Update on Skrill and Neteller After Brexit

We’re bringing you updated information on a few changes we’ve implemented to continue operations under the European Economic Area (EEA).

As of 31 January 2020, the UK has formally left the EU, which you may have heard being referred to as Brexit. We have taken action to ensure all our customers can continue to use Skrill and Neteller with minimal effect.

To provide our services throughout the EEA, we had been using Skrill Limited under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority. According to the existing circumstances, we needed to switch to Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited (PPSL). It operated under the authorization and supervision of the Central Bank of Ireland.

What Does It Mean?

The transition to PPSL took place on August 4, 2020. For any user with a Skrill Account, this means that the account is slightly adjusted in accordance with the PPSL terms of use. There aren’t any significant differences between the rules, and it’s unlikely that you’ll notice these changes.

Still, we’d like to point out that after your Skrill Account is transferred to PPSL, it has undergone the following changes:

  • The service provider info has been updated to PPSL
  • Account operations now fall under the Irish jurisdiction
  • The contacts for complaint resolution have been updated

Your existing e-money account is now governed by PPSL, and we encourage you to view the new terms facilitating the receipt of Paysafe Services.

What Does It Mean for Users?

Essentially, you don’t need to do anything about these changes. If you understand what changes will be made and you accept them, you can go on as usual. Under these conditions, your Skrill Limited balance is automatically transferred to PPSL. If you don’t support a particular change, you can deactivate your Skrill wallet and cancel any other service you are using from us.

The same applies to Neteller. If you’d like to learn more about terminating an account, please refer to the updated settings or address us directly.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that by registering a Skrill or Neteller using our link, you will get the extra benefits. One of them is priority verification, meaning instead of waiting about 48 hours, it will take up to a day. Also, you will be verified right after registration without having to top up your account.

Additionally, our link gives you a great head start:

  • For Skrill: Favorable terms to receive VIP status for thirty days after registration. You will be approved for VIP Silver for 5,000 EUR (instead of 15,000 EUR), and VIP Gold for 15,000 EUR of deposits (instead of 45,000 EUR).
  • For Neteller: Ability to get VIP Bronze PRO right after verification (through an application) and VIP Silver for $7,500 worth of deposits (instead of $15,000) for VIP Bronze PRO status owners.

Don’t hesitate to use our link to unlock these benefits and make online payments easy and convenient.

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