Skrill Verification

Skrill requires users to verify their accounts for security and financial reasons. After successful Skrill registration and confirmed use of your account, you would receive a notification from Skrill to verify your account or continue using it without verification. Verifying your account is pretty easy, and it attracts a lot of benefits. It removes the transaction limit on your account, and it increases the amount you can transact. Another fact, it guarantees account security, and you would face no interruption from Skrill. So, it’s a great idea to verify your account once and for all.

The first requirement for verification is funding. You are required to deposit some funds before your verification is successful. This funds will remain in your account after verification, so, verification does not cost you a penny. It is only mandatory to have some funds in the account. You can upload your funds directly by clicking the Deposit section of your account and following the steps outlined. It is quite easy; you can’t miss it. But we will be here to provide support if you ever need some. If you have received some funds from another Skrill customer and you still have it in your account, your account is considered financed too. So, you don’t have to upload funds anymore.

Alternatively, you don’t have to worry about funding if you register your account via Baxity. You only have to register your account with our link, and, in this case, you shouldn’t deposit 5 Euro in your account. With that, you need not fund your account for verification.

How to upgrade your Skrill account to VIP?

We offer different benefits in our loyalty program, which is available for anyone who registers through our link, then fund the account and make deposits for Skrill VIP status after verification. You will have:

A Bronze account when you deposit 3,000 Euros;

A Silver account for 5,000 Euros deposit and;

A Gold account for 15,000 Euros deposit.

Would like to get this sweet offer? Then you have to make the volumes within 30 days after the registration.

With easy navigation and technical support, we guarantee a smooth and faster verification process. All you have to do to start your verification with us is send us a request via You have a few blanks to fill, and we will guide you through the verification process immediately. What is the process involved?

The Step-by-Step Process of Skrill Account Verification

Verifying your account is pretty straightforward. You are only required to provide additional information about yourself. Please remember that you can only verify your account when it is successfully registered.
Just before we begin, you can get the following documents available to fast track your verification process.

Front and back pictures of your ID card (Not necessary, but ensure you have the ID at hand if you don’t have the pictures)
A pen and a note on which you write SKRILL and today’s date (the date you are verifying your account).
Your address document (any stamped bank document, court statement, state clearance, or utility bill that has your name and address clearly stated). Sometimes, if you figured the geographical location on your computer and allowed to define it, it would be enough to confirm your address. But in many cases, Skrill will ask to confirm your address with your documents. Remember your utility bill must not be older than 90 days.

And just so you know, there are three main phases of verification:

1) ID verification Phase;
2) Address Verification Phase and;
3) Summary.

Phase 1. ID verification Phase

This is the phase where you upload additional details of your ID. The step by step ID verification process using a webcam is detailed below:

Step 1:
Start to verify your account by clicking on the prompt that pops at the top of your account when you log in. The notification reads that you need to verify your account so your activities will not be interrupted. Click on the blue link that reads “verify your account” as shown in the picture below or something similar.Skrill Verification Step 1

You found it, yeah? Awesome!

Then again, you may verify your account by clicking “Settings” in your account. When the webpage opens, check for the verification tab and click on it.

Step 2: Deposit
After clicking on verification, you are prompted to deposit some money into your account if you have not funded your account yet. This stage will be skipped if you register through our link. That is because you are now using a fast-tracked verification flow.

IMPORTANT: This step is skipped for our customers as they use a fast-track verification flow.

Step 3: Verification
You are immediately taken to the next stage if you registered yours through us. If not, you have to fund your account and wait till it is confirmed before moving to this phase. Here, you are prompted to verify with your Facebook account. Click on the “No Thanks” option, which is found right under the big Facebook icon you see on the page. It is marked with a red box in the picture below.Skrill Verification Step 2

Got that too? Piece of cake!

Step 4: Verifying your account
Having selected “No Thanks’, you are taken to another page where you have a couple of options to pick from. The first option is to download a Skrill App and verify through this app. The other option which is more comfortable and faster is to verify by uploading photos. This section requires you to upload a few pictures, some of which can be snapped with the webcam during verification.Step 3 Skrill Verification
So, select option 2, which allows you to upload pictures, and we continue!

