Main Functions of the NETELLER Mobile App

The NETELLER mobile app is available on Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.) This useful application allows you to perform account management actions and send and receive funds. NETELLER’s Mobile App makes the process quick, convenient, and simple. The main functions that you can perform in the mobile application on Android, iPhone, and other iOS devices are: sending money, uploading and withdrawing fiat and cryptocurrency funds, checking your account balance, and keeping track of your recent transactions.

How to Install and Login to an Android’s NETELLER Mobile App

If you would like to download and install the NETELLER App via an Android mobile device, first head to Google Play’s App store and perform a search for NETELLER. When the result for the correct mobile app pops up on your device, click the Install button. Once it finishes installing, open the application. You will be met with a screen that looks like this:

Neteller App login

Enter your existing NETELLER account information to log in to the application. After entering your credentials, you will be asked to create a 6-digit pin. Make sure to set it to something secure but that you can easily remember, as you will need to input it each time that you log in to the application.

Neteller App Secure ID

And that is the process for downloading the NETELLER App to an Android device and logging in.

How to Install and Login to the NETELLER App on iPhone and other iOS Devices

If you have an iPhone or another iOS device, follow these steps to install and login to the NETELLER Mobile App.

Head to the iOS/iPhone AppStore and search for NETELLER. You will see this result pop up on your screen:

Neteller App install

Install the application to your iPhone or another iOS device, and then follow the same steps as in the previous section. Once again, you will have to login to your account using your existing credentials and then choose a PIN number that is 6 digits long.

How to Send Money in the NETELLER Mobile App

Using the NETELLER Mobile App to send money to friends is quite simple, regardless of whether you are using an Android, iPhone, or another iOS mobile device. Go to your application’s Money Transfer section and input the recipient’s email address. Choose your desired currency and the amount of money that you would like to send, and then confirm the transaction.

Neteller App send money

How to Upload Money in the NETELLER Mobile App

Whether you are on an Android, iPhone, or an iOS mobile device, you will follow these steps to upload money to your account via the mobile application. Head to the deposit option in the application and choose one of the available payment options. Input the total amount of money you would like to upload to your account and then confirm the transaction.

Neteller App Upload

Neteller App add card

How to Make a Withdrawal with the NETELLER Mobile App

You can withdraw funds at your convenience with the NETELLER Mobile App, no matter where you are. However, you first need to add bank account details via the website. If you don’t have a bank account linked, you will see a screen that looks like this on the app:

Neteller App withdraw

If you have a linked account, click the “Withdraw” button located under your balance and determine how much you would like to withdraw.

How to View Transaction History in NETELLER Mobile App

The final thing you can do on your Android, iPhone, or other iOS device’s NETELLER mobile app is to view your transaction history. Go to the mobile app’s Activity, and then all of your previous transactions will show up. You will also be able to see your available account balance on this tab.


The NETELLER Mobile App is a convenient and intuitive way to manage your account from your Android, iPhone, or another iOS device. There is less functionality than what you can do on the website, but this mobile alternative lets you do basic functions on the go.

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