NETELLER Nigeria Overview: how to use an e-wallet

What is NETELLER? NETELLER is one of the leading e-money transfer services which offers a variety of online payment options. Neteller account users can send money to merchants and receive funds from them. Business owners use this payment option because it’s easy to control the funds and keep money in a safe wallet. As the NETELLER reviews show, this is a very popular transfer service in the online gambling world too.


NETELLER is a secure payment system which provides NETELLER account opening for free and loading money from payment cards or bank accounts as well as from a range of local payment types. This quick and easy payment method supports 22 currencies that can be sent on one click with just an email address.

Easy to Buy Vouchers and Prepaid Cards

Baxity Store offers a convenient and easy way to purchase vouchers and prepaid cards for various services and products. One of the payment options available on Baxity Store is Neteller, which provides users with a safe and secure platform to transfer funds online.

With Neteller, customers can easily purchase vouchers and prepaid cards on Baxity Store without having to worry about the security of their financial information. Neteller uses advanced security measures to protect its users’ sensitive data, including 128-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and real-time transaction monitoring.

Using Neteller on Baxity Store is also incredibly simple. Customers can easily complete their purchase in just a few clicks. The funds are instantly transferred from the user’s Neteller account to Baxity Store, allowing them to immediately receive their vouchers or prepaid cards.

Furthermore, Neteller offers a range of benefits to its users, such as fast and secure money transfers, multiple currencies, and access to exclusive promotions and discounts. By using Neteller on Baxity Store, customers can enjoy these benefits while also purchasing vouchers and prepaid cards for their favorite services and products.

Great Security

While making transfers to or from any of NETELLER Nigeria merchants, the personal financial information of the user is not shared. The possibility of your personal data being exposed is reduced and your payment method is not disclosed over the Internet. NETELLER keeps you safe with anti-fraud tools and security features. Moreover, the payment method is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. Please, read also the article Is Neteller Safe And Legit?

Easy To Use

How to use NETELLER in Nigeria? The customers can register a NETELLER account for free in a minute, then use their digital money and wallet at any time and wherever they go. The easy to use app has the same features as the desktop version which lets users pay securely online, as well as send or receive money, and make fast transfers whenever they need.

Great Number Of Supported Currencies

The NETELLER payment system supports many types of currencies, which allows you to choose the most suitable one when working with your wallet. This is a convenient feature when conducting transactions without restrictions.

VIP Membership

NETELLER Nigeria account levels (Silver, Gold, Diamond, Exclusive) can expect lower NETELLER fees and rewards. All VIP users have access to NETELLER exclusive promotions, and get qualified assistance from a VIP manager.

How To Open An Account

NETELLER payment system offers a digital wallet which makes managing your money easy. NETELLER account opening is free and takes less than a minute. To spend or send money with NETELLER the new customer should upload entry funds via multiple deposit methods. However, by signing up through the Baxity link you get an exclusive advantage – do not pay an entry fee and immediately after successfully verification start to use your wallet.

  1. To join for free simply follow the link, go to the payment system sign up page, fill in your personal data and click on the “Register” button. neteller sign up 2022NETELLER Nigeria Overview: how to use an e-wallet
  2. Then in the new windows enter your address details, date of birth, nationality, phone number and click “Continue”. Enter a code sent to your phone number to complete the registration process.Neteller registration details

After we are told how to open a NETELLER account in Nigeria, see how to use it without restrictions. As mentioned above, after registering an account, the user has to pass the necessary account verification process in order to fully use the wallet.

The steps are as follow:

Verifying ID

In order to secure your account you need to provide your current phone number and pass the verification process. Go to the “Settings” in your account and choose the “Verification” tab. Click “Verify”, upload the photos of the front and back of your valid ID and take a webcam photo of your face.

Verifying Your Address

The next step requires you to verify your address by uploading an address verification document. Only the following documents for address verification are accepted: utility bill, an original statement from your financial institution, a signed and stamped letter or electronically generated document from your financial institution confirming your account with them, your address and your full name. All these documents must be issued within the past 90 days. You will receive an email once your verification is completed.

How To Fund NETELLER Account In Nigeria

In Nigeria dozens online payment systems are available for money transactions. However, for Nigerians NETELLER is the best service that can provide a convenient method to pop up their accounts. Follow this link and find NETELLER Review For Pakistan’s Users. However, keep in mind that NETELLER doesn’t accept money orders or personal checks. Let’s take a closer look at the funding options listed below.

