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  • Make private deposits without sharing your personal information;
  • Withdraw money from gambling sites to Trastra crypto card;
  • Cashback for high rollers;
  • Instant Bronze PRO status at NETELLER;
  • Instant upgrade to Gold ecoAccount right after the verification and advantageous VIP ecoAccount in ecoPayz;
  • VIP Silver in NETELLER for just $7500 deposits;
  • Fast track ecoPayz account verification within 2 hours;
  • Priority verification in Skrill and NETELLER without deposits.

Which payment system to choose?

Payment systemCashback / Cash-bonusStatusesP2P feeFree MasterCard
Cashback for high rollersGold ecoAccount right after account verification; VIP after 10.000 EUR depositsfree right after account verificationYes
Cashback for VIPsGold, Diamond, Platinum with preferential terms0% from SilverYes
Knect0% from SilverYes

— e-bank and Visa card

What does a Visa Paysera card give?

  • Ability to withdraw up to 600 EUR per day at an ATM and to pay in stores;
  • Withdraw money from Skrill and NETELLER
  • Top-up casino accounts;
  • Make deposits to poker rooms, sportsbetting, etc.;

How to get a Paysera VISA card

  1. Open a Paysera account.
  2. Pass account verification procedure.
  3. Deposit 7 EUR to your Paysera account (the cost of card issuing and delivery).
  4. Once you receive the card, activate it in your account and enjoy it!

Card service terms from Paysera

  • Card issuance: 10 EUR;
  • Card delivery: 4 EUR;
  • First card maintenance fee: 0.5 EUR monthly;
  • Second and subsequent cards maintenance: free
  • Shopping fee: 1.2% + 0.1 EUR;
  • Funds withdrawals outside the EU: 1.8% + 1.5 EUR;
  • Funds withdrawals inside the EU: 1 EUR;
  • Daily ATM limit: 600 EUR;
  • The card is valid for 4 years;
  • VISA currency conversion rates with almost no fee.

Registration in payment systems

Register an account in ecoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, PaySera

Show advantages:

Lifetime ecoGold level – immediately right after account verification, instead of 25 000 EUR deposits.
Highest VIP level for deposits of 10 000 EUR instead of 250 000 EUR.
Multi-currency account (10 accounts in 45 currencies) immediately.
Internal transfers with zero fees after account verification.
Fast verification from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.
Cashback for high rollers.


VIP Bronze PRO right after verification.
VIP Silver after $7500 deposits (during 30 days after the registration).
Priority verification within 24 hours
Verification without a prior deposit.
Transfers without commission, starting with VIP Silver and above.


VIP Bronze, Silver and Gold on preferential terms;
Priority verification without a prior deposit within 24 hours;
A multi-currency account without a VIP status;
Transfers without commission, starting with VIP Silver.


Fast & professional support;
Multi-currency account right after verification;
Verification from a mobile app within 10 minutes during working days.

Questions & Answers

Why does a player need payment systems?

The main reason is anonymity. Increasingly, banks block transfers to online gambling services, freeze cashouts, and request an explanation. ecoPayz, NETELLER, and Skrill protect you against such actions. It is also a quick access to your money.

Which payment system is most profitable to use?

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. ecoPayz taking into account cashback and low-cost conversion rates is the most advantageous in terms of fees. However, it does not work with Paysera. It means that you can only withdraw to a bank. Skrill withdraws to Paysera and you can cash out money at an ATM, but commissions up to VIP Silver status are high.

NETELLER has the most loyal security system, but tariffs are acceptable only with VIP Silver status and higher.

What are the benefits for high-volume players?

For those who transfer up to 50,000 EUR per year, ecoPayz is better. Just from account verification, you will receive an ecoGold level, that gives you cheaper currency conversion and transfers between accounts for free immediately. If you have a turnover of more than 50,000 EUR per month, we recommend NETELLER. Thanks to the advantageous loyalty system and preferential statuses from us, you can get back up to 2% from deposits.

Are you an official partner of payment systems?

Yes, we are official partners of Paysera, ecoPayz, NETELLER, Skrill, Trastra payment systems. All information and offers on our website are consistent with these systems.

What is Paysera and why do I need it?

Paysera is an online banking providing IBAN account and VISA card. You can use it as a bank – send IBAN and SWIFT transactions, deposit to forex brokers, casinos, poker rooms, sportsbetting websites. You can use this account to deposit to Skrill or NETELLER or withdraw the money back. Besides, Paysera allows to withdraw to Webmoney for 0.8%+0.29% EUR fee.

What is the use of a Visa Paysera card?

Using Paysera you can withdraw money from Skrill and NETELLER like to a regular bank. Afterwards, you can withdraw from the card at an ATM. You can slo use the card for shopping or deposit money to trading or gambling platforms.

How can I withdraw money from Skrill and NETELLER, so that I can then withdraw it from my Paysera Visa card?

Paysera is not a simple electronic payment system. This system is similar to online banking, where you have full banking details, such as IBAN and SWIFT. In Skrill and NETELLER, you can withdraw money using those details like you would have dealt with the bank. Then you could send money to the other IBAN’s or SWIFT or even to other Paysera account. And of course, you could get you money through ATM. The withdrawal currency is Euro. It does not work with other currencies.

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