Payment with Skrill: where can you pay with Skrill?

Payment systems are known to rule the online world of e-markets and virtual poker tables alike. The ease and efficiency with which E-wallets operate not only rival that of traditional banking, but also outperform conventional bank transfers and credit card transactions by making thousands of markets available right from the comfort of one’s own home. Amongst these, Skrill stands out as a payment service designed to take care of all of your needs and preferences – all of its how to’s and where’s will be discussed further below.

What is Skrill?

Although Skrill is known as an international payment service, it was originally founded in the United Kingdom. Upon its creation in 2001, Skrill was known under the name Moneybookers which primarily overlooked services for the gambling industry. Poker tables, sports bettors and online casinos ruled the company’s client base until 2011 when Moneybookers underwent a large-scale rebranding campaign which saw them adopt their current name, Skrill. Its brand name was not the only one to change, its priorities and structure also evolved to allow them to expand over multiple areas of service. The most recent event in the payment service’s development was its purchase by Optimal Payments, the owner of one of Skrill’s competitors, NETELLER.

At present, Skrill has amassed more than 36 million clients from all over the world, all of which have come to value the payment system for its reliability and security. These are equally recognised by the Central Bank of Ireland and European e-Money licenses for meeting some of the highest regulation standards. The company also holds individual licenses from each US state.

The Advantages Of Skrill

One can discuss Skill’s advantages over its direct competitors, as well as other payment methods, across a number of different areas. First, let us have a look at where it stands out against other payment methods:

  • Speed of operations. Online purchases or transfers can be completed within just a few clicks, something which can scarcely be said about credit cards and bank transfers which may take up to 3-5 business days to complete similar transactions.
  • Reduced instances of blocking. Even the most advanced and modern banks are guilty of excessive prevention, either by blocking payments or adding additional checks. Online payment services are much more aligned with their client’s preferences and are more flexible in this regard.
  • Easy registration. Signing up to an e-wallet will scarcely take more than just a few minutes, all the time it takes to fill out a couple of forms – without ever needing to leave the house. Opening a bank account or ordering a credit card like a MasterCard, even at your local bank, will require you to visit the establishment, bring the necessary documents and be prepared to sign an array of papers. That is once you have finished standing in line and freed up some time during the week to avoid closed banks over the weekend.
  • Service charge. No need to pay up annual charges for the running of your account. On the other hand, banks will debit a set amount of money from your account every year to cover their service fees.

Skrill’s benefits are also highlighted against other competing payment systems:

  • Gambling presence. Skrill may have evolved its business structure from its early days but it certainly did not lose its prime position in poker rooms or bookmaker offices. Neither ecoPayz nor NETELLER, not even PayPal as a matter of fact, come close to Skrill’s widespread representation.gamblers and traders
  • High reliability. Both its licence from the Central Bank of Ireland and its strict identification procedure has allowed Skrill to become one of the most reliable e-wallets in the world.
  • Low commissions. The payment service boasts competitively low commissions across a range of operations. Where NETELLER charges a 2.5% fee for deposits to your account, Skrill lets you add funds for free using MasterCard, Visa or American Express. One should, however, be aware of the way such commissions are dependent on the user’s country of residence which will vary according to the independent conditions imposed by the legislation of some countries. These charges will vary between 1% to 2.5% accordingly.0% skrill payment methods
  • Knect loyalty program. You may earn points on every one of your transactions, to be exchanged for money, discounts, gift cards, merchant vouchers or a range of other gifts. Skrill currently stands alone amongst its competitors for offering such a well-structured and clear loyalty program.

Knekt rewards

Once higher VIP statuses are earned, these aforementioned conditions become even more favourable for the user.

Skrill vip experience

You may profit from even greater benefits when registering onto Skrill via Baxity:

  • Your account will be subject to priority verification (within 24 hours);
  • You may bypass the required €5 deposit to complete your verification
  • VIP-status is made available to you on highly advantageous terms (VIP Silver unlocked as €5000 worth in deposits). You may get in touch to find out more on how to upgrade your status level.

You can find out more information on how to proceed in order to get VIP status on the most favourable terms in our Skrill VIP article.

