NETELLER and Paypal are two very popular eWallets, both with their own sets of advantages. In this guide, we will provide a thorough comparison of both services and help you decide which one is best for you.

Comparison: NETELLER vs. Paypal VIP Programs

Paypal does not currently have VIP services. In comparison, NETELLER offers an attractive tiered VIP program to select members, which allows them to receive exclusive benefits. Account holders’ transaction activities are used to determine whether they are eligible for the VIP program.

There are several benefits that NETELLER’s VIP members will receive – namely, VIP fraud protection, a dedicated VIP manager, access to a VIP chat service, an increase in ATM withdrawal limits, discounts on withdrawal and deposit fees, the ability to use multiple currencies, a lower currency conversion fee, special promotions, and cashback from deposits.

One recent addition to NETELLER’s VIP program is that cryptocurrency transactions count towards the required VIP threshold. In comparison, Paypal does not currently offer this feature.

A NETELLER customer can find their VIP status by heading to their account overview. There will be a section titled “VIP level,” which will give the customer’s status. There are five possible VIP statuses: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. When a customer hits the minimum transaction requirement for each status, their account will be automatically upgraded within the next 24 hours.

Here is a comprehensive comparison chart of the requirements and benefits for each NETELLER VIP tier.




$15,000 in quarterly transactions



$45,000 in quarterly transactions



$150,000 in quarterly transactions



$600,000 in quarterly transactions

No VIP perks ATM daily withdrawal limits of $1,000 ATM daily withdrawal limits of $3,300 ATM daily withdrawal limits of $3,300 ATM daily withdrawal limits of $3,300
No VIP perks 9,000 complimentary reward points given annually 10,000 complimentary reward points given annually 20,000 complimentary reward points given annually 50,000 complimentary reward points given annually
No VIP perks Foreign transaction fees of 3.19% Foreign transaction fees of 2.79% Foreign transaction fees of 2.39% Foreign transaction fees of 1.29%
No VIP perks ATM withdrawal fees of 1.75% ATM withdrawal fees of $6 ATM withdrawal fees of $6 ATM withdrawal fees of $6
No VIP perks No charges for money transfers No charges for money transfers No charges for money transfers No charges for money transfers
No VIP perks multicurrency account multicurrency account multicurrency account multicurrency account
No VIP perks Transaction limits are flexible Transaction limits are flexible Transaction limits are flexible Transaction limits are flexible
No VIP perks No personal consultant Access to a personal consultant Access to a personal consultant Access to a personal consultant
No VIP perks No discounts on deposit or withdrawals Discounts on deposits and withdrawals Discounts on deposits and withdrawals Discounts on deposits and withdrawals
No VIP perks Guaranteed increase of transaction limits Guaranteed increase of transaction limits Guaranteed increase of transaction limits Guaranteed increase of transaction limits
No VIP perks Customers do not receive next-day payouts Customers receive next-day payouts Customers receive next-day payouts Customers receive next-day payouts

Comparison: NETELLER vs. Paypal fees

A basic NETELLER account – one that doesn’t have VIP privileges – will have the following basic fees: a 3.99% foreign exchange charge, a 1.45% fee to send money to other people (with a minimum fee of $0.50), and a 2.5% fee to replenish the account from a credit card. If you wire money to another NETELLER member, there will be a 1.45% fee. Uploading funds from NETELLER to Skrill will have a 2.5% charge for deposits under the $20,000 threshold. There will not be a charge if the deposit surpasses $20,000.

NETELLER does not charge fees for account management, receiving money, or spending on a merchant site. NETELLER has partnered with Skrill to give members the ability to transfer money directly to a bank or mobile money account for free. Without a Skrill account, there is a $10 bank transfer fee.

When buying and selling cryptocurrency, NETELLER members will be charged a 1.5% transaction fee if they use EUR or USD. Other currencies will have a 3% fee.

NETELLER is restructuring its fee plan, so we will keep you updated if there are changes.

Receiving money in Paypal is free as long as the parties are in the same country and transferring the same currency. Furthermore, the transfer has to be via a bank or their Paypal balance. If money is sent to a recipient who uses a different currency or lives in a different country – or if the sender uses a credit card – then the fee ranges from 2.9% (plus an additional 30 cents) to 7.4% (plus an additional 50 cents.) Paypal charges credit card deposit fees between 2.9% + thirty cents and 7.4% + fifty cents. There is an ATM domestic withdrawal fee of $2.50 and an over-the-counter withdrawal fee of $3.00. Paypal also has a foreign transaction fee of 2.5%.

Loading cash to your Paypal card balance via the Paypal app has a $3.95 fee. Loading cash to your Paypal balance with the Paypal Cash Card has a fee of $4.95.

Keep in mind, NETELLER’s VIP programs can allow you to significantly reduce the amount of fees you pay, whereas Paypal’s fee system does not give perks to dedicated customers. This comparison chart gives a thorough look at the fee structure for Paypal and NETELLER while accounting for the latter company’s VIP tiers.

