Baxity has launched voucher and prepaid cards store

We are pleased to announce that customers and visitors to our website have the opportunity to buy vouchers and prepaid cards in the Baxity Store, as Baxity has become an official reseller of payment cards and vouchers. With our service, you can make transactions with vouchers and payment cards in a profitable, safe, and convenient way, as well as pay for purchases or services online.

What is a voucher or prepaid card?

Today, an electronic voucher is widely used in online commerce and is a kind of prepaid check of a certain denomination or gift card. It can be used for purchases in online stores without entering bank data.

By purchasing a voucher from Baxity Store, you will receive a special code by e-mail, which is then indicated when paying for a product or service on the corresponding site. For example, to use AstroPay or Crypto Voucher, you just need to enter the number on the site where you intend to make a payment.

When purchasing a prepaid card, the following data are sent to your email or store account: a 16-digit number, expiration date, and CVV code. For example, AstroPay Card prepaid cards operate based on this principle. This virtual card resembles a regular bank card in appearance and comes with a preloaded balance after purchase from the Baxity Store. There is no need to top it up – simply purchase a new one after the balance is used up.

Why is it safer to pay with a voucher or prepaid card?

Paying with a voucher or prepaid card can be safer than using a bank card or providing bank details online. When making an online purchase with a bank card, you are required to enter your personal and financial details on the website where the transaction is taking place. This can be risky because if the website is not secure, your sensitive information can be intercepted by hackers and used for fraudulent purposes.

On the other hand, when you pay with a voucher or prepaid card, you do not need to provide any personal or financial details during the payment process. Instead, you simply enter the voucher code or prepaid card data, which does not reveal any information about the buyer’s identity or bank account details. This way, even if the website is hacked, there is no sensitive information to be stolen.

Additionally, prepaid cards and vouchers often have a set limit, so even if they are compromised, the amount of money that can be stolen is limited. This makes it a safer option compared to bank cards that may have higher spending limits.

In summary, paying with a voucher or prepaid card can be a safer option as it minimizes the risk of identity theft, fraud, and financial loss.

Pros of buying vouchers at Baxity Store

We can say with confidence that you will be able to appreciate any of the following advantages of buying a voucher or a prepaid card on our website.

By buying from Baxity Store, you:

  • do not have to register and undergo mandatory verification on each voucher site separately;
  • can receive the corresponding voucher or prepaid card number by email in a matter of minutes;
  • can communicate with our friendly and professional support team for any questions you may have;
  • can enjoy full transaction transparency and avoid hidden fees.

With Baxity, you can ensure complete anonymity of your transfers, facilitate the payment process in stores, and keep your funds safe. Just set aside your bank cards and use modern payment methods – buy a voucher or a prepaid card from the Baxity Store!

Moreover, Baxity has become an official reseller of AstroPay cards. This means that if you don’t mind registering an AstroPay account and want to get a special terms, you can sign up via the Baxity link!


    1. Hello, Herzon! AstroPay cards and other payment cards will be available on Baxity Store pretty soon and you will be able to choose and buy the card that meets your needs best of all.

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