Step 5: Verify with your ID and a handwritten note
Having clicked on the second option, you are required to upload a selfie of you holding a note with the day’s date and “Skrill” written on it. That note should be handwritten, and yes clear. The selfie should be clear as well, so, consider taking the picture in a clear environment with bright light. You would be required to upload the front and back images of your ID too.Front card sideBack card side

Did you do that, right? Amazing!

Step 6: Upload your country
Now, you need to select your country, your means of identification and a couple of other relevant data.Skrill verification Step 5

What’s next?

Step 7: Selecting your capture method
After you have successfully selected your country and selected your ID, you are taken to the next phase of verification where you are required to choose how you would like to capture your ID. You will find two options on this webpage.
a. Take a picture directly with your webcam
b. Upload an image from your files.Step 5.1 Skrill Verification

Step 8: Uploading a selfie with your handwritten note and wallet brand
The next webpage you will be shown is determined by the option you selected at the previous stage. If you choose to take a picture, your webcam will become live, and you would have to hold the handwritten note right in front of the webcam, then click to take the picture. If you choose to upload a file, however, you have probably made the picture earlier, and saved a copy on your computer. Now, you only need to locate that picture and upload it. You should see something like on your computer screen if you are using the webcam.Step 5.2 Skrill verification

You need to hoist that handwritten note the same way it was held in the picture above.

Step 9: Allow the system to process your pictures
After uploading your photo, you should see a rotating icon on the page which indicates that your upload is “processing’, please ensure you do not interrupt. Here’s what the page should look like:Step 5.3 Skrill verification

If you get to this point, you have completed your ID verification phase, and now, onto the next!

Phase 2: Address Verification Phase

After the computer has successfully uploaded your pictures in the phase where your ID is verified, your webpage automatically advances to the next step: Address verification phase. Immediately, a notification pops on your screen tab, asking you to allow computer access to read your location. In the picture below. A red box indicates the kind of popup you should expect to find on your computer. On the main page, you will have two options to select from as well.Step 6 Skrill verification

Step 1: Address Verification Option
You are required to select one of the options on the web page. That’s how the computer can read your location. If you opt for option 1, you might have to switch on your site and enable your browser to read the location. We recommend this method since it is much faster and automatic. In case the computer could not access the method however, you should consider option 2, which demands you to upload a location document. This is what you should expect to see when you click on option 2:Step 6.1 Skrill verification

Step 2: Selecting your location Document
Once you find the above picture on your computer, you should select the type of document it is immediately. Keep in mind that you must have an address document before selecting option 2.Step 6.2 Skrill verification

Step 3. Upload the document and Submit

After you have successfully selected your location document, click on the “upload” button and submit. If you encounter problems at this point too, return to use the first option which enables your computer to read your address automatically. Otherwise, reach our technical team for support.
If your upload is successful, you are immediately propped to the next page where your address upload is confirmed. A page like the one shown below:Step 6.3 Skrill verification

Phase 3: Summary

This is the final stage, where the computer confirms your verification. You should look forward to some official notification at this point. You will be navigated to the last page where details of your verification steps are provided. Usually, you would find that your verification is complete, and you can now move to your dashboard. Almost immediately, an email from Skrill will pop in your registered email as well, confirming that you have successfully verified your account.

Completed Skrill verification

Congratulations! You have completed the Skrill verification process and ready to play and trade with thousands of amazing merchants!

Now you can learn more about Skrill Card limits and Skrill commission for transactions.


  1. I submit my orgnl bnk statement but i dnt get any reply from skrill in 2day,all my dcmnts are real

    1. Currently, the verification process may take up to 5 days. Although, if you registered using our link, it should not be more than 24-48 hours. Send us your ID if you registered using our link and we will clarify what is going on.

      1. I have seen in the comments mentioned that if someone signs up using the skrill website ,the account may not be verified , why is that?

        1. Brian, thank you for your question! Perhaps our wording was not fully understood. The problem is not that with direct registration on Skrill website the account may not be verified at all. It’s just that direct verification takes longer, from 3 to 5 business days, while using our affiliate link it will take up to 24 hours.