Online stores and services that accept Skrill

How to get started on using your e-wallet and where to use Skrill? It is long since Skrill was only known amidst gambling fans and avid sports bettors. With its popularity growing on a yearly basis, this e-wallet has become the go-to way for customers to complete their online shopping across some of the largest e-commerce platforms, be it eBay, Amazon, AliExpress or even Skype. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • eBay. Just a few years ago, Skrill still held a prime position on the largest online trading platform. This has however changed dramatically in recent years since eBay refused to host the payment service on their site despite its apparent convenience. Until further notice, purchases cannot be paid for using Skrill as a direct method of payment on eBay.
  • AliExpress. Another popular site for buying and selling products online, AliExpress may not directly list Skrill on its available payment methods, but you may pay with the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard without trouble.
  • Amazon. One could not discuss online markets without mentioning this trading giant. Amazon does, in fact, operate on a similar basis as AliExpress with regards to the use of e-wallets.
  • Skype. Skype is where most internet calls and video chats happen and luckily it is also where Skrill is accepted without reservations.
  • Steam. One of the most prominent game stores online, Steam lets you easily purchase games using Skrill.
  • This sizeable poker software seller accepts Skrill as a payment method across the entirety of its online site.
  • This platform lets you purchase from European online clothing and accessories stores via Skrill no matter the brand’s individual conditions.
  • Skrill is put on offer as the default payment method for this large wholesale seller of Chinese goods.
  • FxPro. It takes just 10 minutes for one to make a deposit via an e-wallet to the largest online broker in the world.
  • Exness. With an impressive trading volume of $ 325.8 billion, no delay is required here for you to add funds to your account using Skrill.
  • Pokerstars. The world’s leading poker room and an active developer of sports betting and online casinos, Skrill holds a prime position as a default payment option.
  • GGPoker. Amassing the third-largest number of poker players, this platform ensures that Skrill deposits can be carried out in an instant.
  • PartyPoker. Over its two decades of operation, PartyPoker has acquired one of the most respected statuses across the world. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that it has chosen Skrill as its main deposit option for instantaneous transactions.


Skrill is a payment tool which has placed convenience and accessibility at the core of its operations in order to provide its customers with a range of features tailored to their needs and preferences. From gambling enthusiasts to regular online shoppers, everyone can benefit from the platform’s many advantages. It has proved its reliability over its years of operation, catering to its early clients in poker rooms and online casinos just as well as to its new customer base across various online platforms. The company has succeeded in recent years in popularizing Skrill as a universal wallet, both in its global reach and availability, and is set on further increasing its reach to other sites. Skrill’s presence on some of the online world’s biggest names, from Skype and Amazon to AliExpress and eBay, all certainly testifies to its success, even though some additional terms of use may apply.


  1. hi the benefits of using Baxity with Skrill seem really cool especially that I don’t have to make a deposit for verification access. Are you adding any more benefits in the future?

    1. Dear Kareem, thank you for your question! We are happy you enjoy our service. Along with priority verification, our clients get a lot of other benefits: VIP statuses in Skrill are available for our clients on favourable terms, so receiving VIP statuses is more affordable if you create Skrill account with us. You can find more information about our benefits here:

    1. Gracias a Vd por su preguntar! Puede Vd crear una cuenta en Skrill a través de nuestro enlace de afiliado y obtener una serie de beneficios, como la verificación acelerada, los estados VIP en condiciones favorables. A través de este enlace, puede obtener más información sobre nuestras ventajas y crear una cuenta en Skrill con Baxity: Si necesita ayuda Vd para crear una cuenta o tiene alguna pregunta, puede ponerse Vd en contacto con nuestro equipo de soporte en el chat en este sitio. De esta manera, podemos responderle Vd lo más rápido posible.

    1. Socjologia, thank you for your feedback! We are happy to be helpful.

      Since you live in Europe, might you be also interested in the Transtra wallet? This is a crypto wallet with its own visa card, on which you can make transfers and then spend in stores or cash out at ATMs.

      You can find more detailed information about it here –

    2. I have a question about Skrill if you don’t mind answering. Let say I sign up for a skrill business account in order to accept payments, do you know the settlement time for merchants? For example, If i accept a credit/debit card payment on my ecommerce website, do you know when I might have access to my money? Will I have access Immediately or after a few days, if so how long? Thank you!