Bank Transfers

This type of transfer takes a bit longer and is convenient to deposit a large amount. For funding your NETELLER account via Bank Transfer log in into your wallet and select the “Money In” tab. Choose from the payment options “International Bank Transactions”. Type in the amount to load into your account, press “Continue”. Check all the necessary bank details to finish the process. Choose your online banking service, then complete the transaction. For all deposit options NETELLER charges a fee of 2.5%.


Nigerians can top up their NETELLER Nigeria accounts using bitcoin. And once again let us emphasize that in order to use your account without restriction and have a chance to deposit cash or withdraw money, your identity should be verified. So, for bitcoin deposit go through your account, from the “Money in” section select Bitcoin, then enter the amount you want to deposit. At the next step you will see the Bitcoin app running, and a third-party service will make it possible to finalize the transfer.

Credit Card

This is the most common option to top up the NETELLER account in Nigeria. Simply choose this section in your wallet, enter your card’s details – number, expiry date, CVV, the deposit amount, and the currency. For gambling money select “Yes”. Review transaction details and confirm the deposit.

How To Withdraw From NETELLER To Bank Account?

For bank wire withdrawal from NETELLER Nigeria digital wallet go to the “Money out” section of your account, click “Withdraw Now” under the “Bank Account” window. Then choose a bank account you want to withdraw to or register a new one, click “Next”. Enter the amount and click “Next”. Recall that in some cases you may be asked to verify your bank account.

Check out your withdrawal limits which you can see in the “Withdraw” section under the respective withdrawal option. The same is for the withdrawal fee.

At the next step you’ll see the currency of your withdrawal, along with the foreign exchange rates. If your bank account is in a different currency, your bank may apply additional currency exchange fees.

Transaction Fees

Once you open your NETELLER account, you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to merchants or other NETELLER users. Transactions with NETELLER are basically the same as with other e-wallets. And like the other payment platform NETELLER itself makes its own profit by charging fees to the customers. The amount of charging commissions can depend on the country of user residence.

Fund Deposits – 0-5%

Fund Withdrawals – Online purchases through NETELLER account are free. But for withdrawing funds to the bank account Nigerians should pay $10 for each transaction. And as for money transfers worldwide they will pay 1.45% of the amount.

Currency Conversion – For all NETELLER transactions which involve currency conversion, the system adds 4.49% in order to retain this amount as a foreign exchange processing fee and protect against exchange rate fluctuations.

Gambling With NETELLER

According to the NETELLER review, it is a most successful payment method very popular among Nigerians gamblers, casino players, bettors and brokers. They can make instant deposits through their gambling accounts without delays or wasting the time. Moreover, with this method they are able to make secure transactions or rapid fund withdrawal.

Funding A Gambling Account

Whether you want to join a sports betting, poker, or an online casino, you should fund your account using the NETELLER payment system. The main advantage of using NETELLER at an online casino is the instant deposits. This means that you will be spared from the process of waiting for the transaction. All that is required of you is to select the deposit amount on your account. The payment method is secured thanks to the encryption for connection to the online casino that uses it.

Please be aware that when uploading funds to your NETELLER account, you have to choose they will be used for gambling purposes. Every time you make a deposit for gambling, i.e. poker tournaments, betting, casino sites, etc. select the “Yes” option.

How Secure Is Using NETELLER In Betting?

NETELLER is a company regulated by the FCA and favored by the online casino and poker players. It is still widely used today thanks to the high level of transaction safety. Online gambling with NETELLER allows you to make payments and receive winnings all in one account, without ever giving your actual bank account information out to online casinos or other gambling sites.

Open A NETELLER Account In Nigeria Through Baxity

While NETELLER is more popular for gambling purposes than others, it has specific advantages that can help you get benefits and use the account on special terms.

These terms can be available only when joining NETELLER via Baxity link. We have already talked about how to open NETELLER account in Nigeria. Now, let’s see what are the pros you get with Baxity?

  • Bronze Pro status with lower conversion NETELLER fees and higher ATM withdrawal limits just after verification;
  • Silver account level for $7,500 instead of $50,000, granting you free p2p transfers, the option to open 2 additional accounts in another currency, as well as reduced conversion fees down to 0.6%;
  • Verification in just 24 hours on any business day without a $5 entry deposit;
  • Support in Russian, English for 365 days a year, Monday-Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NETELLER Work In Nigeria?

