NETELLER Bitcoin: how to instantly transfer money into coins and back

Over the past few years, Bitcoin has been increasing in popularity across the world. Nowadays, many online casinos and gaming sites accept it as a form of payment. In order to get your hands on some, you can use NETELLER to exchange Bitcoin and to deposit it to your NETELLER e-wallet.

Benefits of Operations with Bitcoin in NETELLER

There are several benefits to using NETELLER for Bitcoin transactions.

  • Flexibility: NETELLER accepts 28 different currencies when you buy Bitcoin.
  • Security: NETELLER is a reputable company with years of experience. It is known for its multiple methods of security and customer protection.
  • Speedy: When you buy and sell Bitcoin with NETELLER, the exchange occurs instantly. When you deposit Bitcoin to your NETELLER wallet, it can take from 1 minute to 1 business day.

Now that you know why it is advantageous to use NETELLER to exchange and deposit Bitcoin, let’s look at how exactly the process works.

How to Deposit Bitcoin to NETELLER Wallet

Please note that starting from September 15, 2020, the possibility to top up your NETELLER account using BTC remains only for residents of the EEA countries. In other countries this deposit method is no longer available.

If you are wondering how to deposit Bitcoin to your NETELLER wallet, follow these steps. You can complete the steps in an instant!

  1. Go to the NETELLER deposit page, which will instantly give you multiple deposit options. Look for the Bitcoin deposit option and give it a click.Deposit Bitcoin to Neteller
  2. NETELLER will instantly take you to a page where you can choose the deposit amount or decline and go back. Go ahead and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to deposit and click the “Continue” button. The limit will typically be 3,600 EUR, and there could be 2,5% fee associated with your deposit. However, these figures can change depending on your NETELLER wallet’s status or the country in which you reside.
    Bitcoin to Neteller
  3. At this point, NETELLER will send you to the Bitcoin BitPay exchange page in an instant. How to transfer money from your Bitcoin wallet? You can use the barcode that pops up or click on the link that is labelled “copy payment URL.” Be sure to double-check your chosen Bitcoin money amount one final time before you send the transfer off to completion.
  4. The deposit will process, but this will not happen instantly. Sometimes the Bitcoin transfer to your NETELLER wallet could go through in one minute, while at other times, the transfer to your wallet could take up to 1 business day.

You can use Bitcoin for making transfers to Neteller merchants or to other members.

Please keep in mind that you will be unable to make purchases using Bitcoin and a Bitcoin withdrawal from your NETELLER wallet to your bank account. Nor will you be able to make a withdrawal to your NETELLER MasterCard.

How to Buy Bitcoin With NETELLER

Now that you have learned how to deposit Bitcoin to NETELLER via a relatively quick transfer, let’s learn how to use NETELLER to actually buy Bitcoin.

  1. From your NETELLER dashboard, look at the left-hand menu and click on the tab that says “Crypto.” You will see a list of all available cryptocurrencies to buy, along with their current exchange rate. Click that “Trade” button listed to the far right of the cryptocurrency that you would like to buy. In this case, we would click the “Trade” button on the Bitcoin (BTC) row, conveniently located at the top of the Crypto page. Of course, you have several other options besides this, to suit your preferences – ETH, LTC, EOS, and more.To buy Bitcoin with Neteller
  2. Once you’ve selected your cryptocurrency, you will fill out a transaction form. There is a box at the top, labelled “From”. Select which fiat currency you would like to purchase your cryptocurrency with. Put the total amount of fiat you’d like to spend in the box next to this. Then, in the “To” section, where BTC is selected, you will see the amount updated to reflect how much EUR you are spending, and in accordance with the current exchange rate. Speaking of the rate, you can look to the right side of the screen. The exchange rate will be listed there, and it will refresh frequently.Neteller to Bitcoin exchangeThis part of the Bitcoin buying process will also show you any fees. Review the fees – if you are not satisfied, you can back out to decline the purchase. If you are fine with the fees, press “Complete” to buy Bitcoin.
  3. After you click the “Complete” button to buy Bitcoin, you will see the short summary of the payment that includes transaction ID, exchanged amount, amount of Bitcoin, exchange rate, processing fee and the total.Crypto exchange Neteller
  4. You can click “View transaction history” to review more details. NETELLER will send your new balance to your wallet account overview. This happens instantly; you will have your Bitcoin in only a few seconds.

Exchange Neteller from USD to BTC

How to Sell Bitcoin with NETELLER

If you would like to sell Bitcoin with NETELLER, it is nearly the same as when you buy it.

  1. Once again, head to NETELLER’s Crypto link. You will see the same page, as shown in the previous screenshot. Click on whichever type of crypto you would like to exchange; in this case, BTC.
  2. This time, instead of choosing an exchange of fiat currency to Bitcoin, swap the exchange direction. Don’t forget to check the Bitcoin exchange rate and any fees!
  3. Click Complete, and NETELLER will process the transaction. The Bitcoin will be removed from your account, and you will have your fiat currency in your NETELLER wallet in an instant.

Comparison of Additional Bitcoin Services

If for any reason, you need to decline from using NETELLER’s Bitcoin services, you have other options.


