ecoPayz Review

What is ecoPayz?

Extending across more than 200 countries around the world, ecoPayz’s virtual payment system will get your online payment completed in any one of the 54 currencies it operates in. Whether you are a player, bettor or trader, this payment service lets you carry out instant deposits to the merchant of your choice. From poker rooms, casinos, betting offices and brokers, the list extends to many others to give you an ample choice on how you wish to handle your transfer of money.

The site is built to maximize the absolute value of the funds that a user transfers to another merchant since the only fees incurred on the deposit is carried by the merchant. The payment system operates on an inbuilt system of commissions on a range of user actions including anything from deposits and withdrawals, to external or internal transfers as well as any form of currency conversion carried on out through the site.

Furthermore, any deposit, withdrawal or online transfer is subject to a set limit to cap the amount of money which a user can involve in any one of these transactions. These two features, commissions and limits, are precisely what makes the site’s VIP status scheme such a prized and beneficial addition to its payment system.

Divided by different minimum deposit floors, each status unlocks a range of advantages to reward its most frequent users. The higher the status, the higher the limits and conversely, the lower the commissions on each transaction. Once one has reached a particular status, they will be able to benefit from all these assets for the rest of their lifetime on the site, unlike other payment systems which might subject their terms to a set time interval.

What makes ecoPayz so much greater than your average bank? It not only saves you time with its instant transactions, but it also offers a much more flexible and relaxed operation both in terms of costs and control. With virtually none of those dreadful account maintenance costs, this online payment system will let you carry out your payments without you having to worry about their confirmation or monitoring when sent to other customers from most countries.

With a longstanding reputation in the online payment sector, ecoPayz is a trade name of PSI-Pay Ltd. Ever since the beginning of the century. It has over the years build up a reputation for its reliability and legitimacy, being regulated by the UK’s FCA as well as being a partner of Mastercard.

Benefits of ecoPayz

A reliable source for consumers in payment methods is provided by a globally renowned agency known as ecoPayz. Operating in the online transactions industry and providing payment solutions for gamblers, is the main focus of this payment service. This agency is targeted towards gamblers who participate in poker games, casinos, and sports betting events.

Additionally, the site virtually assists other groups, such as:

  • Traders – Forex and crypto-currency
  • Business – to manage a sales network that facilitates payments to customers
  • Affiliates – allows for a good income stream through Baxity.

The payment service has received some important accreditations and reviews in its time, so you can be assured that the platform is 100% reliable. Furthermore, good reviews for the platform prove that businesses worldwide are satisfied with their decisions to connect and continue their transactions through this payment service. With so many partnerships and account payments, ecoPayz is a trustworthy source. The site has several equivalents, which includes similar platforms such as Skrill and Neteller.

When compared to the reviews of similar payment systems like Skrill or NETELLER, ecoPayz holds its ground firmly in the face of competition. Boasting two entire points over NETELLER’s Trustpilot rating, 3.5 against 1.5, and being just one point behind Skrill’s 4.5 review. With its highly profitable VIP system and modest user fees, ecoPayz’s only downfall against its competitors might be in its more rigorous payment checking. In an attempt to combat fraud and money laundering schemes, the server matches every transaction to its obligations with the FCA.

The benefits of this payment service still stand out significantly when they are put in direct comparison with those of both Skrill and NETELLER with regards to its primary features.


with Gold*


with VIP Bronze PRO**


Classic (not VIP)***

Verification 15 min. – 2 hours Up to 24 hours Up to  24 hours
Transfers Lifetime status Yearly basis A quarter of a year
Deposit fees 0.00-8.50% 2.5% 0-2.5%
Bank withdrawals 5.90-10,00 USD 10,00 USD 5,50 EUR
Currency Conversion 1.49% 3.79% 3.99%
ATM cash withdrawal fees 2.00% (min. 1.50 EUR) 1.75% 1.75%
Limit on ATM withdrawal 1500 EUR per day 3300 USD per day 900 EUR per day
Commission to transfer within the system 0-1.50%(min.0,50 EUR)

From 4.49% to 1.45%****


From 4.49% to 1.45%****
Cashback for high rollers (on request) No (cashback 0.25-0.5% from VIP Platinum) Knect loyalty program

* the status is assigned immediately upon connection via Baxity right after account verification without making deposits to the account.
** the status is assigned by the request to Baxity support upon connection via Baxity after account verification without making deposits to the account.
*** the status is assigned immediately upon connection via Baxity without making deposits to the account.
**** when adding funds to your account via P2P transfer, the transfer fee will depend on the date of account registration:

  • until 17.03.2020: 20% (but not less than $30) – first transfer;
  • from 18.03.2020 to 07.04.2020: 10% (but not less than $100); 2.99% — all subsequent transfers;
  • with 08.04.2020: of 4.49% (the first and all subsequent transfers).

