Why a gift card is the best present?

A gift card is a prepaid card that can be used to purchase goods or services at retail stores. It allows the owner to conveniently spend a certain amount of money, which is stored on the card of various denomination until it is used.

Many trusted online stores and supermarkets offer a wide range of gift cards, including popular retailers such as Adidas, Nike or Amazon. Gift cards of famous brands are ideal for gifts both for yourself and for your loved ones and friends! This is a kind of alternative to cash when making purchases or a kind and unique gift for any occasion.

Why is it better to give gift cards?

Gift cards are a great gift option for any occasion. Agree that even despite the pleasant opportunity to choose a present for your loved one and please him/her with a useful gift, it is not always possible to decide on a purchase and understand what the recipient really needs. In addition, the shopping is sometimes exhausting, taking a lot of time and effort, especially when you don’t know what to give.

Giving a gift card means giving the recipient the opportunity to choose what exactly he needs. Surely, the recipient will use it with great pleasure when buying any product or service at any store.

Where to buy a gift card?

Gift cards are a great way to express your love and thank to someone. The cards are easy to buy and use for almost any purchase. A gift card is also considered a profitable way to save money. When you buy a gift card, you are essentially giving the recipient a prepaid card that can be used later.

Buy a gift card from a reliable seller оn Baxity Store! A huge range of cards from well-known brands will allow you to choose exactly the gift that you think your loved one will like.

What do I need to buy a gift card from Baxity Store?

You can buy it easily and in just a few minutes. Follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to Baxity Store and click on the icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select the “Sign Up” button, enter your email address and phone number, agree to the data processing rules, click “Sign Up”.
  • Receive a confirmation email along with a password and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the “Gift Cards” category, choose a card from any store of your choice, then the card value and number, click “Add to Cart”.
  • Go to the cart with the order, click “Checkout”, select a convenient payment method. The guide for PerfectMoney payments you can find here.
  • Pay for the purchase, receive a digital gift card code via email or find it in your personal account.

How to redeem a gift card?

Usually a gift card is used in any store that accepts it and greatly simplifies the shopping process. It is very convenient and you do not waste time looking for a suitable gift. All the recipient needs is to select a product in online store, enter the gift card code, fill in the delivery details and pay.

Why is it better to give gift cards instead of cash?

There are many reasons to give a gift card instead of cash:

  • Gift card is more personal than cash. It shows that the giver took the time to find a specific gift that the recipient will enjoy. Often, receiving cash as a gift is regarded as some kind of neglect or lack of attention on the part of the giver. And a gift card shows a warmer relationship than just a cash.
  • Gift cards are also more convenient than cash. The recipient can use gift card to buy whatever they want, without having to worry about exchanging money or finding the right store.
  • Gift cards can be a great way to save money. Many retailers offer discounts on gift cards, so the recipient can get more for their money.
  • The recipient of the gift card can use it without thinking about the currency of the card balance. This eliminates the need to go through the hassle of exchanging currency, and also makes the gift card more convenient for the receiver.
  • Gift cards can be sent online via email from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, sending cash takes time, and problems often occur when sending or receiving.
  • Many people think that gift cards are more popular than cash because they can be redeemed at a particular store and get a really useful and memorable gift, rather than using cash for daily expenses.

Gift Cards – Pros and Cons

Before you buy a gift card, let’s look at all pros and cons.

Gift Card Pros

Giving gift cards as a gift has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are many benefits to giving gift cards as a convenient, flexible, and easy to use method.

