Baxity Announces New VIP Silver Promotion for Skrill/Neteller Customers

Attention! The validity of the promotion has been extended. The promotion will last until 10, July 2021.

Baxity is launching a new, exclusive promotion, which will last from May 1st – June 30, 2021. Loyal Baxity customers who make 5,000 USD (Neteller) or 5,000 EUR (Skrill) in deposits to merchants* 30 days from the promo sign up date (within a period of May 1st – June 30) will get Silver VIP status till the end of 2021!

*Merchants: casinos, poker, betting, crypto, and forex.

There are some kinds of transactions that aren’t considered for getting VIP status: transfers between Skrill/Neteller accounts, account replenishment and withdrawal!

All participating users need to sign up or register through the promo page(for Skrill or Neteller), as long as your account is tagged under Baxity, you will be eligible for the VIP status upgrade. So even if you’ve had a Neteller or Skrill account for years, as long as you make 5,000 EUR (Skrill) or 5,000 USD (Neteller) worth of deposits within 30 days after registration in our promotion, but during May 1st – June 30, you will receive the promotional reward.

There are some conditions for this promotion, which we’ll walk you through.

  • Firstly, you must have registered for a Neteller or Skrill account via Baxity’s promo page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a Neteller or Skrill account, reach our support team via email or online chat to check if your account is tagged with Baxity. If not, unfortunately, your account is ineligible for participation in the promotion.

  • Next, click the promotion link and follow through to the promo landing page so that Skrill and Neteller will record you as a promotion participant. On this page, you’ll need to check the box that you accept the Terms and Conditions and click either the “I am new to Skrill” or “I have an account” option. If you don’t have a Skrill account yet, just click “I am new to Skrill” and you will be redirected to Skrill website via our referral link where you can sign up for an account. The same scheme applies to Neteller.

vip neteller skrill

  • After signing in or registering for the promotion, simply make 5,000 EUR (Skrill) or 5,000 USD (Neteller) of transfers to merchants between May 1st and June 30 within 30 days after registration in our promotion.

NOTE: if you don’t register in our promotion via the promo landing page, your deposits won’t be counted and you won’t get VIP status.

What does VIP Silver give you:

  • lower fees for transactions
  • higher account limits
  • FX fees are lower
  • money transfers are FREE
  • VIP customer support etc.

Your VIP levels on Neteller or Skrill will be updated accordingly. Not sure yet if you want to sign up for Skrill or Neteller? Both services are extremely safe and offer many perks. And by registering for these e-wallets through our links, you’ll get complimentary prepaid cards, priority verification, easier VIP thresholds, and more! For more information on the services, their perks, and their safety features, check out our Skrill and Neteller reviews.

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