BitPanda is a very popular Bitcoin exchange that has headquarters in Austria. The process to buy Bitcoin typically takes less than 10 seconds. This pretty much instant process does not display fees publicly. However, you can quickly and reliably use BitPanda to transfer Bitcoin to your NETELLER wallet.


The special thing about CoinCorner is that it has a fixed exchange fee of 1%. This means that you can buy and sell Bitcoin on this platform with minimal fees.


Wirex allows its customers to have complete control over their fiat currency and cryptocurrency from one card. With its Visa, you can use both categorizations of currency no matter where you are in the world. The card also automatically makes payments in local currencies so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of that. What’s more, you can earn crypto with Wirex’s revolutionary Cryptoback program.


Revolut is another multi-currency financial solution that allows you to manage everything directly from one app. The app makes crypto exchange accessible for everybody, as it has now expanded the services to its Standard (free) account holders. Plus, you can hold up to 29 currencies in your account at once.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is an international Bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy Bitcoin with a wide variety of payment methods. In some countries, Local Bitcoin is the only service you can use to buy Bitcoin.

Summary of Bitcoin Exchange on NETELLER

As we have discussed, NETELLER is a fast and reliable way to buy and sell Bitcoin. It also offers Bitcoin deposit options with minimal fees, as well as other cryptocurrency offerings. If you have any questions about how to buy, sell, or deposit Bitcoin with NETELLER, feel free to contact us at Baxity. As a NETELLER partner, we are happy to offer you insight.


  1. Tried depositing Bitcoin to my NETELLER account and it took at least 1 day. This happened twice. I thought it would be faster so I’m a little disappointed. I heard that for others it took much less so I don’t understand what happened. Any ideas why this keeps happening to me?

    1. Usually depositing Bitcoin to a Neteller account takes no more than 24 hours. But some technical delays on payment system side can happen. We can do nothing in this case, unfortunately. We can just assure you that such difficulties occur quite rarely and we hope that you won’t face more difficulties using Neteller. If this delay bothers you very much you can contact Neteller support directly and if this problem is of a technical nature they can help you to solve it.

  2. I made NETELLER account via Baxity because there were some benefits for a gambler to do so: Silver (which I have now) with preferential terms + I can make transfers with 0 commissions. Of course, the major reasons I chose to use Neteller was to remain anonymous and to have quick access to my money.

  3. I first used baxity and neteller a few months ago. These two works together well and offer many benefits. x.e. I got vip bronz pro after verif of my Net acc. Then after a few days I deposited $8000 to brokers contacted Baxity and got Vip silver quickly. Had some questions at first and support was very helpful and quick. From them I learned that I gets a lot more benefits when using the baxity service than I initially thought. Anyway for now I am very happy with the service, thanks.

    1. Dear Felipe, thank you for your feedback and for the trust you have placed in us! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience in using our service.

    1. Gracias a Vd por su preguntar! Puede Vd crear una cuenta en Neteller a través de nuestro enlace de afiliado y obtener una serie de beneficios, como la verificación acelerada, el estado VIP Bronze PRO gratis inmediatamente después de la verificación de la cuenta y el estado VIP Silver en condiciones favorables. A través de este enlace, puede obtener más información sobre nuestras ventajas y crear una cuenta en Neteller con Baxity:
      Si necesita ayuda Vd para crear una cuenta o tiene alguna pregunta, puede ponerse Vd en contacto con nuestro equipo de soporte en el chat en este sitio. De esta manera, podemos responderle Vd lo más rápido posible.

  4. You said that bitcoin exchanges can happen from 1 minute to 1 business day. This is a big change in time, is there a way to guarantee that it happens fast?

    1. lady_gaga, unfortunately, we can’t influence it. Neteller says that bitcoin exchange process takes up to 24 hours, we can’t say why it takes 5 minutes one time, and 3 hours – another. As we know, this process usually doesn’t take much time.

      1. Okay, I understand, as long as it usually happens quickly I will be happy. I signed up for neteller account today and made my first Bitcoin deposit to teh wallet and it only took 10 minutes. Just one more question – you said that fees can sometimes depend on what country your in, is that for where you live or can i get cheaper rates when i am traveling?

        1. Transaction fees depend on your country of residence, i.e. country indicated in your Neteller account. By the way, if you are going to travel to another country and then use your Neteller account in travelling, you should notify Neteller support about it before the trip so as not to come to the attention of Neteller security service.

          1. oh, i never thought bout the travel implications. Thanks for leting me know, I travel a lot and it would be bad if they froze my account ☹ is there a form i can fill out onine for when I travel like with some banks, or should I call their customer support?

            1. You can easily contact support by phone or mail, but in our experience, the call will be faster and more efficient. Here are Neteller’s direct support contacts: +44 20 3308 9525 (Skype calls are rather cheap 0.023 $/min).

  5. Once you sold BTC bought with euros back to Euro’s on your neteller account. Can I withdraw this fiat money? So I can buy food in the supermarket?

    1. moonshine, yes, after the sale of cryptocurrency, you can perform any operations on your account, including withdrawing this money to a bank account or make purchases with a Neteller card.

    1. 80sgirl, thank you for your words, they are very important to us. We wish you good luck in your work with the cryptocurrency market 🙂

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