Bet365 users from India and Bangladesh now have Skrill and NETELLER available

Bet365 users who reside in Bangladesh and India now have two new deposit options – Skrill and NETELLER. However, in order to be eligible to do so, they must go through certain verification procedures, involving identity confirmation via webcam. NETELLER’s verification solution is still being developed, so we will update you on that in the near future. For now, let’s take a look at Skrill’s process.

Important! Only NEW Skrill and Neteller customers can use these e-wallets as deposit options in Bet365.

How to Complete Skrill Additional Verification

If you are a Skrill customer and have already completed their standard verification procedure, log in to your account and navigate to the settings page. Click over to the Verification settings and look for the “Additional Verification” option.

Skrill’s website will then walk you through the webcam authentication process. Keep in mind, though, that you can only follow this procedure through a web browser. At the moment, additional verification is not supported by Skrill’s mobile app.

What to Keep in Mind

In order to have the smoothest verification process possible, follow these tips:

– Disable your web browser’s pop-up blocker or give it permission to allow pop-ups solely from Skrill’s web page.

– Enable your browser’s webcam sharing option. If you have accidentally blocked it, this is a simple enough fix. If you’re using Chrome, go to your Advanced Settings, navigate to Content Settings (which is in the Privacy section), and go to the Camera options. From there, you can choose for Chrome to notify you when a website is requesting access to your webcam.

The next time you try to access the website verification system, you can then allow webcam access. Mozilla Firefox follows a slightly different process – you will need to click the lock icon located next to the website URL. Then, simply change the Camera permissions from “Block” to “Always Share.”

  • Make sure that you have a speedy and consistent Internet connection.
  • Use a device that has a decent camera. If you’re using an older laptop that doesn’t have a webcam, you can plug in an external one via USB.
  • Take the verification photo in a well-lit environment.

How Long Will the Additional Webcam Verification Take?

While most webcam verifications via Skrill are instantaneous, low-quality photos will need to be manually checked by a customer support member. In that case, it could take a few hours for your webcam authentication to be approved. With this in mind, simply follow the tips listed above to produce a great quality picture.

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