How Does Astropay Card Work – In-Depth Review

Astropay is an international payment system that allows users to pay online for goods and services on partner sites and merchants. As a secure payment solution Astropay offers customers a virtual prepaid Astropay Card which gives you more privacy and doesn’t share your personal information when making purchases on the web.

What Is Astropay?

The Astropay payment system is a convenient platform for money transfers that works with several types of currencies. The partner store or outlet owners as well as resellers have access to a 24/7 dashboard for setting up invoices, as well as using the API to receive payments.

Despite the fact that the system appeared quite recently, the platform is already actively used by online casinos, bookmakers and Forex brokers. It is the best and totally safe solution for gamers around the world. The users can buy a prepaid card in several values to transfer money to other accounts or pay online.

How To Register New Account?

You can instantly open an account in AstroPay compatible with both desktop and mobile applications.

1. On the official website of the system click on the button in the upper right corner “Sign in”.

astropay wallet registration 11

2. To get started in the new window select your country code and enter your phone number. Click on the “Sign up” button.

astropay wallet registration 22

3. An SMS notification with an activation code will be sent to your registered phone number. Enter this code in the appropriate box. Click “Done”.

astropay wallet registration 33

4. Create a strong password and enter it in the form, repeat it again and click “Register”.

astropay wallet registration 44

5. At this step the system will ask you to fill in your personal data – name, surname, date of birth, document number (passport, ID) and email. Click on the “Finish” button. A letter with a confirmation link will be sent to your mail.

astropay wallet verification 11

6. After confirming your email you will be able to start using your Astropay account.

astropay review wallet 1

Is The Verification Required?

You don’t need to be verified if the payment is made with a prepaid Astropay card for an amount that does not exceed the limit set by the system. If you want to transfer money just log in your Astropay account and purchase your card. Find the Astropay card review below.

Meanwhile, the site offers its customers a loyalty program, which means that in order to obtain a higher level and better conditions for working with an account, certain requirements must be met. In this case, it is the account verification – the verification of the owner’s identity. After registering the Astropay wallet the account automatically obtains Standard level. To upgrade your account level you need to:

  • Verify your identity
  • Purchase avg of 200 USD in last 60 days
  • Confirm your email address

astropay wallet status 1

How To Use Astropay Wallet?

The Astropay wallet is pretty simple and accessible which is also available via mobile app. The clients can make financial transactions in several currencies and work with many payment services that you can find directly in your wallet.

Top Up The Wallet

To check how to top up your Astropay wallet or pay for a product or service, just log in your account and see the list of available services.

There are many deposit methods available in Astropay wallet, but it depends on the country of registration.

Find the main deposit options below:

  • Credit cards VISA / Mastercard, there is also the possibility to top up with a Trastra VISA card.

3. Select a VISA / Mastercard as a payment method, enter the banking details and add funds (screens)

1. Log into the wallet, select Money”Wallet”Add funds”.

astropay deposits 11

2. In the new window choose how much would you like to add.

astropay deposits 22

3. Follow the same steps described above and select NETELLER wallet as the payment method.

astropay cash neteller 11

4. Check the purchase order, payment method and click “Confirm purchase”.

astropay cash neteller 22

5. You will be redirected to the Neteller payment service website, through which you can pay with your Neteller balance and add funds to your Astropay wallet.

astropay cash neteller 33

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple).

1. If you prefer a deposit in digital currencies, you need to choose on your Astropay wallet the cryptocurrency you want to add.

astropay cash neteller 11

2. Check the purchase order, payment method and click “Confirm purchase”.

astropay bitcoin 22

3. In the next window find the order details – an address or a QR code to transfer the cryptocurrency and top up your wallet.

astropay bitcoin 33

Astropay Withdrawal

To withdraw the funds from your Astropay card to your bank card, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Astropay account.

2. Select “Money” “Cards”.

3. Select the card to withdraw the amount.

4. Click “Withdraw” and select a withdrawal method.

5. Fill out the form with your bank card details.

7. Click “Confirm”.

Please be aware that Astropay withdrawals are only made from a card issued by the Asrtopay merchant. It may take three business days for the proceed of a withdrawal.

There is one withdrawal method too – send money to your cryptocurrency wallet. Make sure that this way is available in your account.

Loyalty Levels, Limits And Wallet Commissions

The Astropay payment system offers the Loyalty Program with 5 levels of the account – Standart, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinium. The verified users can advance to higher levels and get access to more benefits of the wallet: gift cards and gifts, increased purchase limit, exclusive technical support. Some tasks are subject to approval by the Astropay compliance team.

There are no fees when replenishing a card in Astropay, but to withdraw funds, you should pay 0.5% for the transaction.

All About Astropay Card

The Astropay Prepaid Card is designed to pay for goods and services on the web. To get it, there is no need to go through the identity verification process. When paying, the owners manually fill in the card details that they previously bought in their wallet.

astropay card voucher

As described above, you can buy an Astropay card on the website within your personal account. When making transactions, the system can charge you additional commissions.

Astropay Gift Cards are available to users with high account levels. Please note that the Astropay gift card is provided only for purchases of online games or services on the relevant sites.

Where You Can Buy The Card?