Fee Type Paypal NETELLER
Foreign transaction fee 2.5% 3.99% to 1.29%
Account management Free Free
Inactive account Free $5/month after 12 months of inactivity
Send money (person-to-person) Free 1.45% to 0%
Receive money Free if both parties are in the same country, use the same currency, and a credit card is not used. Otherwise, there is a fee ranging from 2.9% + thirty cents to 7.4% + fifty cents Free
Bank transfer Free $10 or free if the customer has a Skrill account
Uploading funds to an account Free 2.5% percent under $20,000 threshold; otherwise, free
Credit Card Deposit Ranges from 2.9% + $0.3 to 7.4% + $0.5 2.5% if the transfer amount is under $20,000
ATM Domestic Withdrawal 2.5% 1.75% fee to $6 for the highest VIP tier
Purchasing from/depositing to a merchant site Free Free
Cryptocurrency Purchasing & Selling This feature is currently not supported by Paypal. 1.5% to 3%

We can see that NETELLER would be best for somebody who sends (or receives) money to foreign parties and in multiple currencies. Furthermore, NETELLER has the most generous credit card deposit fee plan.

Comparison: NETELLER Net+ Prepaid Mastercard vs. Paypal Mastercard

NETELLER’s prepaid Mastercard, also known as Net+, utilizes the latest chip and pin technology so that customers can rest assured that their account is secure. Net+ can be used like any other debit or credit card. You can use it to withdraw funds from your NETELLER account at an ATM, and you can also use it at any vendor that accepts Mastercard.

Net+ has a 3.99% fee for transactions between two different currencies. Furthermore, there is a $10 annual usage fee, and, as aforementioned, a 1.75% fee for ATM withdrawals. Non-VIP clients can make 10 ATM transactions per day. The total daily value limit varies depending on the currency. For USD, there is a limit of $3,300 per day from VIP Bronze Pro or Silver accounts and above; otherwise, the limit would be $1000. Of course, this can be increased when you reach a new VIP status level. There are no monthly costs associated with NET+.

Paypal also has its own prepaid cashback Mastercard, which is only available in the US. The card is now chip-enabled for security purposes. This card will give users 2% cashback on every purchase, and they can shop anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. They also offer another card, which only gives cashback for qualifying stores.

Paypal’s basic fees for its prepaid Mastercard are a $25 card delivery fee, a $4.95 monthly fee, and a $1.95 domestic ATM fee. It has a daily spending limit of $3,000, in addition to an ATM daily withdrawal cap of $400 USD.

Here is a comparison chart to show you the key differences between NETELLER vs. Paypal’s prepaid Mastercards.

Ordering Free $10
Delivery fee $25 Free
Annual membership Free $10
Monthly membership $4.95 Free
Daily purchasing limits $3000 $1000 – $3300
Available currencies EUR, USD EUR
Available countries US Countries that belong to the EEA (European Economic Area)

NETELLER’s card has a $10 annual membership, while Paypal does not. However, Paypal’s $4.95 monthly fee means that you end up paying a total of $59.40 per year. Furthermore, Paypal’s prepaid Mastercard has limited currency options.

Comparison: Cashback and Security of NETELLER vs. Paypal

NETELLER offers 0.50% cashback for Exclusive VIP members. Furthermore, NETELLER offers special promotions to give customers additional cashback. For instance, there is a special offer for customers who make significant deposits. To learn more details, get in touch with NETELLER.

In comparison, Paypal does not offer cashback for purchases unless you are using its Cashback Mastercard. If that is the case, then the user could earn up to 2% cashback on purchases.

NETELLER and Paypal both have a guarantee to return customers’ money if it had been used fraudulently. To prevent such fraud from happening, NETELLER and Paypal allow customers to set up 2-step authorization, such as pin codes being sent to their mobile phone or email.

This comparison chart summarizes NETELLER vs. Paypal’s cashback and security benefits.

Cashback No cashback without Cashback Mastercard – otherwise, up to 2% cashback. Up to 0.5% on deposits + special offers
2-step authorization and PIN codes Yes Yes
Refunds in Case of Fraud Yes Yes

If you are not eligible for a Paypal Cashback Mastercard, NETELLER can offer you the best cashback opportunities – especially when you pair it with our loyalty program.

NETELLER’s and Paypal’s Benefits

As you could tell from the comparison, NETELLER and Paypal both have their own sets of advantages. Paypal is ideal for when you are sending one currency to somebody in the same country, and not using a credit card. However, the fees for currency conversion and international money sending can become quite large. If you find yourself needing to make those kinds of transactions often, NETELLER would be the better solution for you.

If you live in an EEA country, you would not be eligible to receive a Paypal prepaid Mastercard. In comparison, you would be applicable for a NETELLER Net+ card.

NETELLER also has the added benefit of allowing you to spend money on gambling services, while, in comparison, you might not always be able to use Paypal. The service limits which casinos and iGaming services it allows clients to use their balance at. With NETELLER, you have the flexibility to make deposits and withdrawals at e-gambling sites. You can also use NETELLER for online trading; there are over 275 Forex merchant companies that accept NETELLER as a form of payment.


To summarize our comprehensive comparison of both services – Paypal can certainly be useful when you are selling or purchasing goods online. However, if you are interested in gambling, Forex trading, or transferring money between gaming platforms, NETELLER would be the better fit for you.

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