In order to reduce the commission on P2P transfers to 1.45%, you need to first top up your account by Bank transfer or VISA/MasterCard.

Baxity lets you get even further ahead by making sure that your maximizing on every single transaction, from your first deposit to your most recurrent withdrawals.

ecoPayz registration

 The process of registering on the site is just as short as this section will be. It will only ask you brief snippets from your personal information, including your name, birth date, address and phone number for review. You will be asked to create an account with your email and select a username before setting your private password. The registration is entirely free of charge, and your account is assured with high levels of privacy and security.

Connecting to ecoPayz through Baxity is just as straightforward. Equipped with your account login credentials, you can join into Baxity’s loyalty program with nothing more than your account ID and email to access its 2 hours priority verification and immediately unlock a Gold status.

ecoPayz verification

You will have the option of setting up a 2-Step verification and be asked to verify your credit or debit card through a micro deposit before getting started on your account. The payment service will essentially charge a euro or two on your first transaction, which you will then have to identify on your next bank statement and match up on your account.

You will also have to verify your identity by submitting both proof of identity and a proof of address. You will be asked to upload a picture of you and your ID by your side to obtain your email verification.

Registering through Baxity will crunch down on the tedious verification time by reducing it to as little as 15 minutes to 2 hours in business days.

ecoPayz MasterCard

The ecoPayz MasterCard is a prepaid plastic card that functions as a payment method that can be synchronized with your account. If you want a secure way to handle your online payments, then this virtual MasterCard has you covered.

ecopayz mastercardYou can load up and spend the money anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Cash withdrawals can also be made from any accepting ATMs around the world. But the card will be available in SEPA countries only. Shipping costs are free-of-charge, although there is a small usage charge for ATMs.

Regarding the fees, every customer in possession of a verified ecoPayz account can enable a complimentary ecoPayz MasterCard for their account, which can be ordered in EUR, GBP, and USD. Monthly or annual fees are not included, and there no other ongoing costs have to be paid either.

When you withdraw money from an ATM, the currency plays a factor. Because, if the currencies are the same, a fee will be 2% (min 1.50 EUR), but if the currencies don’t match, along with the fee indicated above there will be 1,25%-2.99% charge. Remember to use one currency to avoid any issues with the conversion.

Until recently, ecoPayz had been issuing a card – ecoCard. Although this card is still used by those who ordered it before, this card is no longer available for new ecoPayz customers. EcoCard was replaced by ecoPayz MasterCard. Its features are very similar to ecoCard, but there are small differences in card fees and limits. If you are interested in more detailed information about ecoCard, you can find it by following this link.
If the ecoCard holder orders an additional prepaid card, he will receive a new ecoPayz MasterCard, but his old ecoCard will be disabled, and in the future, only ecoPayz MasterCard will be available for ordering

Read this review to learn more about the ecoPayz Mastercard.

ecoPayz VIP program

The VIP program is divided into five separate categories and was created to reward loyal and active users of the service.

When contrasted against other e-Wallet VIP systems, ecoPayz offers more diversity in terms of transaction volumes which need to be filled to access higher levels in the VIP program.

Each VIP level is furnished with a vast range of benefits, such as a lower currency conversion fee, higher transfer, and larger withdrawal limits. The categories of VIP in ecoPayz are:

  1. Classic – the basic level a customer gets upon completing registration.
  2. Silver – Once verification is complete, Silver is automatically upgraded and attained.
  3. Gold – Deposit 2,500 EUR (by plastic card) or 5,000 EUR or pay for merchants 25 000 EUR and wait 30 days to get the Gold status. However, you can get to this level instantly if you open your account through Baxity and verify it.
  4. Platinum – Be a Gold member for at least 30 days, and then transfer 50,000 EUR to merchants.
  5. VIP – This upgrade requires you to be a Platinum for at least 30 days and send 250,000 EUR from your account to any merchant. However, you can get to this level instantly if you open your account through Baxity and then transfer 10,000 EUR to merchants.
Features Classic Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Registration Fee Free Free Free Free Free
Bank Deposit Fee 0%-10.00% 0%-10.00% 0%-10.00% 0%-10.00% 0%-10.00%
Bank Withdrawal Fee N/A 5.90-10 EUR 5.90-10 EUR 5.90-10 EUR 2.90-7 EUR
Credit Card Deposit Fee 1.69%-6% + 0.25 EUR 1.69%-6% + 0.25 EUR 1.69%-6% + 0.25 EUR 1.69%-6% + 0.25 EUR 1.69%-6% + 0.25 EUR
ecoPayz Transfer Fee N/A 1.50% (min.1.50 EUR) Free Free Free
Conversion Rate 2.99% 2.99% 1.49% 1.49% 1.25%

