The Top 10 Gift Cards to Save Money On This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up and it’s time to buy gifts. If you’re looking to save money on your gift buying this year, consider purchasing gift cards instead of specific items for each person on your list. The most important thing about gift cards is that they allow you to shop at the store of your choice, giving you more control over your spending and making it easier to stick to a budget.

Gift cards are not only for friends and family, it can be a great gift for employees

In this article, we will take a look at the top gift cards to buy this holiday season, including the benefits and best stores to use them at. However, before we jump into our list let’s define what a gift card is.

What Are Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to ensure your recipient gets exactly what they want from their favorite store. But did you know that there are different types of gift cards, each with different restrictions? Gift cards can be broken down into · Plastic: These work just like credit and debit cards and can be used anywhere. · Electronic: These work just like plastic gift cards but come in digital form that is emailed or texted directly to your loved one. They can only be used online. · In-store: You’ll find these types of gift cards near registers at many stores—they look like credit or debit cards and can only be used at those specific locations.

10 most popular gift cards in 2021

If you’re giving a gift card for Christmas or another special occasion, it’s usually because you don’t know what else to give. If your giftee is an adult or child, these 10 choices will cover most of their wants—some of which they didn’t even know they wanted! Here are 10 popular gift cards in 2021 (in no particular order):

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Amazon gift card

Key features: Buy just about anything online, Great for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, You can load them with your payment method of choice, Available in physical and digital form, and fantastic rewards for employee performance.

Available countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, UK, and the Isle of Man

Restrictions: The gift cards cannot be sold or exchanged a gift card for cash. Amazon gift cards are also non-refundable.

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Visa gift card

Key features: Recipients may use the Visa Gift card whenever and anywhere they choose, Can be replaced when lost or stolen, Easy to redeem, Available in many locations for purchase, Good at helping you save money on your holiday shopping spree.

Available countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, UK, and the Isle of Man

Restrictions: Can be redeemed only at merchants accepting VISA cards

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Starbucks gift card

Key features: Three cards in different denominations, Relatively affordable, Available online and in-stores, a mobile app with extra discounts.

Available countries: United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, and Australia.

Restrictions: Can be redeemed only at Starbucks

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Amex gift card

Key features: Flexible gift card, Personal and business gift cards available, You can purchase and send in any denomination, Can be added to Apple or Google pay, Available in e-gift cards and physical gift cards.

Available countries: Across the United States and the District of Columbia.

Restrictions: Can be redeemed only at merchants accepting American Express cards

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Etsy gift card

Key features: No additional fees or expiration dates, Issued in GBP, CAD, AUD, and EUR, Physical and e-gift cards available, artisan unique handmade products to choose from, and more!

Available countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, and the UK

Restrictions: Can be redeemed only on Etsy

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Next gift card

Key features: Value from £5 up to £200, Redeem both online or in-store, You can design the gift card, and Schedule a delivery date.

Available countries: Available for purchase and redeem only in the United Kingdom

Restrictions: Can be redeemed only at the store.

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Xbox gift card

Key features: You can also use it for TV shows, movies, music downloads, and apps available on Xbox Live, Great gift for gamers, Find everything from the classics to the latest games, and No fees or expiration dates.

Available countries: Euro countries, USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Czechia, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Indien, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina.

Restrictions: Can be used only for Xbox consoles, Xbox Live, and the website.

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Airbnb Gift Card

Key features: Discounts on 4000+ brands, Can be used for any stay in more than 190 nations, and are easily redeemable.

Available countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
The United States.

Restrictions: Gift cards may not be used to pay for alterations to current bookings or to purchase more gift cards.

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Uber Eats gift card

Key features: Simple to acquire, Easy to use, There are no service fees or expiry dates, Cards might be digital or physical, Great incentive for employees in your company, and Credit for meals.

Available countries: Euro countries, USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Czechia, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Indien, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina.

Restrictions: Redeemed gift cards can only be used in countries that allow payment in the currency in which they were issued.

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Apple gift card

Key features: Use it to pay for Apple products, accessories, apps, games, and music, Easy to use, Add money directly into your Apple Account Balance anytime, Physical and online gift cards, and No expiry date or redeem fees.

