The Big Neteller vs. Skrill vs. ecoPayz Comparison 2021

Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz – these three are currently the best e-wallet payment providers available in the market. This article will review the pros, cons, and different features of the subject e-wallets.

Quick Overview of Each of the Payment System

Selecting the right platform for online payment operations can be a challenging task. Below is an overview of each payment system to provide a better idea.

About Neteller

Founded in 1999, Neteller established itself as a payment solution in the online gaming industry within a few months and was handling transactions for 85% of the global gambling merchant industry. Neteller’s 95% revenue was sourced by providing payment solutions to the online gambling market. Paysafe Group, a financial from the UK, owns and runs Neteller. The virtual payment system’s financial services expand worldwide to several countries. It is regulated under the Central Bank of Ireland. Its services include a prepaid card.

  • Overall rating:
  • Fees:
  • Security:
  • User experience:
  • Customer support:
  • Serviced Countries:


  • Transactions are simple and quick.
  • Prepaid MasterCard and virtual payment cards.
  • Payments are free to merchant websites.
  • It can be used at many exchanges, forex sites, bookmarkers, and poker websites.


  • Non-VIPs have to pay a significant conversion rate of 4.99% over the standard exchange rate.
  • Customer Service is lagging.
  • Registration is unavailable in some countries.

About Skrill

Skrill was founded in 2001. It is a virtual payment system that provides various features for handling funds online, including a prepaid card. It is a global solution with its services available in several countries and currencies. Skrill is owned and run by Paysafe, a British financial firm, which is also authorized under the Central Bank of Ireland.

  • Overall rating:
  • Fees:
  • Security:
  • User experience:
  • Customer support:
  • Serviced Countries:


  • It offers both personal and business accounts.
  • Safety and security are strong on the platform.
  • A Skrill prepaid card is available.


  • It’s unavailable for large amount of countries.
  • Customer Service is lagging.
  • Deposit fees and currency conversion fees for non-VIP users are quite high

About ecoPayz

Launched in 2000 as Ecocard, ecoPayz is an online payment platform offering complete funds-handling solutions to gamblers, traders, and businesses through great features and services. It was regulated under the UK FCA in 2008, is registered with the Information Commissioners Office, has accreditations from the PSI-Pay Ltd, and is PCI DSS compliant. A prepaid card can be availed through ecoPayz.

  • Overall rating:
  • Fees:
  • Security:
  • User experience:
  • Customer support:
  • Serviced Countries:


  • Quick and easy payments.
  • Transactions are allowed between many countries.
  • An ecoPayz card is provided.
  • Apart from gambling, it can be used in many shops.
  • Secure and safe platform. Personal data is secure.
  • It can be used as an eCommerce payment gateway.


  • Prepaid card is available only for EU countries.

Skrill vs Neteller vs ecoPayz Comparison

E-Wallets are an excellent and safe method to send money anywhere globally within seconds. Though the aim of these e-wallets, namely Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz, are the same, the differences lie in their fee structure, programs offered, transaction options, available currencies, and countries.

Fees and Limits

The table below provides a table for Neteller vs Skrill vs ecoPayz fees and limits.

Method Skrill Fees Neteller Fees ecoPayz Fees
Deposit Fees 0.00%+ (depends on the country) 2.5% 0.00-10.00% (Bank Wire deposit)
1.69-6.00% + 0.29 USD (Credit card deposit)
2.90% (ecoVoucher deposit)
Free (codePayz deposit)
1.25-2.00% (zestPay deposit)
Free (Alternative currency deposit)
Withdrawal Fees 5.50 EUR (Bank Transfer)
2.00% (Crypto Wallet)
3.49% (Neteller)
7.50% (VISA)
5.50 EUR (Swift)
10 USD (Bank Transfer)
12.75 USD (Member Wire)
0% Free (Merchant Sites)
1.45% Min. Fee 0.50 USD (Money Transfer) 0 – 1.75% (Net + Prepaid Mastercard)
3.49% (Skrill)
7.5% (VISA)
2.00% (minimum charge 1.50 USD) (Cash Withdrawal – Mastercard)
Crypto Buy / Crypto Sel 0.99 EUR per transaction (Transactions up to 19.99 EUR)
1.99 EUR per transaction (Transactions between 20 EUR – 99.99 EUR)
1.50% per transaction (Transactions above 100 EUR)
0.50% per transaction (Crypto P2P)
0.99 USD per transaction (Transactions up to 19.99 USD)
1.99 USD per transaction (Transactions between 20 USD – 99.99 USD)
1.50% per transaction (Transactions above 100 USD)
0.50% per transaction (Crypto P2P)
Foreign Exchange Processing Fee 3.99% + wholesale exchange rates 4.49% + the average daily interbank market rate 1.25-2.99%