However, to avail of these offers, some terms need to be followed. Transferring money to other ecoPayz accounts is not considered as a transfer that will help you to increase your account level. You need to transfer the funds to a trading account, Forex account, betting website, casino, etc.

Connecting to ecoPayz via Baxity will let you instantly unlock all the benefits offered by the Gold status after verification in less than 2 hours.

Features Ordinary registration with ecoPayz Registration via Baxity
Verification 1 – 2 days until 2 hours
Cashback 0.6 – 1.0% monthly from EUR 1500 deposits
Gold status from 25 000 EUR free of charge and immediately upon verification
VIP status from 250 000 EUR from 10 000 EUR
Currency Conversion 2,99%

1,49% Gold

1,25% VIP

Transfers inside ecoPayz 1,5% free

Note: there can be some restrictions for the residents of UK, Canada and Bangladesh if they want to get Gold status in ecoPayz on special terms.

In addition to that, a Baxity account holder will avail the offer of Cashback upon deposits. The rates of Cashback will be determined by the amount of money deposited each month. If you are a high roller, you can earn cashback by contacting our support.

You should also keep in mind that the ultimate VIP status and its most profitable assets are just 10 000 EUR away when connecting via Baxity.

ecoPayz Mobile App

ecopayz app

Beyond the payment features, we have just been looking at, the site seems dedicated to adding on several upgrades to keep the good reviews coming. One such upgrade is the new app, which allows you to view and manage all your account information from one area. You can deposit funds, quickly transfer funds to an individual or between accounts, and access your ecoPayz MasterCard. And with its intuitive interface, the app is quite easy to use, making worldwide transfers through the

With such an impressive array of functionality, you’d be hard-pressed to ignore the advantages of creating an ecoPayz account. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you can enhance your experience through the app.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Withdrawals can be operated through wire transfer, and before you submit a new request, a payment option should be added. It is recommended that you enter and verify the details of the wire transfer. To do this, select the account which needs withdrawal from the drop-down menu, and then enter the amount and proceeds.

Depositing money so that you can send it has been made fairly simple by ecoPayz. You can use various payment methods, from local deposit options to international bank transfers. If you need to understand deposit methods or instructions further, then a full list is available. To access this, log into your ecoAccount and select “Deposit funds” in the menu.

You can have a look at the examples of ecoPayz deposit options and fees for a number of countries in the tables given below.

Country VISA ZestPay Instant Payments by Citadel Pay by Bank app Paysafecard ecoVoucher SEPA Neosurf
United Kingdom 1.69% 1.50% (min 2 EUR) 1.60 EUR 1.00 EUR 8.50% 2.90% Free 0-4%
Country VISA Interac online ecoVoucher BTC codePayz
Canada 2.90% 2.90% Free Free Free**
Country VISA ZestPay Giropay Trustly Sofort SEPA
Germany 1.69% 1.25% (min 1 EUR) 1.50% (min 1.50 EUR) 0.10 EUR + 3% (min 2 EUR) 1.50% (min 1.50 EUR) Free
Country ZestPay Trustly Paysafecard
Norway 2% (min 1.50 EUR) 0.10 EUR + 3% (min 2 EUR) 8.5%
Country Card payments Contact Beeline/MTC/ Megafon Qiwi Terminal Qiwi wallet Yandex Money
Russian Federation 5% 1.50% (min 2 EUR) Free 5% 5% 2%
Euroset/ Svyaznoy BTC Apple Pay ecoVoucher Google Pay Samsung Pay
3% Free 5% 2.90% 5% 5%
Country ecoVoucher BTC Boleto Bancario Safetypay
Brazil Free* Free 3% min 1.50 EUR 2,50% (min 1.50 EUR)

*There will be standard deposit fee – 2.90% after 13.09.2020.