      1. Kevin, thank you for your question! As a business account, you will have instant access to your funds with the option to withdraw them to your bank account. The withdrawal itself to a bank account can take from 2 to 5 business days, depending on the speed of processing the transaction by banks.

        For more detailed information, please contact Skrill support, as we only work with individual accounts.Skrill support:
        International phone: +44 203 308 2520, +44 203 514 5562
        It is cheaper to call from Skype – 2,3 cent/min.

    1. Amanda, thank you for your question! If Airtme provides Skrill as a payment method on their website, then you can buy this software using Skrill. This information can be checked with the supplier of the software that you want to buy.

  2. Despite being an easy account to open, Skrill comes with many unmentioned difficulties later. Some of the problems I faced are:

    – Skrill is mentioned as a payment gateway on CEX.IO yet although I loaded sufficient funds to Skrill wallet, I was not able to send funds to CEX.IO

    – Adding a bank account to withdraw money seems to have a glitch as after inputting my bank account number, it tells me that the number is invalid. Moreover I cannot withdraw to the card I used to deposit! This means the money is stuck on Skrill.

    – The markup on buying crypto is crazily inflated.

    – The crypto you buy cannot be moved to another wallet. It’s simply stuck on Skrill and due to the markup, it’s useless for traders who short on crypto.

    – Customer service’s reply via email which I guess is automated has nothing to do with the question being asked.

    All in all: yeah it’s easy to open an account and load money but good luck with using this money or getting it back!

    1. Ali, we appreciate your honest feedback about Skrill service. Indeed, some users face serious difficulties when working with Skrill. But if you analyze their problems, they often arise due to ignorance of the peculiarities of the eWallet.

      Based on your complaints, may I provide some clarifications?

      1) which card did you use to fund your account – Visa or Mastercard? If Mastercard, then their funds are automatically not allowed to be deposited with any merchants, even such as
      2) the same question – what exact card – Visa or Master? recently, the withdrawal is only available on visa cards, even if the deposit was made from the mastercard
      3) can not influence that
      4) no one hides this information, and we always tell our clients about this when they ask about the purchase of cryptocurrencies within the Skrill
      5) for urgent cases Skrill has a telephone line – International phone: +44 203 308 2520, +44 203 514 5562
      It is cheaper to call from Skype – 2,3 cent/min.

      1. So what is the balance use for? I deposit via mastercard for 55 usd. And i CANNOT USE IT AT ALL. Cant wd, cant transfer. Wth is going on here. GIVE ME SOLUTION !!!

        1. Dira, thank you for your question! Here is the explanation we got from our Skrill manager about mastercard deposits. What you are allowed to do:

          • Withdrawal to bank account
          • Transactions with Skrill prepaid card
          • Crypto Exchange
          • Fiat Exchange
          • Send money to non-gaming merchant
          • Send money to another end-customer

          If these transaction options are not available to you, you need to contact their support directly and clarify what the matter is. Because this should not be the case. Otherwise they wouldn’t have suggested it themselves.

          Skrill support – International phone: +44 203 308 2520, +44 203 514 5562
          It is cheaper to call from Skype – 2,3 cent/min.

      2. I have a similar case with Ali. I deposited via a visa card and I’ve been trying to withdraw to the same visa card but it keeps failing. I have even tried other visa cards I own and the same thing. My money is just stuck on skrill and I need to get it out. Please help

        1. Earl, first of all, I want to say that we are very sorry that you faced such a problem. However, the problem you described is purely technical, and we, from our affiliate side, cannot help. To solve this issue, you should contact the direct support of Skrill at the following contacts:

          International phone: +44 203 308 2520, +44 203 514 5562
          Or email or if you are VIP –
          It is cheaper to call from Skype – 2,3 cent/min.

  3. Hope I will be able to use skrill to buy crypto from
    Because I just read Ali comment now and I have the interntion of using it,so I’m asking again can I use skrill to pay for crypto on

    1. Emmaneat , thank you for your question and apologize for missing your message. Skrill is not accepted on all sites, so you should check with the support of the site you need, whether they accept Skrill as a payment method.

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