How to buy Astropay Card? The user can purchase Astropay cards directly in his account and then pay for purchases in online stores around the world. Another way to Astropay card purchase is to buy it from the Baxity Voucher Shop. This kind of virtual voucher has its own 16-digit number and is used for payment only once.

How To Get Astropay Card – Step By Step Purchase

To buy an Astropay card you need to:

1. Log into your account, click on the menu “New card” and select a card of any denomination. Gift cards are also available, which can be used on those sites whose brand names are shown on the cards.

how to get astropay card 1

2. In a new window, select the payment method available in your country.

how to buy astropay card 1

3. Confirm the purchase.

astropay card review 1

After the payment approval your AstroPay Card will be available in your wallet, ready to use.

How To Pay With It Online?

Find below the guide on how to pay with the card on online platforms which accept Astropay payments:

1. Log into the site where you prefer to make a purchase.

2. Go to the checkout page and make sure that this website accepts payments from the Astropay card (you need to find the company’s logo on the website).

3. When paying, click on the logo of the payment system and enter your Astropay card details – the 16-digit number, security code and expiry date.

4. The system will automatically debit funds from your card, and the payment will be made immediately.

As we said above, the Astropay payment system has become a fairly popular platform among players and forex brokers. Through this card you can deposit money to your bookmakers accounts or Forex platforms. Players will certainly appreciate the anonymity of Astropay cards, when the access to the personal data of the owner making transactions is closed.

How To Merge Astropay Cards?

You can buy an Astropay card from $ 5 to $ 200. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to make a large deposit for an amount that the payment system does not provide. In this case, you can merge Astropay cards, that is, buy several cards (up to 10 cards). Contact the customer support and request the merging of the balances. Once the merging is completed, you will receive a confirmation to your email address.

Astropay Merchants (For Business)

AstroPay Merchants is a profitable, fast and secure online business tool that allows you to accept payments and transfer money around the world.

Convenience of money transfers for business is provided by two products: Astropay Card and Astropay One Touch. We described the first product above.

Astropay One Touch

One Touch is AstroPay’s virtual wallet, through which you can securely deposit and withdraw funds directly from the merchant’s website. It is designed to help merchants or retailers to easily transfer funds to customers and accept payments, as well as exchange currencies. Integration of the Astropay OneTouch electronic tool into the website is very simple and doesn’t take long.

Mobile App Overview

astropay mobile appClients of the payment system can use the wallet at any time and regardless of location. The wallet mobile application has been developed for this purpose working both on iOS and Android. The functionality of the mobile app is the same as on the desktop and contains similar features.

Benefits And Drawbacks

To understand whether it is worth choosing the Astropay e-wallet, we have highlighted the main pros and cons of the system:


Optional verification

Card instant registration

Anonymous transactions

Unlimited number of cards is available

No fees for wallet top up

Instant transfers

Loyalty program

Support on many sites

– Funding methods depend on the country of the wallet registration

– The requirement to top up a wallet with a large amount to get high limits

– To upgrade the account level the verification of identity is required

Astropay Alteratives

Unfortunately, in order to understand how a particular payment system meets your requirements, you need to register in the system yourself and check the availability, as well as the convenience of the necessary features for work.

ecovoucher ecopayz logoHow Does Astropay Card Work - In-Depth Review

If for some reason the Astropay wallet is not a good choice for you, then we offer an alternative list of platforms with profitable transactions in many types of currencies and anywhere in the world.

Users Reviews

The Astropay payment system is more likely aimed at European clients. The average rating of the payment platform on the website is 2.6. In Astropay review the customers mainly complain about the quality of technical support, rather about long support responses. Satisfied users like the huge selection of deposit methods and low fees.


AstroPay is a reliable payment solution available on many sites and a convenient tool for online purchases.

To create an account and use it, you need to follow simple instructions that will allow you to keep money in one place, pay, withdraw and transfer funds to various sites.

You can use the most common payment methods available in your region. This also includes credit / debit cards and wire transfers. Thanks to the high level of security of the system, you can always reach your money and safely keep it. Please, note that it is impossible to withdraw cash from the Astropay card on an ATM. This card is virtual.


How Do I Deposit Money Into Astropay?

In your account of the Astropay payment system click on the tab “Money”> “Wallet”> “Add funds”. Select the preferred amount and then the top-up method. After a successful transaction, the money will appear on the balance of your wallet. Funding methods depend on the country of your registration.

How Do I Withdraw Money From My Astropay Wallet?

You can withdraw money from Astropay in the same way as to top up. In the “Money” menu, click on the “Withdraw funds” option, specify the amount and select the withdrawal method. Find the information about the timing of the withdrawal on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In some cases, the withdrawal proceeds up to three business days.

Is Astropay Card Free?

Yes, it is. For an Astropay card the system doesn’t charge any fees.

Where Can I Redeem Astropay Card?

To redeem Astropay Card we suggest you check if the particular site accepts AstroPay Card as a deposit option.

How Can I Use Astropay Card?

The Astropay Card is designed to pay for goods and services on the Internet. Find on your preferable site this payment method, enter Astropay card information – digit number, expiry date
and security code, then make your purchase.

How Do I Merge Astropay Cards?

As we said above you can merge Astropay cards – buy several cards and contact customer support for a request of merging the balances. After merging you will receive a confirmation letter to your email address.

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