As seen in the table above, Skrill has a deposit fee based on the subject currency, and Neteller has a 2.5% deposit. It is also important to note that Skrill’s deposit fees depend on the country.

In the transfer limit feature, while Skrill and Neteller have set a limit on the per quarter fund transfer in a quarter, ecoPayz has set no limits for lifetime transfers.

VIP Programs

The special programs can be achieved by upgrading level-by-level through additional verifications, transacting the minimum amount, etc. The benefits are exclusive to the ones who have successfully entered into the program. Below is a VIP program table for Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz.

The Skrill VIP Program consists of 3 levels – Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Amount of deposits to merchants Silver Gold Diamond
Registering via Baxity 7,500 EUR
Registering on regular terms 15,000 EUR in a quarter 45,000 EUR in a quarter 90,000 EUR in a quarter

The Neteller VIP Program consists of four levels – Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Exclusive.

Amount of deposits to merchants Bronze PRO Silver Gold Diamond Exclusive
Registering via Baxity FREE 7,500 EUR
Registering on regular terms N/A 15,000 USD per quarter 45,000 USD per quarter 150,000 USD per quarter 600,000 USD per quarter

The ecoPayz VIP Program consists of four levels – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP.

Amount of deposits to merchants Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Registering via Baxity FREE FREE 10,000 EUR
Registering on regular terms FREE 5,000 EUR or 2,500 EUR by credit card 50,000 EUR 250,000 EUR

While Skrill and Neteller provide impressive terms for getting special account levels, it is noteworthy that ecoPayz has even more beneficial terms, giving its clients an opportunity to get special statuses for less amounts of deposits. To receive VIP statuses on the best terms you just need to sign up for an account via Baxity link.

Serviced Countries

e-Wallet Skrill Neteller ecoPayz
Supported Countries 100+ 103+ 200+
Restricted Countries 115+ 115+ 75
Currencies 36 28 45
Availability of Prepaid Card 31 EU/EEA countries 31 EU/EEA countries 31 EU/EEA countries

In the above table, we see that with more than 200 serviced countries and 45 currencies, ecoPayz marches ahead of the other two e-Wallets.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Skrill Neteller ecoPayz
Deposit options Bank transfer, rapid transfer, credit or debit card, Paysafecard, Paysafe Cash Visa, UPI, webpay, Trustly, SurtiMax, ServiPag, Satander, redpagos, Rapid transfer, pse, przelewy 24, Paysafe cash, Paysafecard, Pago Facil, OXXO, Net Banking, Nultibanco, Bancontact Mister Cash, Mastercard, Maestro, Bank transfer, Klarna, International Bank Transfer, Ideal, Giropay, Fast Bank Transfer, Euteller, eps, epay, edeq, efecty, Daviendo, Carulla, Bolento Bancario etc. Bank transfer, credit or debit card, Paysafecard, ZestPay, ecoVoucher, Neosurf, Interac, codePayz, cryptocurrency, Giropay, Trustly, Sofort, SEPA, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Boleto Bancario, Qiwi, Contact, Klarna, iDeal, Instadebit, Zimpler, Santander etc.
Withdrawal options Bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill Prepaid Mastercard, Mobile wallet, Crypto wallet, and Neteller Bank transfer, Member Wire, Merchant Sites, Money Transfer, Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, Skrill, and VISA Bank transfer

Available currencies

Skrill Neteller ecoPayz
Available currencies 36 28 50+

ecoPayz provides its services in over 50 currencies, making it a better choice than Skrill and Neteller.

