Skrill Knect loyalty program Review 2021

What is Skrill Knect?

Skrill Knect is a loyalty program released by the payment service Skrill to reward all of its regular users. It operates on a point-based system that tallies up every transaction carried out between businesses, sites and even friends.

Whether depositing, withdrawing or transferring money, every financial exchange completed through your payment account will translate itself into Knect points which can then be traded for a range of fantastic rewards. From discounts to cash prizes, these valuable gifts are all at the reach of most loyal clients from the Skrill Knect Loyalty Store.


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Benefits of Skrill Knect

There is no reason why one should miss out on this all-inclusive loyalty program. Skrill Knect is the best way to make every transaction count in earning users the chance to redeem a range of highly valued gifts and rewards. With no additional effort required, any verified account holder can join and access an assortment of benefits – simply log in and agree to enrol into this great scheme.

Once joined, Skrill Knect points will automatically be counted and collected for any transaction undertaken thereafter. This includes any withdrawals or deposits to and from a Skrill account, as well as direct transfers between fellow Skrill users.

skrill knect earn points

Furthermore, Skrill MasterCard owners may also profit from this reward scheme by earning points at every payment made with their card. Always striving for innovation and adapting to the latest technologies, Skrill Knect also applies to transactions made with Crypto Currencies. Virtually every type of user can unlock a variety of rewards for their everyday payments. These include various discounts, cash vouchers, free bets and even more. Click Knect ->Spend point. For example, now you could get 10 euro just for 10000 points.

Earning Skrill Knect Points

 With a Skrill account all set up, earning Knect points could not be any more straightforward. Assuming the loyalty program is available in your country of residence, the following rates will apply.

  • Account replenishment 1 EUR = 1 point
  • Funds withdrawal 1 EUR = 1 point
  • Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® transactions 1 EUR = 1 point
  • Merchant deposit 1 EUR = 0.25 points
  • Crypto purchase 1 EUR = 1 point
  • Crypto sale 1 EUR = 1 point
  • Crypto p2p transaction* 1 EUR = 0.5 points

*Transactions between your own accounts (including NETELLER) do not qualify.

Each one of a user’s eligible transactions may earn them up to one thousand Knect points with a monthly limit as high as 500 000. One cannot start to list the number of fantastic rewards one may unlock with as many as half-a-million points.

Earn Knect

One should be careful to note that the conversion rates round down to the nearest point. For instance, if you transfer 0.5, you will get zero points, and by transacting 1.1-1.9, your reward will be one loyalty point.

You will have even more opportunities to boost your loyalty points by participating in special promotions held by Skrill.

Spending Skrill Knect Points

Spending your Knect points is just as straightforward as earning them. You may access them from the Rewards tab in your Skrill account. This will give you a series of options on what you may choose to exchange them for.

  • electronic money;
  • gift cards;
  • merchant vouchers;
  • specific promos offered by Skrill;
  • purchase of one of the supported cryptocurrencies;
  • various goods and coupons (if available) in the rewards catalogue.


skrill knect redeem points

FYI: all loyalty points earned in any calendar year must be redeemed by the end of the next calendar year, and all points earned within the current year will expire at the end of the following calendar year. The points expire on Jan 1st at 00:00. Points are awarded after calculating the transaction, which usually takes no more than a few hours after authorization.

As you keep depositing and withdrawing money, you can track your point-earning directly from the Skrill Knect page. Signing in to register onto Skrill, the Knect tab is just a button away from the left sidebar where you can access your Points History. This will display all your recent collections, going back in chronological order to be easily reviewed if necessary.

skrill knect points history

Why you Should Register to Skrill Knect through Baxity

Skrill Knect offers you the opportunity to make every euro spent and exchanged count towards earning you a range of attractive rewards. Nevertheless, one should note that participation in this profitable program is restricted to accounts which have been fully verified. This process may take up to an entire week to be completed. Using Baxity to register onto Skrill Knect will not only let you complete your verification within just 24 hours of submission but will also help you unlock the site’s prized VIP statuses on significantly more lenient terms.

