AvaTrade Review: Key Moments to Learn before Signing Up

AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade ECN is a digital platform that allows investors – as well as brokerages – from different global areas to trade without any necessity for third-party involvement. Read on to learn about the service’s registration, fees, platforms, and more in our AvaTrade forex review.

Pros and Cons of AvaTrade

We’re going to start off this AvaTrade broker review with what we like (and don’t like) about the service.


+ The broker is highly reputable in the trading industry

+ AvaTrade registration is simple, and you can even choose to open a demo account

+ Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge

+ AvaTrade margin calculator helps you determine potential losses and profits before you execute a trade

– Platform charges an “inactivity fee” of $50 for every three months that an account has no activity

Key Features

AvaTrade users choose this platform because of its features:

  • Ability of multi-asset trading.
  • Unified login for several trading platforms.
  • Analytic abilities — AvaTrade platform is known for offering a wide range of powerful analytical tools. Users can watch indicators on multiple, flexible, and interactive charts.
  • Accessibility and mobility: available on PC, iOS, or Android devices, and via web version.
  • Tools for automated trading.
  • Multi-language accessibility.
  • Suitable both for experienced traders and novices with its “Virtual Portfolio.
Trading InstrumentsWith AvaTrade , CFD, Forex, stocks, Indices, FXoptions, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and bonds are all tradable instruments.
SpreadsEach instrument has its own associated spread, which can be seen in Financial instruments section.

AvaTrade Bitcoin leverage is 20:1.

Forex leverage can be up to 400:1 (but it varies based on your country)

Trading PlatformsWebTrader, MT4, MT5, AvaTrade GO, AvaOptions
CountriesAvaTrade is available for residents of Australia, Japan, South Africa, UAE, the EU, and the British Virgin Islands.
Demo AccountYes, a free demo account is available.
Islamic AccountYes, an AvaTrade Islamic account is available, which complies with Sharia Law’s Riba principles.
Deposit Compensation SchemeAvaTrade offers negative deposit protection – this means that you cannot lose a greater amount than you deposit.

Bonuses and Promotions

New AvaTrade users are eligible to receive a hefty bonus, the size of which depends on how large your first deposit is. To read more on the AvaTrade bonus terms for new accounts, head New Accounts Promotion page. You can also use AvaTrade ’s handy calculator to figure out exactly how much your new user bonus is. Let’s say, for instance, that you make a deposit of $2,000. With $2,000, you get $400 – with $3,000: $600, and so on.

Deposit options

Deposit OptionBank wire transfer, e-wallets, credit cards
FeeAvaTrade fees for deposits are not applicable. Fees are taken in the form of fixed spreads.
Processing TimeEach option has its own deposit time, but e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, Trastra, etc.) can take as short as 24 hours.

Withdrawal options

Withdrawal OptionBank wire transfer, e-wallets, credit cards
FeeAs with the deposit section, withdrawal fees are not applicable.
Processing Time1-2 working days
Withdrawal RequirementsYou must have a verified, confirmed account. You must also have met promotion volume requirements and have enough usable margin in your AvaTrade account.

Trading Platforms

Out of all the platforms available at AvaTrade, MT5 is the most advanced – however, there are several other platforms available to use. Read on to find out which AvaTrade platform to download, based on your needs.

PlatformSuited forFeatures
MT4Professional fund managers + retail traders– basic graphic analysis tools
– 3 kinds of order executions
– the ability to program a trading robot of your own
– fifty technical analysis indicators
MT5Comprehensive price analysis– 4 kinds of order execution
– 6 kinds of pending orders
– a multi-currency experimenter
– greater market depth.
WebTraderBeginners– offers all the same trading account types as MT4
– one-click trading
– monitor quotes online without delay
– see the positions that you opened in MT4
AvaTrade GOTrading on-the-go– use iOS or Android device
– connect to international trading markets
– view social trends and live feeds
– the AvaProtect technology reduces your risk of losing a position
AvaOptionsVisual-oriented traders– quick-loading custom market watches
– visualization of volatility
– 40+ forex currency pairs

Best Payment Solutions for AvaTrade Users

The best payment solutions for AvaTrade users are the ones that deposit and withdraw money quickly. Since AvaTrade does not charge deposit and withdrawal fees, speed, and security are really the only factors to consider. We strongly recommend using e-wallet services, such as Skrill, Neteller, and Trastra.