Why Is ecoPayz More Profitable Than Skrill and Neteller?

While the features for Skrill and Neteller are somewhat similar, ecoPayz stands out in specific aspects, which makes it more desirable for gamblers, traders, and businesses.

Gamblers and Traders

Since we are discussing the digital world, having an online payment portal to as many parts of the world as possible is the key criteria here. As seen in the ‘Serviced Countries’ section above, Skrill and Neteller allow their services in about 100 countries. ecoPayz is an excellent option for gamblers and traders because it extends its virtual payment system to over 200 countries with over 50 currencies.

For Business

Businesses require an expanded reach to the global world. As compared to Skrill and Neteller, ecoPayz provides just that. With over 200 supported countries, over 50 currencies, and low foreign exchange rates, the ecoPayz Business Account, ecoPayz Merchant Account, and ecoPayz Affiliate Program help maximize the overall value of your business funds. The platform’s system is structured to provide instantly and higher secure payments, thereby saving critical time for businesses. With each upgrade in the VIP program, the benefits start unlocking, including no limit on deposits and transfers, low foreign exchange rates, free P2P money transfer, and many more.

What Will You Get by Opening an ecoPayz Account Through Baxity?

By opening an ecoPayz account through Baxity, you can be assured of ample benefits and instant access to several locked features of the virtual payment system.

Gold ecoAccount Right After Verification for a Lifetime

Once you have registered and verified for ecoPayz through Baxity, you will get instant Gold status. The Gold ecoAccount, along with its conversion rate of 1.49% and free P2P transfers, can be availed for a lifetime.

Cash Bonuses for High Limits Gamblers and Traders

Apart from the several benefits that ecoPayz’s virtual payment system provides to gamblers and traders, registration through the Baxity link offers cash bonuses.

Fast Track Verification Within 2 Hours

The time required to verify an account will also be reduced to 2 hours when registration is carried through Baxity.

VIP ecoAccount Right After 10.000 EUR Deposits

Along with several benefits, you will also get a preferential VIP ecoAccount after 10.000 EUR deposits.


Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz are no doubt amongst the leading e-wallets in the market. However, ecoPayz offers all the essential features and services required for financial services, businesses, and online gambling. When you register and through Baxity, you’ll get access to additional benefits like instant Gold status, quick verification, etc.


What Is the More Profitable Payment System for Gamblers and Traders: Neteller or ecoPayz?

When considering ecoPayz vs. Neteller, the former is more beneficial for gamblers and traders. This is because of its expanded reach to over 200 countries and over 50 currencies while Neteller provides its services in over 100 countries, as seen in the above Skrill vs. ecoPayz vs. Neteller supported countries comparison table.

Which Payment System/eWallet Is Better: Skrill or ecoPayz?

In the Skrill vs. ecoPayz comparison debate, ecoPayz is better. Skrill, on the contrary, has few serviced countries and currencies, higher conversion rates, and stricted terms for getting VIP statuses.

What Is the Best eWallet Comparing Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz?

Whether comparing Neteller vs ecoPayz fees, Skrill vs ecoPayz serviced countries, or other features, we see that ecoPayz offers an overall comprehensive solution for any online financial operations for personal, business, and merchant use with its expanded global reach and features.


    1. Hi! There can be a few reasons why you see such limits in your Skrill account:
      – your account isn’t fully verified
      – you have already reached your current transaction limit
      – there is a problem of technical issue

      1. I sent documents and it show verified and no transactions make yet. I need to send money now Please help

        1. I really understand you. In this case it can be a problem of technical issue. Try to do the following:
          – log out and log in to your Skrill account again
          – clean cashe and cookie in your browser
          – log in to your Skrill account via another device

          If you still face the same problem, please,contact Skrill support directly using the following details:

          International phone +44 203 308 2520, +44 203 514 5562
          Or email

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