SpectroCoin Cryptocurrency Solution

Baxity has prepared another overview of the money transfer system. This time we will talk about the SpectroCoin payment platform. This is another functional online wallet that allows you to buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world. Unlike other well-known cryptocurrency payment systems, SpectroCoin provides customers with the ability to:

  • apply for a cryptocurrency loan;
  • order a VISA card;
  • open a personal IBAN account to make payments;
  • use the system in many areas, including gambling.

A Quick SpectroCoin Review

Due to the versatility of the SpectroCoin wallet and a wide range of cryptocurrency solutions, the site is considered a universal tool for comfortable work with online money transfers. The system can be used as a blockchain wallet for storing digital currencies, and a debit card as a way to pay in stores and cash out money at ATMs. Another useful and essential feature is the fast sending and receiving of funds via a personal IBAN in a username.

Headquarters  Lithuania
Launched in 2013
Cryptocurrencies 40+
Supported fiat currencies EUR, USD, GBP, RUB
Spectrocoin card currency EUR
Supported countries 200+
Minimum deposit 1 EUR
Deposit fee 0-8,5%
Fee for transfers between Spectrocoin accounts 0-2%
Withdrawal fee 0-15%
Mobile app Yes
Customer support Social media, email, phone and live chat

What is SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin cryptocurrency platform is a comprehensive solution for those customers who work with digital wallets, actively use debit cards or own a business. You can not only safely pay for purchases with a VISA cryptocurrency card, but also take cryptocurrency on credit, as well as accept crypto payments in business and use a personal IBAN for transactions. Access to accounts is open both in the desktop version of SpectroCoin and in a mobile application.

Is it legit?

SpectroCoin is headquartered in London under the management of the Anglo-Lithuanian company Spectro Finance Limited.

SpectroCoin platform was created back in 2013 as a financial solution with a wide range of services, serving also business clients. In 2017, the number of SpectroCoin clients reached 500,000, and in 2019 – up to 1,000,000. In the same year, an Estonian company acquired a crypto license with crypto safe legislation.

While writing the SpectroCoin review, we noticed that many online publications write about the impeccable performance of the SpectroCoin payment system, and judging by the reviews, most customers positively assess the functionality and security of the SpectroCoin wallet. In addition, on the platform’s website, you can find contact information for all team members – from founders to developers. Such transparency of activity, of course, increases user confidence in the platform, since one of the main criteria for choosing any payment system is openness and accessibility.

Supported currencies and countries

SpectroCoin supports 48 types of cryptocurrencies and 12 payment options. If you want to see a full list of countries and available currencies, enter the official website of the cryptocurrency service. The site can be used by clients in almost all countries of the world with the ability to exchange digital money for fiat. Due to the significant range of services and vast geography of SpectroCoin, the site is rapidly gaining popularity among users working with cryptocurrencies.

How does SpectroCoin work?

All cryptocurrencies and assets are based on the latest distributed ledger technology – blockchain. It is a continuous chain of blocks with information about all transactions carried out. Based on the decentralized computing system  SpectroCoin has built an electronic payment platform, that allows to manage cryptocurrency online, make bank transfers, accept customer payments, trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using the market and limit orders function on SpectroCoin Pro.


SpectroCoin allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies of any denomination for fiat using debit or credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. Converting crypto to fiat and vice versa happens instantly with the click of a button.

The platform offers advanced trading tools to help you analyze the market and thus make an informed and better decision.


Thanks to the blockchain wallet, it is possible to safely store crypto coins and link crypto assets with traditional currencies via IBAN and debit card.

Keeping up with other major crypto exchanges, SpectroCoin also provides instant buy and sell functionality. It helps to simplify the process if you are an experienced trader and not a newbie to trading.

Ease of working with the wallet in desktop and mobile versions is provided by an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Debit Card

Transfer cryptocurrency to Euro and top up your VISA debit card. It can be used worldwide to withdraw cash from 30 million ATMs, as well as to trade in online or offline stores.

spectrocoin card logo 2021

SpectroCoin prepaid card, which can be loaded with any amount, is used to make payments on platforms such as Skrill, Advcash, Payeer, etc.

