How To Choose The Best Crypto Wallet For NFT

What Is An NFT Wallet?

The NFT wallets and the cryptocurrency wallets have homogenous usability. It exchanges and stores NFTs with a private key from your address where all your assets and NFTs are located. In return, the private key authorized your transaction and ensure the safety of your digital assets.

There are two types of NFT wallets i.e. self custody and custodial wallet. The difference is the access of the private key. The user has access to the private key in the self-custody wallet whereas, in the custodial wallet, a third party has access to the private key.

What Are The Best NFT Wallets

Due to the recent boom of the NFTs industry, there are several wallets that provide distinguish features and tools for the NFT investors to secure their NFTs and other digital assets in one place. Here we will discuss the best NFT wallets 2022 in detail.



  • Metamask is a mobile application and web browser extension-based wallet with over 21 million users worldwide.
  • Web3 sites, NFT Collectibles, and applications can be accessed via the MetaMask wallet.
  • It is Ethereum blockchain-based wallet and users can trade and sell NFTs and ERC-20 Tokens. MetaMask in one of the best ethereum wallet for NFT.
  • A guide to exchange NFTs on the platform can also be found in the MetaMask wallet.
  • Users can exchange NFTs by using the swap feature.
Pros Cons

Easy download and setup process

Anonymous signup process

Can create multiple wallets

Availability of ERC 20 token and NFTs

No bitcoin support

Technical support is limited

Password cannot be reset



  • Kukai wallet supports the TZS blockchain by letting you make an HD wallet.
  • The availability to leverage low trading fees via the ledger.
  • Users can get XTZ rewards on the kukai platform by staking on the platform.
  • Users can transfer and store their NFTs on the blockchain through TEZOS.
  • Social login access to the blockchain is possible for the users of other blockchain members.
Pros Cons

Active community for educational purposes

Offline sign-in option for better security

Possibility of getting NFTs from other sources

The user interface is poor

Only support Tez tokens



  • With the coinbase wallet, users can check the total balance and the values of their NFT assets.
  • Coinbase has one of the biggest crypto markets and it is possible to trade NFTs with cryptocurrencies using the coinbase wallet.
  • The wallet security features are enhanced by two-factor authentication.
  • There is a user-friendly guide available for functionalities and to navigate for the new users.
  • The users get a notification in case of the price change in the market and their transactions.
Pros Cons


Free education modules

Debit card trading will result in crypto rewards

Top-notch app and interface

Lack of customer service

Privacy issues

Math Wallet


  • Users can connect their hardware wallet to their online Math wallet.
  • Math wallet has a vault that makes its user assets more secure.
  • Users can get access to the browsing of the NFT collectibles via a dAPP store that also supports multiple chains.Math wallet is also considered one of the best wallet for solana.
  • FTX, ZT, and accept the trading of math tokens.
  • Seventy block-chain and more than 3000 tokens are supported by Math wallet.
Pros Cons

Users can connect hardware wallet

Multiple wallets and access to the cloud storage

Easily accessible via a browser extension

Possibility of direct staking

Customer service is poor

Extra fee for switching your wallet from the main to the cloud



  • A decentralized application or Dapps can be accessed via the Alphawallet token or web3 browser. It allows users to use smart contract features which are directly linked with your tokens.
  • One of the main benefits of Alphawallet is the resistance to censorship which allows users to own their assets without involving a third-party service provider.
  • Alphawallet is the first Ethereum-based wallet and one of its features called secure enclave can be used to claim the benefit of a hardware wallet or cold wallet.
  • Users can have secure access to their digital assets without letting any third-party service have access to them. Moreover, the users can remain totally anonymous because alpha-wallet does not get your personal information, unlike other wallets.
Pros Cons

Defi based

Public-chain optimization

Nfts supportive

Self custodial wallet

Digital assets can be tokenized


Only support Ethereum-based blockchain

Exchanging assets can be problematic

What To Look For When Choosing The Best NFT Wallet

When it comes to choosing the best NFT wallet, it all depends on one’s preference. But, in general, the key aspects to look for while choosing the best wallets for NFT are the protection level, anonymity, transaction limit, and fees. Here we will describe in detail how users can filter wallets based on the key aspects we mentioned earlier.

Protection Level

One of the most essential and key factors of any digital wallet is the protection level of the digital assets. While looking for the best crypto wallet for NFT, make sure the wallet provider platform provides enhanced protection service which includes two-factor authentication, and wallet transaction tracking. Users should be responsible for the security of their wallets by choosing a strong password using a password generator and never sharing their wallet’s private key.