Baxity can spare you some thousands in down payments as the smallest VIP Silver status is made available from just €5,000 in deposits to your favourite merchants. VIP Gold following up closely at €15,000 respectively.

The higher the status, the greater the benefits, so why not connect through Baxity to make the most out of your account and cash out on some great rewards through Skrill Knect.


  1. I was lookin at the knect point rates and im confused by the merchant deposit one – what it means? i must have a merchant account and deposit money to it, or i send money to marchant? Also, how you sell crypto on skrill? What kinds of crypto there arE?

    1. NuRA, thank you for your question! Merchant deposit is only one of the ways how to earn Knect points. So you make account in merchant you want (casino, forex, betting etc.) and make deposits in merchants via your Skrill account. Thus, you will earn Knect points. Here you can find detailed instruction how to buy/cell cryptocurrency in Skrill:
      Skrill supports transactions over as much as 10 different cryptocurrencies:
      Bitcoin (BTC) (full Skrill Bitcoin review)
      Bitcoin Cash (BCH),
      Ethereum Classic (ETC)
      Ether (ETH),
      Litecoin (LTC)
      Lumen (XLM),
      0x (ZRX)

      1. That makes lot more sense now, thanks for telling me! i will make skrill account to use for my video poker sites. And then get knect points! i don’t do forex but thanks for the info anyway.

  2. Seerously???? this is total scam, the points u get for spending money is so so low! And u didnt even tell us what kidn of stuff u can get with these points. what, you spend 10000 bucks and get t shirt or something?! U say we get fantastic rewards with half million points, that’s so much money to get those points. why the requirements so high??? Knect is only good for rich people.

    1. jarva, we are very sorry that you did not like this format of the Skrill Knect program. But the conditions for awarding points and prizes for them are determined by Skrill itself, we cannot influence it in any way. Prizes may differ by country, some only have a cash reward, others have a wider choice. But Skrill is definitely not related to scam, you can make sure in their transparency and authenticity on the official website

  3. hello, i am very interest in knect. You mentioned that account needs to be verify. Mine is not verified yet , how to do ? I dont have adress document. Thanks much!

    1. Dear yayaYash, thank you for your question! If you want to use Skrill account without any restrictions you will have to verify it using the documents. For identity verification you need to upload a photo of your ID card, passport or driving license. For proof of the address: utility bill, certificate of residence, or documents from the bank containing your name, address you provided when registering in Skrill, bank seal.

      The documents for address verification mustn’t be older than 3 months from the date of issue.
      Also you will have to take a selfie using your webcamera or a camera on your cell phone online.

      If you want to pass verification in Skrill rapidly you can create Skrill account with Baxity. In addition to that you will be able to get VIP statuses in Skrill on our special terms.

      1. Bank document is’nt with adress, that is in my Skrill account..u think they will accept apartment lease for address?

        1. You can try to send this lease if it meets all the criteria of the document for address verification.
          Namely: document must be less than 3 months old, containe your full name and address that you provided during registration. Also, the document must be signed or have a stamp.

          If this does not work, and you do not have other documents that would fit this requirement, you can close the current account and open a new one at the address indicated in your bank statement.

  4. Hmmm what skrill users can get from knect? If its worth the money or just a small prize. Could you show exampls of what to win with knect points?

    1. humahuma, thank you for your comment! Skrill Knect can be a bonus for active users of the system who make large and frequent transactions (including deposits, withdrawals, payment for purchases). But this is just a small bonus, nothing more. For example, to get a refund of 10 euros, you need to make transactions for an average of 10,000 euros. At the moment, the program offers the exchange of bonuses for replenishment of the account, as well as AC Milan gift certificates.

      1. I like Paypal more because it has lower fees but I know that Paypal doesn’t have a loyalty program, or at least i don’t think it does… I’m gonna have to make a skrill account. Get paid to spend money?

        1. Skrill Knect loyalty program implies earning points for transactions you make within your Skrill account. You can spend your points in the prefered way: get different vouchers/gift cards, coupons or money. If you create a Skrill account via our partner link you can get even more benefits!

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