Skrill VIP – New Program and Customer Levels

ATTENTION! Skrill VIP program update is postponed to the first calendar quarter of 2021.

On 3rd November 2020, Skrill will be implementing changes into their existing four-tier VIP program. When it comes into force, the customer levels will undergo significant restructuring, particularly the requirements for each status level and fees for internal transfers.

Another important change is the introduction of new levels – Skriller and Skriller Verified. Account verification will play a more meaningful role by offering several tangible benefits. The move to encourage more users to verify their accounts is driven by security reasons.

Skrill VIP levels

Progressing through Skrill VIP levels are easy to navigate and easy to understand. Essentially, the more you use the wallet and the more funds you transfer through it, the more loyalty rewards you gain.

Prior to the change, there have been four levels, and any adjustments (such as downgrading through levels) are made once in a three-month period. Moving up through the levels leads to an increase in your rewards.

Here is what the new program has modified:

  • How much you need to deposit: With one level being removed, the threshold to qualify is now different. We’ll be looking into specific figures down below.
  • Simplified tier structure: There are three VIP levels that already exist and a distinction between verified and non-verified users.
  • Better VIP treatment: There are many monetary perks as well as exclusive experiences, such as tickets to networking events.

How to Get Skriller Verified

Skrill verification is a form of an identity checking process that checks if users provided information that is associated with a real person. It doesn’t take a long time to complete but has massive benefits in terms of security, transfer limits, and cost-saving opportunities for P2P transactions.

Level Skriller Skriller Verified
Skrill to Skrill send money fee 2,99% FREE

Here is a step-by-step process you’ll need to follow through to get Skriller Verified:

  • Have at least one deposit made of any amount via VISA/MasterCard or a bank account
  • Verify your identity as instructed by the service
  • Install the Skrill app and log in

If you are already a verified user and match the other two criteria, there is no need to do anything else. Once the service transitions to the new system, you will automatically have this customer level assigned to your account.

How to Become Skrill VIP

Skrill customers become eligible to the VIP status depending on how much they are using their wallet and how frequently. The first condition is that you have to make valid transactions to merchants of a certain amount. All Skrill users have a set threshold that must meet to reach a higher customer tier. But what is different for Baxity customers is that the transaction requirements are lower, still granting the same perks. Let’s compare the transfer volumes:

  • Silver: €15,000 deposits for regular users vs. €5,000 deposits for Baxity customers
Status Silver Gold Diamond
Regular customers €15,000 deposits in a quarter €45,000 deposits in a quarter €90,000 deposits in a quarter
Baxity customers €5,000 deposits during 30 days after registration €45,000 deposits in a quarter -//-//-

Transactions can be in a different currency but overall, worth the same as specified in the table. As we’ve mentioned briefly, Skrill uses three-month periods or quarters. So, these transactions have to be made within this specified period. If you sign up for a Skrill account with Baxity transactions must be made within thirty days upon registration in Skrill via our link.

What are the perks of being a VIP? Here are the main ones:

  • Lower fees (varies based on the transfer amounts)
  • Raised limits for transfers compared to regular users (this includes P2P transfers, Internet purchases as well as real-life ones via your Skrill card)
  • Ability to create an account in a separate currency
  • Contact with a personal account manager that is available at any time of the day

How Do I Keep My Skrill VIP Account?

Once you fulfil the minimum requirement, you will be automatically granted the Skrill VIP status within 24 hours. You will be able to keep this status for the remaining time of the current quarter. After that, you will be assessed again to see if you can keep this level.

The assessment includes the same criteria that the service uses to grant the status in the first place. Meaning, you’ll need to make transfers of at least €15,000 or over (for Baxity clients – at least €5,000) in total for a certain period.
If you don’t meet the condition, you will be automatically downgraded to the status you qualify for and lose the VIP benefits. Still, you can always make more transactions and gain the level again at any moment.

The range of services where you can use Skrill and increase your total transfer amount is wide. It can be deposited at online stores and marketplace, casinos, brokers, bookmakers, communications services, etc.

You can do your own research to find out what stores and services accept Skrill and choose this payment method over others. This will help you gain and keep the status without much effort since you’re not adding expenses but switching payment vendors.

What’Up with VIP Bronze?

With these changes, Skrill is also going to remove the Bronze VIP level from the program. Now, there are three VIP levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The fees and other features remain the same for all levels.

With the Bronze level no longer being active, an existing account that falls under this tier will either be stripped of their VIP status or be granted Silver. The latter will take place, of course, if the user meets the requirements for this tier.

Skrill has started a trend of services restructuring its customer levels and removing tiers from loyalty programs. Similarly, around the same time, a new change will also come into effect at Neteller. Knowing what is about to happen at Skrill, Neteller users can guess what the changes entail. But for more detailed information, please refer to our explanation of the new Neteller VIP program.

The overall takeaway is that eWallet transactions are about to be even more beneficial for loyal Skrill users. But it’s important to remember that the threshold to become VIP is now different.

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