  2. Unlock all benefits by sending in your account ID and email submitted through the form
  3. Complete your account verification in just 24 hours, with no prior deposit, to obtain a VIP status on much generous terms and fewer spendings

Review: comparing verifications through regular registration and via Baxity:

Feature Regular Registration Registration via Baxity
Deposit for verification Required, $ 5 Not required
Verification duration 2 – 5 days 24-hour priority


Status Non-VIP VIP Silver
Standard conditions for obtaining transact over €15000 in a quarter
Conditions for receiving via Baxity transact over €5000 in a month
Conversion fee amount 3.99% 2.89%
Additional accounts in other currency multicurrency multicurrency
Limit on cash withdrawals from ATMs €900/per day €1500/per day
Commission for cash withdrawals at ATMs 1,75% free
The limit on the payment card in shops (terminal) €1000/per day €3000/per day



  1. I am swing trader and have been using Skrill for some time. Based on my experience, I’d say that registering a Skrill account via Baxity and getting the Skrill Mastercard is the best option for any forex trader. Transfers without fees and most Forex brokers work with Skrill. Sometimes I also work with cryptocurrency and Skrill makes this easy to do. Their mobile app works with no flaws from what I saw. I have access to my wallet at any time, wherever I am and I can make quick transactions and take advantage of certain events that influence the market. I often have to move very quickly and delays are unacceptable in my line of work.

  2. Would like to open a Skrill account with Baxity but I have a problem. I need support in Greek, is that possible? This message has been written by my niece and I only speak Greek.

    1. Dear Dimitris, we would be glad to help you. Please, contact us in our live chat, we will answer all your questions and give you the necessary information concerning your issue in Greek using an online translator.

  3. Generally happy with Neteller although I’d have liked their Bronze ATM daily limit for my Mastercard to be more than 900 euros. It might not sound like a big problem for some but it is for me. I wonder why it’s the same as the non-VIP. Anyway, hope they increase it by at least a bit soon.

    1. Dear Malthe, thank you for your review! I think we have a great offer for you in this case. Daily limit for ATM withdrawals with Net+ Prepaid Mastercard for VIP Bronze PRO status is $3300. Our clients pass verification in Neteller faster, get VIP Bronze PRO status for free and VIP Silver status on our special terms. So you can close your current Neteller account and create a new one via our partner’s link, then pass verification and receive VIP Bronze PRO.

  4. I am a new Skrill account holder still lear to navigate my way around the platform but i am extremely disappointed that within a few months after depositing some funds, my account has been temporarily blocked despite all my efforts to submit verification documents like my council bill dated July 2020 which is less than 3 months old. This is being continually rejected to my annoyance. Bills come on different forms in different countries.
    Is there a way i could be allowed to withdraw my funds and take it elsewhere where my docs are accepted.
    Tried to communicate with the service centre with no success.
    I want out if i cannot be assisted . My depisit is very small to warrant such unfair treatment

    1. Dear, Jealous Sikayi, we regret that you faced such problem using Skrill! Withdrawal of funds is available only for verified customers. The case is that Skrill has quite strict Terms of use and verification requirements. You can verify your address in Skrill using the following documents:
      1. Utility bill;
      2. Letter from the housing office;
      3. Documents from the bank containing your name, address you provided when registering with Skrill, bank seal.
      The document must be issued not earlier than 90 days ago.
      All document types mentioned above must contain your name, address and a seal. The address you entered in Skrill account and the address in the document must be equal.
      If the document you submitted meets all the necessary requirements, but it was still not accepted by Skrill, you can try to send this document for verification again. Sometimes the same document is not accepted for the first time.

  5. I had a pretty bad experience with skrill a couple of years ago. my account was locked for my outgoing transactions and it was very frustratin. Does skrill still lock accounts without giving a reason? I also have another question. If I make a new account can I still receive signup bonuses through using your link? Or is it only for people who are making their skrill account for the first time ever?

    1. Dear salsa_87, we deeply regret you faced such a problem using Skrill! The case is that Skrill doesn’t lock accounts without any reason for that. Skrill has quite strict terms of use and users should follow them to keep their accounts active. If you break any of Skrill terms of use you can raise awareness of Skrill security service.
      If you sign up for a new Skrill account via our special link you CAN get our benefits like fast-track verification and VIP statuses on favourable terms.

      1. Ok maybe I did something wrong with my transactins without realizing it. I just don’t get why they locked my account with no notifcation or even a warning first. That’s great I can stil get baxity benefits for a new account though! I’ll make a new one and this time read the terms of use. I am hapy for the fast track verification

        1. The case is that these are Skrill rules and we can’t influence it. We are happy you enjoy our service.

  6. Hello, my Grandma lives in Canada and she wants to send me 500$ every month for support, i m student, can i make skrillmaster card and withdraw that money or i need to report my self and pay 20% country taxes and get only 400$ ?

    1. Lobos, thank you for your question! Unfortunately, ordering the Skrill card is only available in the EEA countries, and since you live in Serbia, you will not be able to get it. However, if your grandmother also has an account in Skrill, she will be able to send you a p2p transfer to your account, which you can withdraw to a bank card or bank account.

      The one-time limit for transfers between system accounts is just about 500 euros. However, you should clarify this, as each country may have different transaction limits.

  7. i really like that baxity lowers vip requirements so much, but it’s still too high for me, i was wondering – are requirements also different depending on the country you are in and the curreny u use?

    1. MAxel, thank you for your feedback! Our terms for getting VIP statuses are equal for all customers regardless of their country of residence. In addition, the amount of deposits needed for getting a certain VIP status is equal whatever your account currency, for instance, if your Skrill is in GBP, the amount of deposits must be equal to the amount of EUR in accordance with Skrill exchange rate.

      1. Sometimes services will give you less benefits just cuz you live in a different country, this can be really frustrating. even with lowered requirements though, i am not sure i can make enough deposits to get to a high vip level.

        1. MAxel, if your quarterly spending is less than what the system requires for VIP upgrade, you can always get Skriller Verified instead, it is free and at least it gives you free p2p transactions. All you need to do is to pass full verification, replenish account with a bank account or card and download Skrill app.

  8. Do you know if Skrill allow users to make conditional orders? when I buy crypto

  9. Jane, thank you for your question! Yes, sure, you can make them. In the tab for buying / selling cryptocurrencies there is a separate section called “Conditional tab”with the ability to select the conditions for making transactions.

    The interface is intuitive, so it’s easy to figure out what’s what.

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