Available countries: In most countries and regions, you can use an Apple Store Gift Card in an Apple Store or at In France, Germany, Singapore, and Switzerland, Apple Store Gift Cards can be used only in an Apple Store, not on

Restrictions: Redeemed gift cards can only be used in countries that allow payment in the currency in which they were issued.

Where to get a gift card

If you’re looking for a gift card for Christmas or any other holiday, there are some places to get one. Look at your local drugstore, grocery store, or department store. hey usually have racks of gift cards near their checkouts. If you don’t see them, ask an employee where they are.

You can go to the company’s website and buy a gift card from the provider T There are also services like Plastic Jungle that sell gift cards online so people can send an e-gift card to someone online or through email. In addition, you can buy from sites like GiftCardMall or Raise Marketplace, which allows buyers and sellers to meet up on its website. Or, you could search for discount gift cards in order to save money when buying one.

One service called CardCash buys unused cards from consumers and then sells them at a discount. Other similar sites include Cardpool, EJ Gift Cards, or National Prepaid Distributors (NPD). You could even use Swagbucks in order to earn points towards free gift cards. You can get all types of gift cards for example AMEX gift card on amazon.


There are hundreds and ven thousand of gift cards available online and in-stores. The most important thing is that you figure out what the person you will be gifting likes. Or in which stores do they like to shop. The number of gift cards is enormous but here are a few that didn’t make the top 10 list but deserve honorable mentions.

  • Google Play Gift Card

Key features: Valid for music, movies, books, applications, and other products, Compatible with Google Play Store, Can be bought at grocery stores and online, Secure transaction, No-hassle redemption, and No expiry date.

  • Playstation Gift Card

Key features: Discover thousands of PlayStation games, Buy TV shows and movies, Buy items from the Store, Buy Playstation accessories, and Purchase add-ons and in-game credits.

  • Netflix Gift Card

Key features: Great corporate gift as incentives for employees, Get netflix subsription with the best movies and TV shows, Redeem a Netflix gift card purchased in a different country, and More than one Netflix gift card can be used by a single account.

Final Thoughts

Sure, gift cards may seem boring, but that’s because they’re usually only used when you can’t find anything better. However, the most important factor in favor of gift cards is the availability of many options for every occasion (and to suit every budget), gifting cards are no longer reserved for when you don’t know what else to get.

You can even make your own custom gift card inserts online! Just be sure to keep them up-to-date with balances. If you happen to be shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, keep in mind that some retailers raise their prices on these two days and sometimes also charge additional fees for card purchases made during these times.

This is why it’s wise to wait until after Christmas if you can before purchasing gift cards. There might even be special promotions or deals related to gift cards over Christmas weekend—keep an eye out for those too! And if your cash is really tight during the holiday season, there are plenty of free ways to earn points toward discounts on future purchases including watching videos, completing surveys, or just shopping at certain stores more often than usual. Happy Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use gift cards for?

While most people think they can only be used to buy merchandise in retail stores, that’s no longer true. In fact, there are quite a few options when it comes to using gift cards. Here are some popular ways you can use your card:

  • Department stores: You can get everything from clothes and shoes to housewares and kitchen gadgets at department stores.
  • Bookstores: They sell all sorts of things for anyone on your list, from books and music CDs to videos and DVDs.
  • Grocery stores: Aside from stocking up on snacks and beverages for yourself, a grocery store is a great place to buy food gifts or grab some ingredients for dinner—particularly if you’re going out with friends later.
  • Toy stores: Kids (and adults) alike will love picking out something fun like action figures, stuffed animals, board games, or comic books.
  • Electronics stores: You can get someone their favorite gadget whether they’re an iPhone junkie or more of an Android kind of person. Electronics retailers usually carry other accessories like headphones, protective cases, and memory cards as well.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Go to your gift card issuer’s website or call customer service. Online, you’ll likely be able to click on a Check Balance link—this will either take you to your account balance or load a page that allows you to type in your gift card number and check it that way.

You can also call customer service and ask, but often representatives have limited ability to look up balances over phone lines. It may be faster to just log into your account online or use another method of contact provided by your issuer.

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