Personal Dedicated IBAN

A unique feature that sets SpectroCoin apart from the competition is its personal IBAN (International Bank Account Number). You can get it free of charge for payments on your own behalf. IBAN connects with the wallet and allows you to receive money to the SpectroCoin wallet, as well as withdraw from it.

Crypto loans

You can use your cryptocurrency to get a crypto loan. The system will immediately calculate the percentage of the coefficient, show the annual interest rate and the amount of interest for a specified period of time.

How to use Spectro Coin

The platform is designed taking into account all the needs of customers, who can conveniently and efficiently work with the wallet and easily find the options they need. Naturally, in order to open an account, you need to register and go through verification.

Sign up

To open an account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow the link on the official SpectroCoin website and click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the main page. spectrocoin register 1
  2. Enter your email and select your country of residence from the list. Check the box next to “Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy”. Click “Register” . specrtocoin register 2
  3. Check the email you registered your wallet with and follow the instructions in the email. specrtocoin register 3
  4. Come up with a strong password for your account and click “Register”specrtocoin register 4
  5. You can now log into your SpectroCoin account using your registration details. specrtocoin register 5
  6. Thanks to the accessible interface and functionality of the wallet, you can easily use the account and solve various tasks. specrtocoin wallet 1

Account verification

Like all reliable payment systems, Spectrocoin requires to go through the verification process.

  1. To start identification, in your account, click on the menu on the right and click. specrtocoin verification 1
  2. As you can see in the screenshot, you need to verify your identity, as well as your phone number. specrtocoin verification 2
  3. Click “Account” and agree to the terms, then click “Verify your account”. specrtocoin verification 3
  4. Allow access to the webcam in the browser, and if you do not have this opportunity on a personal computer or laptop, you can go through verification using a mobile phone.
  5. Agree to the terms of the procedure and click “Next”. spectrocoin verification 3
  6. Select the country in which your identity document was issued. spectrocoin verification 4
  7. Select the type of identity verification document – passport or ID card. spectrocoin verify document 1
  8. Take a photo of the front page of the document. If you are verifying through a computer, the document must be held strictly in front of the camera by placing it in a frame on the page.spectrocoin verify document 2
  9. Photograph the back of the document in the same manner as the front.spectrocoin verify document 3
  10. Take a selfie with a document in your hand. If you are unable to take a good picture, repeat the procedure. spectrocoin verify document 4
  11. The next step is to add your personal information in a new window.spectrocoin wallet personal information 1
  12. Then select the type of activity and source of income. Click Next. spectrocoin wallet personal information 2
  13. Specify the purpose of opening an account on SpectroCoin. spectrocoin wallet personal information 3
  14. Select the source of funds and the amount of money turnover per month. spectrocoin wallet personal information 4
  15. Specify the country in which or from which you will receive or send money. spectrocoin wallet personal information 5
  16. Finally, confirm the accuracy of the information entered. Click Next. spectrocoin kyc 1
  17. After the completion of the verification procedure the payment system will notify you about the results by e-mail. Verification may take several days. Usually, during the verification process, the payment platform asks for additional documents for verification. These can be bank statements or utility bills that aren’t older than 3 months. spectrocoin kyc 2
  18. To verify your phone number, enter it in the appropriate field and wait for the code to your email address. specrtocoin 2 factor authentification 1
  19. Enter the verification code from the email into the required field and confirm it.specrtocoin phone number verification 1
  20. Complete or update the phone number verification process. specrtocoin phone number verification 2

What Devices Is It Available On?

The SpectroCoin crypto payment platform is available on all types of operating systems, which allows you to use the wallet without restrictions anywhere and from any device. The main thing is to go through the processes of registration and identity verification, which were described above.


Just visit the official website of the system through any browser on your laptop, enter your username and password and start using the SpectroCoin system. You can make deposits, store and exchange cryptocurrency, take out a loan, order a card and use all the functions of the site.