Yes, it does. Nigerians can use NETELLER to make purchases online, deposit in gaming sites, send and receive money online, trading and to buy/sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.You can do NETELLER sign up in Nigeria either through the NETELLER website or through the mobile app. After the account registration it needs to complete the Know Your Customer requirements before your account is ready for use.

Is NETELLER Legal To Use In Nigeria?

NETELLER is a very popular e-wallet and used by many people in Nigeria. This payment processing service regulated by FCA is reputable and allows you to securely send and receive money from all over the world. It makes online purchases fast and easy and guarantees the safety of your money on your account.

How To Fund NETELLER In Nigeria?

Nigerians can fund their NETELLER accounts via credit card, bank wire transfer and using Bitcoin. To know how to fund NETELLER account in Nigeria after the successful verification of your identity and address you need to login in your account and find out all available options and NETELLER fees


  1. I tried to deposit money to neteller using my naira master debit card but it failed. Please I need help

    1. Hello! Thanks for the question!
      The bank card must be issued in your name, and your Neteller account must be fully verified.
      Card payment may be rejected by your bank for security reasons. In this case, you need to contact the bank.

  2. I want to use naira master card to fund dollars into my netteller account but the transaction was not successful, is it possible to fund dollars with naira master card?

    1. Hello, Omotosho!
      Yes, it is possible to deposit through Mastercard. It must be in your name. But sometimes banks declined this kind of transaction.

  3. Can I send money to someone in Nigeria? Ist we each have our own card. Ty

    1. Hello Diane,
      You can’t send money from card to card through Neteller if you are a Nigerian. But you can send it from Neteller to Neteller.

  4. Nigeria banks restricted Nigerians card for online transaction, with this what other method to fund my neteller account

    1. Hi Omotosho,
      Top-up methods in Nigerian accounts are debit/credit cards, Bank transfers, Bitcoin and Skrill.

  5. Can I use neteller to deposit money on my deriv account( forex trading platform)? , and since I will be depositing in naira to my neteller account, will I be able to convert it to dollar since I will be depositing in dollar to my deriv account?

    1. What method did you use to fund your neteller in Nigeria, it’s rejecting all my cards.

      1. Hi Chima!
        Have you tried to ask your bank why they blocked this transactions?
        Additional deposit methods are: bank transfer, Bitcoin and Skrill transfer.

        1. I tired to fund my account with my master card but it keeps saying that I can only use my card to fund some betting sites and I don’t want to fund for betting….. and card transfer is the only method available

          1. Dear Mac,

            I understand your frustration and I’m here to assist. When funding your Neteller account, the system asks for the deposit’s purpose. If “gambling” is chosen, those funds become restricted to such sites. It’s crucial to select the correct option for your intended use. If you’ve already reached out to Neteller support and the issue persists, we might explore alternative solutions together. Could you share more about your experience with their support team?

    1. Hi, Chinedu! To obtain a list of available countries and bank transfer options, you may either reach out to Neteller’s customer support or navigate to the bank transfer section in your Neteller account.

  6. I have Visa Dollar card. If i use it to deposit money in Neteller will I be able to fund my brokers trading account. I tried it with Srill and they refused to allow me to fund my trading account and that is why I left them. Please advise me.

    1. Hi, Emerson! We suggest that you get in touch with your broker’s customer service department as they typically provide a list of deposit methods that are available.

  7. i go to deposit page load my naira master debit card to make payment of 1.05 euro bank showing me otp of 1.05 NGN what is this?

    1. Hi Levi,

      Thank you for contacting us. We recommend that you get in touch with Neteller customer support for more information on how their system works with Naira cards.

  8. Hello, I love this. But I want to know if I can get a virtual card from Neteller. if yes, then can I use the VC to pay for Pinterest Facebook, and Google Ads?

    1. Hello Micah! Based on the latest information available from the Neteller website, it appears that the Net+ Mastercard® is available only to residents of the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom, and Brazil. This means that, unfortunately, the virtual card option provided by Neteller may not be available to users in Nigeria.

      For users in Nigeria, while you can open and fund a Neteller account for various online transactions, the specific option of obtaining a Net+ Virtual Mastercard® may not be applicable. For any online payments, including services like Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Ads, you might need to explore alternative payment methods if you are based in Nigeria.

      For the most current information and any possible updates to their service areas, I recommend checking Neteller’s official website or contacting their customer support directly.

      I hope this clarifies your query. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask.

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