Neteller VIP Program

NETELLER is ideal for any gamblers, poker and casino players or day to day users to deposit money through their payment system. By sending money to a diverse range of merchants from poker rooms and casinos, to bookmaker’s offices or forex brokers, their VIP program lets you send money to a diverse range of merchants on increasingly generous terms. All deposits carried out through the platform, including trades in the available cryptocurrencies, will contribute points towards your VIP status which will allow you to unlock a range of benefits, including reduced fees, raised transaction limits and exclusive access to special offers featured on NETELLER VIP managers.

What Neteller VIP program is?

This exclusive NETELLER program constructed around five different status levels which may be unlocked by meeting set deposit requirements for each respective level. If you have sent out some money to an online merchant or bought a wide range of cryptocurrency, both will count towards your deposit weighing for a particular calendar quarter.

These statuses essentially work like a ladder, where for which every deposit checkpoint is reached, you are able to step up an additional level. The more, the merrier if you are hoping to profit from more advantageous terms and conditions for your fees, limits, transaction deadlines as well as support services. The five levels are broken down as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Exclusive

Any NETELLER user who has successfully completed the registration and verification process will automatically be enrolled in the VIP reward scheme, which ultimately determines your freedom of use. Each and every one of your financial handlings on the site is carried out on the specific terms prescribed by your status level to set their associated costs and limitations.

Requirements of Neteller VIP statuses

Following your successful registration and verification, new users will gain access to the regular status, which entails maximum tariffs and minimum transaction limits. If you are hoping to trade on more reasonable terms, you will need to deposit a sufficient amount of money to obtain the nearest VIP Bronze status. The required $6 000 may be accumulated through any purchases from merchants or trading in cryptocurrencies completed within the relevant calendar quarter.

Depositing money to merchants and purchase and sale of cryptocurrency Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Exclusive
The amount of transactions for the calendar quarter to switch to a new status 6 000 $ 15 000 $ 45 000 $ 150 000 $ 600 000 $
* when registering with NETELLER via Baxity free
(Bronze Pro)
7 500 $

How does the upgrade process work? Let’s say that you have made $6 000 worth of deposits to merchants or trades in cryptocurrency in the first 10 days of your registration, within a day your account will be upgraded to a VIP Bronze level. You may then continue to carry out various transactions for the next month until you have traded an additional $9 000. With a cumulative total of $ 15 000, your status will be boosted up to VIP Silver. You may continue to carry out transactions on the platform to achieve as high as a Exclusive status once you have made over $600 000 deposits or cryptocurrency exchanges where you will eventually be able to maximise on the benefits offered by NETELLER.

Benefits of Neteller VIP program

Here are some of the most relevant benefits you can obtain as you upgrade your NETELLER VIP status:

  • reduced fees for depositing and withdrawing money, as well as reduced currency conversions which may vary depending on the country registered on the user’s account
  • next day withdrawal (valid for UK residents for Gold, Diamond and Exclusive statuses).
  • free transfers to another account within NETELLER – starting from Silver and above
  • increased limits on all transactions from Silver and above
  • increased limit for ATM cash withdrawal using the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard: $1,000 per day – starting with Bronze and $3,300 per day – starting with Gold and above
  • personalized 24-hour service in your language of choice including chats and a personal manager
  • Participation in special events
  • Advantageous conditions for bonus points allocation

Any avid poker player, casino gambler, bettor or cryptocurrency trader will benefit from making NETELLER their main payment service to cut down on costs, loosen up limits and maximise bonus points for rewarding gifts by joining their VIP scheme.

Fees and limits for Neteller VIP

Although the fees and limits associated with your account are dependent on your status, the easiest way for you to achieve a Bronze PRO or Silver status without any prior deposit or on six times more generous terms is to register onto NETELLER through Baxity. Verify your account, and you will instantly be able to make the most out of your Bronze PRO account which will get upgraded to Silver after having spent just $ 7 500.

Bronze Bronze Pro Silver Gold Diamond Exclusive
Amount of transactions in merchant or crypt currency 6 000 $ via Baxity:

15 000 $

via Baxity:
7 500 $

45 000 $ 150 000 $ 600 000 $
Additional accounts in other currency multicurrency account multicurrency account multicurrency account multicurrency account multicurrency account multicurrency account
Withdrawal of money through the bank $10 $10 $10 free free free
Transfer to another NETELLER account 1,45 – 4,49 % *
(min $0,5)
1,45 – 4,49 % *
(min $0,5)
free free free free
Currency Conversion 3,79% 3,79% 3,19% 2,79% 2,39% 1,29%
Release and delivery of Net+ MasterCard $10 $10 free free free free
Cash withdrawal via ATM 1.75 %
1 000$ per day
1.75 %
3 300$ per day
1,75 %
1 000$ per day
3 300$ per day
3 300$ per day
3 300$ per day

* when adding funds to your account via P2P transfer, the transfer fee will depend on the date of account registration:

  • until 17.03.2020: 20% (but not less than $30) – first transfer;
  • from 18.03.2020 to 07.04.2020: 10% (but not less than $100); 2.99% — all subsequent transfers;
  • with 08.04.2020: of 4.49% (the first and all subsequent transfers).