The principle of working with SpectroCoin wallet on personal computers is no different from working on laptops. All information on the account is synchronized and stored in real time.


Mobile gadgets on iOS and Android operating systems are another opportunity for comfortable work with SpectroCoin payment system. The user can still exchange or convert cryptocurrency, make transfers and accept payments using a smartphone through the application. There are no restrictions on using the wallet, the main thing is to connect two-factor authentication for the security of the wallet and use all the functions of the site without exception.


Since most tablets run on iOS or Android, wallet holders can also download the SpectroCoin application on these devices, log into the system using a username and password, check the transaction history, make money transfers, convert cryptocurrencies and perform many tasks.

Payment Methods

SpectroCoin payment system is really a godsend for clients, since an incredible number of payment methods makes it easy to choose the most suitable one for financial transactions. Next, we will describe how to fund SpectroCoin.

Bank transfer

To fund your account on the SpectroCoin platform, you need to use only a personal bank account registered in your name, that is, in the name of the holder of the SpectroCoin wallet. You will be provided with the bank account details for the transfer.

Debit / Credit Card

To fund SpectroCoin wallet with debit and credit cards, you need to go through full account verification and link the VISA card to your name. When making a deposit, pay attention to the fees charged by the system.

Electronic Wallet

When you fund your SpectroCoin account using a third-party electronic wallet, the system redirects you to your personal account of the payment system to complete the transaction. Funding of SpectroCoin account by third parties is prohibited.

Other methods

The SpectroCoin wallet can also be topped up with almost all cryptocurrencies and a SpectroCoin voucher that must be purchased in advance. You can read about how to use the SpectroCoin voucher on the official website of the system. To replenish your wallet with cryptocurrency, you need to transfer the crypto to the cryptocurrency address provided by SpectroCoin.

How to deposit into SpectroCoin?

To deposit into SpectroCoin, log into your account and click on “Deposit”specrtocoin deposit options

In your personal account, you can choose one of the many ways to fund your account. Before each payment method, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the commissions held by SpectroCoin, the minimum and maximum replenishment amount, as well as the types of currencies available for input.

Choose the option that suits you best and move on to the next step.

Fill in the fields with the required data: select the currency and specify the amount of the deposit, click “Next”. When depositing with cryptocurrency, you need to copy the address of the cryptocurrency wallet to send funds. There is also a SpectroCoin voucher deposit option in the wallet.

The speed at which funds are credited to your SpectroCoin account depends on the deposit method. In any case, before depositing funds to the wallet, you can always familiarize yourself with the terms of the transaction on the site.

Spectrocoin Withdrawal Process

Funds are withdrawn from SpectroCoin account in the same way as deposit. And in this case, you can use many options for withdrawing from SpectroCoin, a list of which and fees for withdrawing money can be found in your personal account.

Please be aware that withdrawals from SpectroCoin account are only possible to third-party wallets or accounts that are registered in the name of the SpectroCoin account holder. The system does not process a request to withdraw money to third-party accounts.

Spectrocoin Fees Rates And Buying Limits

Below you can see SpectroCoin fees and limits for both Spectrocoin account deposits and withdrawals. The lists below indicate the available methods of withdrawing and replenishing the wallet.

Funding Spectrocoin – fees and limits

Payment system Currencies Fees Minimum deposit amount Maximum deposit amount
Skrill** EUR, USD, GBP 5.50% €1 €4 000
Neteller EUR, USD 5.50% €1 €4 000
Payeer EUR, USD 2% €1 €3 000
Perfect Money EUR, USD 2% €1 €2 000
Advcash EUR, USD, GBP, RUB free €1 €3 000
Bank transfer EUR free €0.01 €100 000
Local bank transfer GBP 0.10% £0.01 £100 000
International bank transfer GBP 0.10% £50 £100 000
International bank transfer EUR 2% €50 €100 000
Visa* EUR, USD, GBP, RUB 2.99% €1 €2 000
Mastercard* EUR, USD, GBP, RUB 2.99% €1 €2 000
Maestro* EUR, USD, GBP, RUB 2.99% €1 €2 000

