Top Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023

Top cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin in October 2023

The position of cryptocurrencies on the market is strengthening at breakneck speed. Their popularity and the consumer demand for them is continuing to grow. Some of them formed a list of top cryptocurrencies nowadays.

In today’s review, we will discuss Bitcoin’s main competitors and analyze the top cryptocurrency to invest in October 2023.

The List of Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy Other Than Bitcoin in October 2023

Below you’ll find the names of the most successful cryptocurrencies on the market in October 2023.

  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Binance Coin
  • Stellar
  • DogeCoin
  • Tether
  • Cardano
  • Litecoin

What are the criteria for determining the top cryptocurrency October 2023? We can start by evaluating them based on market capitalization. The more capitalization a currency has on the market, the more successful we can deem it. We should also pay attention to the price, yet the first criterion is by far the most illustrative.



Market capitalization: $280.1billion

Value: $2,409.11

Pros Cons

The strong and reliable management community

Versatile in use, it can serve many purposes

Ethereum’s blockchain is programmable; it is supported on a large number of devices at once

Rapid development trends: a new version, Ethereum 2.0, would be more environmentally friendly than the current one

– Some customers note the difficulties in using it

– The recent sharp drop in value has shaken users’ confidence

General description:

Today Ethereum is one of the main competitors to Bitcoin. Just like the top cryptocurrency 2021, it is also a pure one. Ethereum is quite versatile to use. The creator is Vitalik Buterin, who wrote the currency in 2015. There is a Proof-of-Work algorithm in the body that is used for the validation of transactions. Some investors prefer to hold Bitcoin as an asset (like gold, for example). Ethereum is used to enable dApps decentralized finance services (DeFi), that popularity has a tendency to steady growth. That drives a higher number of public blockchain transactions on Ethereum than on Bitcoin.

ripple logo 2021


Market capitalization: $38.8 billion

Value: $0.83

Pros Cons

Open-source currency with no permissions needed

The fastest digital asset on the market; enables making any transaction in real-time

The payment principle is quite clear and straightforward

The sphere of use includes mainstream financial institutions

– Some customers note difficulties in using it. The main reasons are the centralized system and the weak ability of its improvement.

– There are some problems with legacy: suspected of illegally raising more than a billion dollars

General description:

Now one of the most popular digital assets on the global market, it was founded in 2012 by a group of three IT specialists. Later the OpenCoin company was formed. Today this cryptocurrency is also a for-profit digital company, which makes it unique. But an aggravating factor is an unresolved lawsuit pending since last year following the illegal raising of a billion dollars in digital securities.

binance coin logo 2021Binance Coin

Market capitalization: $53.2 billion

Value: $346.99

Pros Cons

The project is based on the DeFi service

It is now the potential competitor for Ethereum

Binance Coin has its own Smart Chain

– Centralized system

– Binance has signed an agreement to use 20% of its profits to buy and destroy tokens of the Chain. The aims of this process are supply restriction and value growth

General description:

The cryptocurrency was created in 2017, based on Ethereum. Later, the developers created their own SmartChain. Initially, the cryptocurrency was formed as a vehicle for making transactions on Binance, one of the largest exchange platforms in the world. A loyalty program has been launched to attract users to it. Today the platform has its own Smart Chain and is distinguished from the crowd by its high transaction speed.

Stellar logo 2021


Market capitalization: $7.75 billion

Value: $0.3351

Pros Cons

Decentralized system

It is now the potential competitor for Ripple

Targeting the average user, mainly from developing countries

+ Versatile in use, it can serve many purposes

– Quite a rare currency, about 50% of lumens are destroyed

General description:

The new platform from a Ripple co-founder is an open-source network aiming to facilitate cross-asset transfers. Stellar is also a payment instrument that is used to connect financial institutions. It can perform exchanges between fiat-based and cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin logo 2021


Market capitalization: $40.938 billion

Value: $0.3149

Pros Cons

Decentralized system

Meme coin, a driver of its considerable popularity

Versatile in use, it can serve many purposes

– Meme coin, the reason it has been taken lightly

General description:

DogeCoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies that was designed in 2013. As it was launched as a joke, it did not have a serious purpose, and its mission was to ridicule all the excitement around cryptocurrencies. However, the project gained significant success, and today Dogecoin continues to grow and gain more and more in popularity. It is known for having been purchased by some major celebrities.

tether logo 2021


Market capitalization: $62.632 billion

Value: $1

Pros Cons

Not subject to volatility, the price is relatively stable

Linked to a stable asset

Versatile in use, it can serve many purposes

– There is no data on reserve stock

General description:

The token was first issued in 2015. Its creators claim that a stable value of 20% is provided by the reserves of US dollars stored in the company’s account. It belongs to a platform that is an add-on to the Bitcoin blockchain. It demonstrates stable growth in market capitalization. This coin is stable, and it’s value is linked to a currency ($USA). Thus, there are no fluctuations in the Tether’s value.

cardano logo 2021


Market capitalization: $47.47 billion

Value: $1.49

Pros Cons

Unique blockchain

Passed total academic review

Allows users to hold a stake in the network and to vote for changes

– Under development, scaling up

– Relatively low transaction processing speed (257 per second)

– Double spending/attack 51%

General description: 

The token was launched in 2015. It is formed based on Ethereum and now uses the Proof-of-Stake protocol. It is programmed in a language that boasts a high degree of fault tolerance. It is characterized by a high level of user data confidentiality. The uniqueness of Cardano is in its base of research-first driven approach. It passed a total academic review. Cardano’s developers are expert engineers and researchers. The platform was built through peer-reviewed research.



Market capitalization: $10.897 billion

Value: $163.24

Pros Cons

Even more rapid and effective than Bitcoin

4×Bitcoin’s supply cap

+ Versatile in use, it can serve many purposes

– One of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the DarkWeb

– Brand problems: due to the fact thatLitecoin is Bitcoin’s fork, many users consider it the BTC analog. It also uses the SegWit protocol as well as Bitcoin. These are the main reasons why Litecoin’s uniqueness is declining

General description:

As one of the first cryptocurrencies, it was created in 2011. Its distinguishing features include its operation speed, efficiency, and its ability to win over an audience. The transaction fee is 0%. It features a decentralized system that allows you to make transactions using different plans.

The Best Ways to Buy Crypto

Today, many platforms are available for purchasing top cryptocurrencies, including LocalBitcoins or Binance, the most popular instruments for cryptocurrency exchange. There are many payment instruments available for buying crypto, and Trastra is among them. It offers a Trastra card with beneficial conditions, including a loyalty program and anonymity for its users, which is essential for crypto purchasing.

Trastra card

What are the special conditions of Trastra?

The Trastra VISA card can be used for any purpose and at all sites where VISA is accepted (in online stores, on gambling and casino resources, and for withdrawals from ATMs). Clients also can use Trastra as an instrument of top cryptocurrency to buy both with crypto and EUR.

  • The Trastra wallet (which can consist not only of a VISA card but also of different bank products) also provides full protection for user data and anonymity.

Thus, we have identified the main components of today’s cryptocurrency market and ways to purchase the necessary tools. We wish you the best of luck in crypto investing!


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