In order to reduce the commission on P2P transfers to 1.45%, you need to first top up your account by Bank transfer or VISA/MasterCard.

Neteller reward points

Attention! The program has been closed since April 30, 2020. As soon as an alternative program appears, we will tell you about it in our blog.

Always seeking to reward their most loyal users further, NETELLER’s VIP program is well accompanied by a bonus points scheme. For every dollar sent outside of NETELLER, one point will be credited to your account which may then be exchanged for cash prizes.

Both programs work hand in hand to determine a user’s point allowance based on their VIP status as detailed in the table below. It is certainly worth mentioning that the dollar to point conversion rate multiplies to 1.25 and 1.50 for Diamond and Exclusive status, respectively. It is significantly more advantageous to work up your VIP status to earn as much as 50 000 points every year from the initial 1 000 points cap for the lowest level.

Bronze Bronze Pro Silver Gold Diamond Exclusive
Premium points for every dollar spent 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.25 1.50
Annual bonus points 1 000 1 000 9 000 10 000 20 000 50 000

Starting your bonus points collection requires minimal effort, simply register onto the rewards program from the “Rewards” menu once you have logged into your account. Select the “Reward points” banner and click on the green button to agree to the “Terms and Conditions” to start up your count.

Luckily, there are absolutely no limits on the number of bonus points on the balance sheet, for each transaction or the overall time period. Every point awarded to your account is earned individually by the user and cannot be transferred or received between different accounts.

Points will be reset in one of two scenarios:

  1. If you have not used your account for a period of 14 months
  2. If you have earned points in the current year but have not spent them by the end of the year

Accumulated bonus points can be transferred to your NETELLER account. You can buy goods from the NETELLER VIP Point Shop catalogue (only cash exchange at the moment): the “Shop” link at the top → choose “Cash exchange”→ choose a suitable amount → exchange → crediting of amount will occur within 24 hours.

Users should keep in mind that depending on where you are located around the world, the availability and content of the store may vary, although the quality of the rewards remains equally high.

Benefits of VIP program for Baxity customers

The most efficient way for you to register onto NETELLER and gain free access to Bronze PRO VIP status within a speedy 24-hour verification is by connecting through Baxity. This elite-level grants you even more benefits than a regular Bronze status – the limit on ATM cash withdrawals using a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard is more than tripled from the set $1 000 up to $3 300.

The benefits do not stop there, once registered via Baxity, you will be able to reach Silver status after just $ 7 500 in deposits, saving you $9 000 on the $ 15 000 requirements. You can even send a brief message to Baxity to learn all about the additional preferential terms granted to your account for the subsequent VIP statuses.

Upload your documents to NETELLER without a single deposit, for an expedited 24-hour verification to start using your NETELLER wallet by the next day. Stay in touch with Baxity’s support service to be guided along every step of your account set up and operation to make the most out of NETELLER’s payment service.

Neteller VIP Program


  1. Can you tell me.. how do you get this to a yearly VIP status from Neteller ?? as you stat again and again on this website and even tell you members directly in emails ??

    When this is clearly stated in Neteller VIP Program:

    3. NETELLER VIP Level
    3.1 At the end of every Quarter we will assess the total volume of Eligible Transactions from your NETELLER Account during that Quarter and apply one of the following NETELLER VIP levels (“NETELLER VIP Level”) to your NETELLER Account for the duration of the next Quarter:

    a) $6,000 (six thousand dollars) or more – “Bronze Level”;

    b) $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollars) or more – “Silver Level”;

    c) $45,000 (forty-five thousand dollars) or more – “Gold Level”;

    d) $150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars) or more – “Diamond Level”;

    e) $600,000 (six hundred thousand dollars) or more – “Exclusive Level”.

    3.2 If you reach the minimum transaction volume for a higher NETELLER VIP Level during a Quarter, we will upgrade your VIP Level for the remainder of that Quarter, Any other changes to your NETELLER VIP Level shall be made on the first day of Each Quarter.

    3.3 We shall change the NETELLER VIP Level as and when required in accordance with this Section 3. Your current NETELLER VIP Level is displayed in the ‘Account Overview’ section of your NETELLER Account.

    So this has nothing to do with a yearly VIP staus at Neteller, as you have stated more the once on this website, but a Quarterly status just like Skrill !!

    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about or selling and you are brokering deals using false markting, witch |’m pretty sure that none of your so called partners or the financial conduct authority will be a part or associated with

    1. Peter, thanks for your attentiveness regarding our site! We are very sorry to have misled you, this is not a deliberate deception.

      Indeed, Neteller used to issue statuses in his system for a calendar year, but at the end of 2020 they announced changes in the VIP program. They planned this transition in November, but due to technical reasons they did not have time and postponed it to the beginning of 2021.

      Now the new VIP system is working, and we started to change the information on the site, but apparently not completely did that. Thank you for your comment, our staff will re-check all the information on the site and make changes today.

      Thank you for making our service better!

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