Neteller Card Update in 2021 – Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Neteller sent an update to customers explaining that they have made some changes to their Net+ card services. They have redesigned cards to ensure better security, reliability, and a sleeker design. In March 2021, all Neteller account-holders who have a Net+ card will be sent a new one. That part is simple enough – but what do these changes entail? Are card replacements free? Will the fees change? In this Neteller review, we will address these details and more.

Net+ Prepaid mastercard 2020

How to Order a New Net+ Card

You don’t have to worry about ordering a new Net+ card; Neteller will be sending them out to anybody who needs a replacement. If your card looks like this, and its first digits are 523888 or 541592, you will most likely get a replacement card.

However, even though you don’t need to specifically place an order for the replacement card, we strongly suggest checking that your account’s phone number and shipping address are up to date. Neteller needs to receive any changes to personal details by February 21, 2021, or else your replacement card may be sent to the wrong place. To change your information, head to the settings tab on the Neteller site or app, and then go to the “Personal Details” section.

Can I Use My Old Net+ Prepaid Mastercard After February 21, 2021?

Yes, you can continue to use your old Net+ card after February 21, 2021. However, old cards will be deactivated on April 22, 2021. Furthermore, once you activate your new card, the old card will automatically be deactivated.

Is It Free to Get a New Neteller Card?

Yes, it is free to receive this replacement Net+ card – that is, as long as you paid the previous month’s maintenance fee. If you didn’t pay that maintenance fee, be sure to add at least 10 USD (or your currency’s equivalent) to your account by February 21, 2020.

Avoid Delays in Receiving Your New Card

To avoid delays in receiving your new Net+ card, make sure that you have paid your previous maintenance fee (or have $10 in your account) and that your account details are up-to-date.

Neteller Card Currency – Before vs. After the Update

Before the update, there were eight currencies available for the Net+ card. After the update, the Net+ card is only available in EUR.

Net+ Card Currencies
Before the UpdateAfter the Update

Neteller Fees: Foreign Exchange

For all transactions that require foreign currency exchange, an extra 3.99% is added to the daily market rate. However, VIP members can receive lower FX rates – in fact, some only pay 1%! For more information on Neteller account charges, such as Neteller ATM fees, deposit fees, withdrawal charges, and so on, check out this page.

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