Why? Well, when you use any of these options to deposit your funds, the results can be as quick as 24 hours. Conversely, if you deposit via wire transfer, it could take up to seven working days! Of course, using a credit or debit card would be even faster than an e-wallet, but it wouldn’t be as secure. To avoid any possible data breaches, it is best to work through a third party e-wallet.

Another great reason for using these services is that we can provide you with the best possible sign-up conditions.

Skrill logo

Skrill: Speedy verification, complimentary prepaid card for EEA residents, easier access to VIP Gold and Silver levels, and loyalty program

neteller broker logo


Neteller: Speedy verification, immediate Bronze PRO VIP status, complimentary prepaid card, and easier access to VIP Silver level

trastra logo brokerTrastra: No charge for card purchases, free crypto2crypto transfers, available cards with no bank account, ability to convert crypto into fiat money, 300 EUR daily ATM limit, 2.25 EUR ATM withdrawal charge, and free Trastra VISA card


What is the minimum deposit/withdrawal on AvaTrade?

The minimum amount you must deposit on AvaTrade for starting an account is 100 EUR – or 100 units of another currency. This minimum amount also applies to future deposits. For withdrawals, AvaTrade does not have a minimum amount – however, you may only withdraw up to two hundred percent of your deposit.

Are there any deposit/withdrawal fees?

There are no AvaTrade signup fees, penalties for closing accounts, or for depositing and withdrawing funds. The only commission is via AvaTrade ’s fixed spreads – this is a set charge per trade.

How do you contact AvaTrade customer support?

AvaTrade has excellent customer support options; you can send them an email or contact them via an international phone number. There are nearly 40 phone numbers available, so you are pretty much guaranteed to link up with a support member in your time zone.



  1. Right now I only have a paypal account and since withdrawals to credit cards seem to take 5 days I was thinking of using this as default, at least for the first couple of months. Is this as secure as an ewallet?

    1. Dear David Marshall, thank you for your question! PayPal is really a secure payment system. You can surely decide what payment system to use, however if you deal with trading we recommend you to use Skrill. It’s a secure and reputable e-wallet and signing-up for an Skrill account via our link gives you an opportunity to get special account statuses in Skrill on favourable terms.
      If you prefer a bank card instead of an e-wallet you can try Trastra. Unlike a usual bank card, Trastra VISA card provides anonymity to its users while making transactions. You can hold crypto in your Trastra wallet, convert it into fiat money and use it everywhere via VISA card.

      1. Yes, I plan to dabble in trading soon, once i have enough to invest. I had to double check, I was expecting them to have higher fees, but they have a 1.50% fee for all transactions above 100 euros.

        On this page it says: “AvaTrade is available for residents of Australia, Japan, South Africa, UAE, the EU, and the British Virgin Islands.” is this not available in Canada? I found online that it offers its services in Canada through Friedberg Direct.

        1. David, yes, you are right. AvaTrade uses their partnership with a canadian broker Friedberg Mercantile Group, so canadians can continue to trade with Avatrade instruments in accordance with the rules of IIROC.

          I must mention that Trastra currently only works within European countries, so if you are Canadian, you should choose between Skrill and Paypal for work.

  2. Creating the account was easiest, but I not like the fact that I must to add a phone number…

    1. Fahim, thank you for your feedback! Providing a phone number is necessary to increase the level of account protection. For example, to confirm transactions or log into an account. Therefore, this step will not be superfluous.

  3. I’ve had issues with the login process, my browser seems to process this website very slowly despite not having issues with other websites. They helped me to pinpoint the cause for this, the browser cache, but it took several days until I got a hold of them which is way too long.

    1. Shane, thank you for sharing your story, I think it will help other customers with a similar problem. Indeed, problems with the speed of the support response can be frustrating 🙁

  4. Signed up for an account last night and right now I’m going throughh the tens of articles bookmarked trying to find the best course of action. The one login for multi-platforms was the reason I decided to try them first, having more platforms under 1 account will save me a lot of time.

    1. 0045Matic, thank you for your comment! We are glad that you like the platform.

      Having a certain strategy is already a step towards success, which is what I wish you in your activity 🙂

  5. The combination of downloadable platforms for both Mac and Windows allows traders to trade with their device of choice. AvaTrade also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS, making it easier to keep an eye on and execute your trades while you are on the move.

  6. CFD Fees CFD trading at AvaTrade gives you the opportunity to trade Commodities, Bonds, ETFs, Indices and Stocks.

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