Your bank refused to open an account or issue a card?

We will help you open an account and get a card with active online banking for 0.45 EUR per month
  • Paysera online bank (Lithuania) with a European license, high speed and low cost of money transfers;
  • IBAN account supporting SEPA and SWIFT;
  • The best exchange rate on the market and a multi-currency account. Transfers within Europe from 2 hours and 0% commission;
  • Visa Paysera bank card for cash withdrawals and payments worldwide.

Open e-bank account in EU

Who benefits?

Those who were denied a bank account and/or issuing a card;

Immigrants to Europe;

Those who want to remotely open and manage an account without a single visit to the bank branch.

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About the payment system

License of the National Bank of Lithuania;

Оperating since 2004 in 25 countries with Headquarters in Lithuania;

An online platform for money transfers (online banking) RauSega (RauSega LT) – one of the TOP-100 banks in Europe.

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Why do you need to connect through Baxity?

Fast support;

Professional help with ecoPayz, Skrill & NETELLER accounts.

How do you benefit by opening a Paysera account with Baxity

Registering an account will take from 1 hour to 3 days, depending on the state of your documents.

Reliability & Security

  • The license to provide electronic money service comes from the Lithuanian Central Bank, which is under the supervision of the Central Bank in Europe (review);
  • Customer funds are stored in special separate accounts.
  • Customer funds are not used for the operational needs of the company;

Convenient online banking in Europe:

  • Cheap – from 0% within Europe; from 7 EUR for international transfers;
  • Fast – payments within Europe from 2 hours;
  • IBAN account and VISA card for 0.75 EUR per month;
  • Internal transfers are free of charge;
  • The currency exchange rate is always more profitable than in any bank branch of the country. More of that, when exchanging a currency you can immediately see how much you save compared to other banks.


day for opening an account and issuing a card without a single visit to a branch.


% fee for transfers in Europe

1 minute

this is how fast the money go within Paysera or the SEPA Instant system.

Register an account and get a Paysera card

  • A new generation of online banks is crowding out traditional ground-based banking branches with rude staff, long lines, and high commissions. Try the free Paysera online bank and VISA card for ONLY 0.75 EUR per month. Everything you can do in your usual bank is also available in Paysera: free SEPA transfers in Europe, SWIFT transfers worldwide, currency exchange at a favorable rate, deposits to trading and gaming platforms, transfers within the system etc. All mentioned above is processed quickly, cheap and directly from your home or office.

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The problem

I arrived in UK (other EU countries), visited 11 banks. None of them opens an account and does not issue a card.



I contacted Baxity. In a single day, I opened an account at Paysera, and after 1 week the card was with me.