* For non-residents of the EEA – 3.99%
** Tariff for a deposit in USD – 8.5%

Withdrawal of funds – fees and limits

Payment system Currencies Fees Minimum withdrawal amount Maximum withdrawal amount
Skrill** EUR, USD, GBP 2% €3 €3 000
Payeer EUR, USD 2% €5 €2 000
Perfect Money EUR, USD 2% €6 €1 500
Advcash EUR, USD, GBP, RUB бесплатно €1 €2 000
Bank transfer EUR бесплатно €5 €100 000
Local bank transfer GBP 0.10% £5 £100 000
International Bank Transfer GBP 0.10% £50 £100 000
International Bank Transfer EUR 2% €50 €100 000
Amazon Gift Card EUR 2% €10 €1 000
Mobile top-up* Местные валюты 15% €500

* For mobile top-up of providers Digicel and Tigo – 10%.

Security And Safety

To improve the security of the account, the system has developed the following measures:

  • mandatory process of identity verification: “Know your client” procedure;
  • prohibition on payments from a third party: the sender’s details must match the recipient’s details;
  • the ability to add a device with the SpectroCoin application to the trusted ones: this will make it easy to disable access to your account if the gadget is lost or stolen;
  • connecting two-factor authentication: each time you log in, you need to enter an authentication code, which can be requested by email, sms or Google ID;
  • allow login through social media profile.

SpectroCoin Pros & Cons

Like any financial services provider, SpectroCoin has its advantages and disadvantages. Some we were able to highlight below in the table.

Pros Cons

Personal IBAN account

Virtual and physical card

Good technical support

Intuitive interface of your personal account

Ability to open an account in most countries

+ Application available on Android and iOS

More than 20 ways to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency

– High fees for some types of transactions

– Low trading volume

– Lack of high liquidity

– No cancellation of accidental transactions

Spectro Coin Alternatives Overview

If the SpectroCoin cryptocurrency wallet does not suit you, you can always replace it with alternative platforms for storing, exchanging and transferring crypto and fiat currency.

Payment system Fees Processor Bonuses Rating
coinbase logo bitcoin withdraw Coinbase Medium Visa No 5/5
bitpay logo baxity
Bitpay High Visa No 4/5
Revolut Revolut Low Visa No 4/5
trastra logo 2021 Trastra Low Visa No 4/5

Final verdict

Concluding our review with the aforementioned advantages and disadvantages of a payment service and a wallet, we can safely say that SpectroCoin is a worthy option for cryptocurrency payments or obtaining crypto loans. It is also an innovative method for businessmen who can receive payments from customers with bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies around the world. Moreover, after registration and verification in the system, you can use your personal IBAN to make payments on your own behalf or pay for purchases with a VISA card.


What is SpectroCoin?

SpectroCoin is an electronic wallet and a kind of crypto exchange. The site allows you to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money, withdraw cash using a debit card, securely pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency around the world, and receive a crypto loan using cryptocurrency as collateral.

Is Spectrocoin Legit?

SpectroCoin was established in 2013 and is operated by the Anglo-Lithuanian company Spectro Finance Limited. Due to the versatility and reliability of the payment service, it is used by almost 1,000,000 people in the world. SpectroCoin is also popular with business clients who are attracted by useful and convenient payment tools.

How does SpectroCoin work?

SpectroCoin operates as a foreign exchange brokerage platform that allows you to trade a variety of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and even gold. It is an online wallet where you can store, exchange, buy and withdraw cryptocurrency. The convenient possibility of issuing a physical or virtual prepaid bitcoin card makes it in demand among numerous users. With the card, you can spend your bitcoins and pay for goods in stores, convert money into fiat and receive cash from ATMs.


  1. Fraud by criminal Vytautas Karalevicius. They let you transfer the money to their account and then turn off the possibility withdrwrawala without any notice. Big SCAM and FRAUD. Avoid SpectroCoin.

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