**There will be standard deposit fee of 3.50 EUR after 13.09.2020.

As you can see, the options for each country are different, so you should check all available options in your personal account.

There’s substantial information available regarding this virtual payment system. You might be wondering what a gambler being, and taking part in betting events or even understanding the payment structure of poker games, means in terms of enabling a secure method of payments. While that is a valid concern, you have our word that there is no need to be anxious; ecoPayz guarantees a secure service.

Sending money through ecoPayz is very safe, as the latest technology is used to provide a fast and secure procedure of transferring funds to and from merchants and other account holders. The strength and security of your personal information is this business’s top priority. It needs protection, and every available measure is employed, so there is no need for concern.

Read this review to learn more about the ecoPayz fees and limits.

Availability of ecoPayz

Virtual payment services are starting to be taken for granted globally, and the best companies know they have to stay on top of the innovations. When it comes to this payment service, a secure and personal experience is guaranteed when dealing with individual payment needs.

This virtual service is available in a diverse range of payment systems and methods. When referring to availability throughout the world, it is important to note that this payment system is available in 54 currencies, which means that it is available throughout several major nations, especially Europe.

It is best to use your account with a single membership and to use the currency of the country you are operating under because the costs will rise if you decide to use a different currency than that of the country you are in. The functions of ecoPayz can also be enabled in gambling and sports betting. Because, when you wish to process these payments through MasterCard, the merchant to whom you will withdraw or deposit money from, the process will be very secure.

Baxity allows you to enjoy the best ecoPayz experience. Selecting our site will be a good idea, especially in terms of receiving additional benefits not to be found elsewhere. A large number of positive testimonials and reviews attest to the excellence of our platform.

Ultimately, ecoPayz has all the features available to make it a go-to payment system for gamblers and other financial services alike. If you wish to receive the best commission rates and a premium service, building up your status will help you maximize on every single one of your transactions, Baxity is here to give its users a deserving starting boost.


  1. Thx for the review!! I was realy convinced 2 sign up for ecoPayz after you mentioned the good trustpilot rating. I realy wanted a reputable service, u know?

    1. Dear Abdul86, thank you for your feedback! You don’t need to worry about ecoPayz reputation. As you have already read this article you can see that ecoPayz has quite high rating and it is very popular among the customers around the world. By the way, we offer really favourable terms for the customers that sign up for ecoPayz account via our link: fast-track verification, Gold status for free and VIP status on special terms.

  2. Is ecoPayz card free shipping for everybody? Or just if i use your link? Please advise, thanks

    1. Dear Pashi, thank you for your question! Card issue and activation are free for all customers, however, there is a courier delivery fee, that is 10 GBP for UK residents and 30 GBP for EEA residents. If you register in ecoPayz via our link you will pass verification in ecoPayz rapidly, get Gold status for free right after account verification and VIP status on favourable terms.

  3. my phone won’t install the mobile app, can i use ecopayz desktop website for all functions? or having ecopayz app is completely necessary? my phone is very old and slow but i want to make an account.

    1. Dear Gohar, thank you for your question! Don`t worry. The desktop and mobile versions of personal account are the same, so you won’t lose anything by using only one of them.

  4. hi, is there time limit enforced before you can move up to next vip level? or can you go to highest vip level immediately? also are there any more vip benefits that you didn’t mention in the review

    1. Habib, thank you for your question! No, there is no time limit, as soon as you make the required number of deposits, your account is automatically increased to the appropriate level. That is, you can get Gold level with us, make deposits of 10,000 euros on the same day, and get the maximum VIP level right away. As for the second part of the question, in our article, we tried to highlight all the advantages of each level to the maximum, so it is unlikely that we missed something.

  5. I think cashback is great! “high rollers”.. how much is it? How it is paid out? Is real money or given as credit?

  6. This was a very good review! I use your link to sign up for an account with ecopayz, but I have some questions for you now. how many cards can I have, is there a maximum ? I live in turkey. is it possible to create a family account?

    1. Ahmad, we are very glad that our review was useful to you! I remind you that after verifying your account, you will receive the Gold status completely free of charge.

      You can get up to four cards in eight different currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, DKK, CZK, NOK, SEK). However, the cards are delivered exclusively to EEA residents. Therefore, unfortunately, you will not be able to get an ecoPayz plastic card in Turkey. It is also not possible to create family accounts.

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