  • One of the biggest benefits of gift cards is their convenience. You can purchase gift cards online from reliable resellers, and the recipient can use the card in various retail stores without leaving home and paying for a product or service with a gift card. The recipient can choose exactly what he wants, and he is less likely to receive a useless and unnecessary thing. This is especially useful if you are not sure what to give to a person who is not very close.
  • Another benefit of gift cards is their flexibility. The recipient can use the card to buy whatever they want, whenever they want. Usually, the period of use of a gift card is not limited or limited to a large period of time.
  • Gift cards are easy to use both online and in physical form. The recipient can simply bring the card to the store and use it as a credit card. He can also use the card to make purchases on the Internet, which is especially convenient if he lives in another city. To do this, at the stage of paying for the goods, simply enter the code in the appropriate field and complete the purchase.
  • Gift cards are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. They can be used to purchase any number of items, making them a versatile and convenient gift. When choosing a gift card, it is important to consider the interests of the recipient. For example, a gift card to your favorite restaurant or store will really please those who love to eat out or go shopping. Alternatively, a spa day or dinner gift voucher would be perfect for those who love to pamper themselves.
  • Gift cards are one of the most popular and versatile gifts this holiday season.
  • Gift cards can be a great way to help someone financially. They can be used to help with daily expenses or cover the cost of a special purchase.
  • One of the great things about gift cards is that they can be used for both large and small purchases. For example, a gift card to your favorite store can be used to buy a new outfit or a new piece of furniture. Or, a restaurant gift card can be used for a special evening or celebration.
  • Another advantage of gift cards is that they can be used immediately in a particular store.
  • No need to worry about gift wrapping online or getting it delivered on time. Just send the corresponding code by email and delight your loved one with the opportunity to use it instantly.
  • Finally, gift cards are a great way to express your appreciation for someone. Whether it’s a thank you for a job well done or congratulations on a special achievement, a gift card is a thoughtful way to show you care.
    So, if you are looking for a gift that is sure to please, consider a gift card. With a wide range of gift cards at Baxity Store, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for the special someone in your life.

Gift Card Cons

Gift cards can be a great way to give someone a gift, but there are some downsides to consider before giving them.

  • For example, gift cards may sometimes have a limited expiration date or may be subject to a fee.
    In addition, the recipient may not be able to use the gift card at their preferred store, or may not like the range of products on offer.
  • Gift cards can also be lost or stolen by online scammers, so it’s important to keep them safe. Ultimately, the giver must decide if the gift card is right choice for the recipient.
  • If you are planning to give a gift card as a gift, it is important to know that the recipient will be able to use the card in the store of their choice. This is often the case with cards issued by a particular merchant. For example, a Walmart gift card can only be used at Walmart stores.
  • If you’re not sure on which platform the recipient will be using the card, it’s best to give them a Visa or Mastercard gift card. These cards can be used wherever they are accepted.
  • The recipient may not find a use for the gift card. If you’re thinking about giving a gift card this holiday season, think twice. While gift cards may seem like an easy way to give your loved one what they want, the recipient may not find it useful.
  • Gift cards can often be difficult to use, especially if the recipient does not shop at the store where the card was purchased. The recipient may also be unable to use the entire balance on the card, and this means that money will be wasted, especially when the card is used for a limited period.
  • If you decide to give a gift card, be sure to choose one that can be used in many stores. This will give the person more options and increase the likelihood that they will be able to find a use for the map.
  • The recipient may not be able to use the gift card before it expires. Gift cards usually expire one or two years from the date of purchase. Once the card expires, the recipient will not be able to use it to make purchases. There are several ways to help solve the problem with the expiration date of the card. First, you can check the expiration date of the card before purchasing. Second, you can ask the recipient to use the card as soon as possible. Finally, you can give the recipient another gift, such as cash or a check.
  • The recipient may not be able to use the full value of the gift card. If you are thinking about giving a gift card, please read the terms of use. Some gift cards have restrictions on how and where they can be redeemed. For example, the recipient may not be able to use the entire balance of the card, or the card may only be valid for a certain period of time.
  • The recipient may have to pay a fee to use the gift card. Before giving a gift card, read about fees. Fees may vary by card, but may include an activation fee, a monthly maintenance fee, and a replacement fee. Before giving a gift card, be sure to check the fees and make sure the recipient is aware of them. Otherwise, the recipient may be unpleasantly surprised when trying to use the card.

Gift Cards – Terms of Use and Restrictions

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying, giving and using gift cards.

  • Make sure the gift card is from a trusted source. There are many scammers out there, so it’s important to be careful.
  • Check the terms and conditions of a gift card before using it. Some gift cards have expiration dates or other restrictions that you should be aware of.
  • Be aware of the fees associated with gift cards. Many cards will charge for activation, balance requests, or even for using.
  • Finally, remember that gift cards are not a substitute for cash. They should be used as a supplement to your regular budget.


Let us repeat, gift cards can be a great way to help or to thank someone. You can choose a card that is used not in one specific, but in many stores. This can be especially useful if you’re not sure what the person really needs.

Buy gift cards in Baxity Store and delight your loved ones with an original gift!

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