The foundation of the next generation web comes with anonymity and decentralized blockchain and communities. The chance of getting bullied or harassed online and asset theft can drastically be reduced by being anonymous. With anonymity, NFT artists and traders can freely trade on the platform without any threat from hackers.

Transaction Limits

Various NFT wallet providers have different transaction limits that may vary slightly from each other. Users may have to upgrade their wallets or pay extra fees including gas fees if they go above the certain transaction limit. The best NFT wallet provider may charge users small fees if the transaction limit is over-reached.


The wallets mentioned in the article do not charge any sort of registration fees. Most of the crypto NFT wallet is free of charge and does not require the completion of KYC. The best Ethereum wallets or any other NFT wallet in this regard does not charge any fees. The fees are usually deducted by the NFT marketplace in the shape of the gas fees. The user must have relevant crypto in their wallet to pay the network fee which deducted will any sort of transaction.

The best NFT wallets has a default conversion fee of 1%. However, some wallets may provide users the opportunity to set their own conversion fee for trading the NFT assets or converting their NFT assets into digital cryptocurrency. The conversion fee will be deducted from the amount you receive.

What Are NFT Wallet Blockchains

The vital aspect to look for before choosing the best NFT wallet is the supported blockchains. As it is already known that individual blockchains are responsible for NFT minting. Ethereum smart chain produces tokens known as ERC-271 whereas Binance smart chain produces tokens as BEP 721.

You must choose the relevant wallet that supports the specific blockchain on which your NFTs are hosted. The Ethereum-based wallet will only support NFT that supports the Ethereum token and the same is the case with other blockchains. However, some wallets do support multiple blockchains.

One more thing to look for is the network fee while performing a transaction on the blockchain. For example trading NFT to some of your peers. Such fees are popularly known as gas fees and the fee may vary depending on the volume on the blockchain network. The users need to have or buy relevant cryptocurrency in order to pay the gas fees.

How To Get The Best NFT Wallet

After completing your research about the NFT wallets and choosing the wallet that fulfills your needs and requirements. You can get your desired NFT wallet in a fairly easy and straightforward way. Following are the generic steps on how to acquire your best NFT wallet.

Download Wallet App

The first step in acquiring your NFT wallet is downloading the app. It could either be your browser extension or a mobile application.

  • Go to your desired NFT wallet’s site and look for the download app option.
  • Click on the download app button, which is usually available on the home page.
  • Click on the app icon on your browser’s footer after the download is complete.

Sign Up

A signup form will appear on your screen once the app sets itself and is launched. Fill the signup form with all the required credentials. After filling the form correctly, press the signup button.

Verify Your Account

After completing the signup process, the user has to verify their account. A code or a verification message will be sent either to your email address or your phone number to complete the verification process. After doing the above-mentioned steps, your NFT wallet account will be verified.

Save Your Recovery Phrase

The users have to enter a recovery phrase for security purposes. It is important while recovering your wallet account in terms of password loss or some other emergency. Choose the recovery phrase carefully and the phrase should be unique to yourself so that the hacker will not be able to crack it. It is recommended to write the phrase on a piece of paper and put the paper in a safe place.

Deposit Some Cryptocurrency Into Your Wallet

Your wallet will be ready to use after completing the recovery phrase. Replenish your wallet with the desired and wallet-supportive cryptocurrency.

Start Collecting NFT

You can now go to the NFT marketplace to start collecting your favorite NFTs. Or you can create your own NFT to sell and trade them.

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The article describes in detail about the best NFT wallets available in the market and the criteria to choose those wallets. The features to keep in mind before choosing any NFT wallet are the level of security of the wallet, the anonymity of the wallet transaction to keep users safe from the hacker’s threat and safeguard the personal information of the users, the fees, and the transaction limit.

The article provides detailed information about the NFT blockchain in a simple manner. Also, there is a straightforward process of how to set up your NFT wallet in minutes. Users can get special bonuses like crypto vouchers while registering through the baxity platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best NFT Wallets?

The following are the best NFT wallets in 2022, based on key features such as security, availability, etc։

  • MetaMask
  • Kukai
  • Coinbase
  • Math wallet
  • Alpha wallet

How To Choose The Best NFT Wallet?

The best NFT wallets are the ones that provide full-proof security to the digital assets hosted on the supported blockchain. NFT wallets that support the bigger blockchain such as Ethereum or support multiple blockchains. Users can choose based on their preferences whether to go for a self-custody wallet or a custodial wallet.

How To Get Started With The Best NFT Wallet?

Getting started with your best NFT wallet is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The user has to download the app from the wallet provide site, complete the signup process by providing required credentials, complete the verification process, save the recovery phrase, deposit the supported cryptocurrency and start collecting the NFTs on the marketplace.

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