  2. I turned my location and tried verifying from my phone but it’s not recognized by Skrill… it says Skrill does not have access to my phone. I also tried using utility bill but still it’s not verified. My location is Nigeria. What can I do about this?

    1. Dear Prince Samuel, verification by geolocation is available only for SEPA countries. Currently, Nigeria is not one of SEPA members. You can verify your address in Skrill using the following documents:
      1. Utility bill;
      2. Letter from the housing office;
      3. Documents from the bank containing your name, address you provided when registering with Skrill, bank seal.
      The document must be issued not earlier than 90 days ago.
      If the document you submitted meets all the necessary requirements, but it was still not accepted by Skrill, you can try to send this document for verification again. Sometimes the same document is not accepted for the first time.

  3. I’m Emmanuel
    Please I want to use my bank statement to verify my account and my bank is in the place I live at the moment
    I also used the same place I used to register, I hope they will verify me when I submit it

    1. Dear Emmanuel, you can verify your address using a bank statement, but note, please, that the address indicated in your Skrill account and the address in the document (e.x. bank statement) must be equal. If you create Skrill account via our partner’s link, you will get verified rapidly and get VIP statuses in Skrill on our special terms!

  4. what if verifying my location thru phone is not working and i cant even get any documation because of today’s crisis what will i do?

    1. Verification by location usually works correctly only for SEPA countries, unfortunately. If your country isn’t the part of SEPA zone, verification by location won’t work probably and you will have to verify your address using the following documents:
      1. Utility bill;
      2. Letter from the housing office;
      3. Documents from the bank containing your name, address you provided when registering with Skrill, bank seal.

  5. Must I use utility bill to verify my account or is any of the three things you mentioned above

    1. Dear Favour, thank you for your question! You can use any of the documents mentioned above for address verification in Skrill. It’s up to you.

  6. I submitted my original bank statement since 19 August 2020 trying to verify my skrill account which I registered using your link and today is 21 August 2020 And my account as not been verified yet which I don’t understand why..
    Please I really need your help

    1. Dear Mary, thank you for your feedback! Our clients usually get verified in 24 hours. There are actually can be a lot of reasons why your account hasn’t been verified yet. First possible reason: you created Skrill account via Skrill website directly. Second reason: your documents were rejected by Skrill; in this case, you should find out why the documents were rejected and submit them again. We will try to help you, please contact our support in a live chat on our website.

  7. Hi Team,

    I did the transfer through Skrill, money was deducted but showing as verification is not yet happened. I am living in mexico and Skrill had my Indian address details but country is showing as mexico by app and unable to change it, but remaining address I can able to change. When I upload documents and I’d proof, is was verified of driving licence but address is not verifying , I given my Indian Bank statement and income tax return but still rejecting. Could you please help me, which address location I have to share india or mexico ? If mexico means, mexico bank statement is enough to verify address?

    If this verification not successful, what is next process and when will I get back my money to account?

    1. Dear Sunil Kumar Bolisetti, thank you for your question! If you live in Mexico, you need to verify your current address in Mexico. The address indicated in your Skrill account and the address in your documents must be completely equal. Thus if you entered your Indian address in Skrill account, you can’t verify your address using documents including your current address in Mexico. In this case, you have to contact Skrill support directly to change your address in Skrill account for your Mexican address. After that, you will be able to verify your address in Skrill account.

    1. Dear Mohamed, thank you for your question! Daily limits on account transactions differ for each country and information about them is not particularly disclosed. But you can easily check your limit yourself in personal account.
      To do this, go to the Deposit tab, select the desired method and the desired top up amount. After this you will see the size of the limit at the bottom of the window, beyond which you cannot replenish your account.

  8. I’ve tried verifying my account multiple times with a valid drivers license but every single time they say the verification is unsuccessful 🤦🏽
    I’m not in possession of my ID, if anyone found success in verifying their account with their drivers license, please let me know thanks

    1. Cameron, thank you for your comment! A driver’s license is one of the suitable documents for identity verification. The document can be rejected if only the front or back of the license is provided (you need to upload a photo of the license from both sides), the drivers license have already expired, or if the photo rules are not followed. I remind you that the photo should be clear, readable, not contain glare, and all 4 corners of the document should be in the frame, without cropping.

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