How to use ecoPayz in Canada for gambling?

Canada has quite a unique attitude towards gambling. On the one hand, it strictly regulates the industry. On the other hand, the government doesn’t mind Canadians going online and playing at casinos that welcome international visitors. Players may sometimes feel limited in their payment options. However, services like ecoPayz aim to solve this issue. Below we will answer questions like:

  • What is ecoPayz?
  • Can Canadians use ecoPayz?
  • What platforms support it?
  • Are there any alternatives?

How Does ecoPayz Work?

ecoPayz acts as a digital wallet. You can create up to 10 currency accounts and use them for different services that support this payment method. To add funds to your ecoAccount, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Local deposits
  • International bank transfers

Depending on your account tier, you will be charged fees. If you’re at the Gold level, you won’t be charged at all. At the Silver level, the sender pays the 1.50% fee for transfers between ecoPayz customers.

ecoPayz Canada for gambling can be used both to make deposits and withdrawals. The process is straightforward, even for beginners. For example, for deposits, you will be asked to enter your account details. As long as you have the needed amount, the transaction will be successful. Overall, it’s not any harder than any other e-wallet.

ecopayz casinos canada gamblers

Why ecoPayz Is a Popular Choice for Gamblers

Ecopayz Canada gambling features are developed, keeping security, flexibility, and convenience in mind.

Moreover, they are always following new trends within the industry and enhancing their functionality for the players’ convenience.

As we’ve mentioned above, Canadian citizens may not be able to use their usual payment providers for gambling. In this context, having an e-wallet helps immensely. ecoPayz isn’t restricted in the country or any province.

Another useful feature that the service provides is the protection of your credit card data. You don’t need to share it with any online casino. As long as it supports ecoPayz, you will be able to make payments through the wallet and save the banking data to yourself.

Is ecoPayz Safe?

Considering the online gambling world is filled with fraudulent activity, it’s important to entrust your funds only to reliable vendors. Luckily, ecoPayz is compliant with the latest security standards. The website uses 256-bit SSL encryption, which is a robust data encryption technique.

All users are advised to enable 2-step verification. Every time you log into your account or want to make transfers, you will receive a security code on your phone or email. Only after entering, it will grant you access to your funds.

As the team states, customer safety is their top priority. This can be proven by the fact that we haven’t seen any notable cases of accounts being stolen or compromised.

If anything, there is even a drawback of the service being overly protective. Accounts are suspended as soon as the algorithm suspects any irregular activity. However, you can recover it as instructed by the customer support team.

ecoPayz Pros and Cons for Canadian Gamblers

Our ecoPayz review Canada wouldn’t be complete without a quick summary of the positives and the negatives. Based on user reviews and our own research, we found the following reasons to use this service:

How to use ecoPayz in Canada for gambling?Quick online payments

50+ currencies supported

How to use ecoPayz in Canada for gambling?Latest SSL encryption technology for security

Relatively low fees and no P2P fees

How to use ecoPayz in Canada for gambling?Convenient ecoPayz app

Fast and easy registration and verification

As for the drawbacks, we found the following ones:

ecopayz canada consRequest many forms of ID

Account limitations for lower-tier users

ecopayz canada consNot integrated on many major websites

ecoPayz Mastercards are available only for EEA countries residents

How Can I Find the Best Canadian ecoPayz Casinos?

There isn’t a specific list of casinos that accept ecoPayz as a payment option. If you already have highly ranked platforms in mind, simply go to their website and check their deposit and withdrawal methods.

From the top of our head, we can name top 10 reputable casinos that all accept ecoPayz:

Find more information about the casinos with ecoPayz support available in Canada in this article. When you settle on a casino to play, be sure to join the Baxity loyalty program. This will grant you unique benefits that regular ecoPayz users don’t have access to.

Alternatives for ecoPayz in Canada

Using ecoPayz for online casino gambling isn’t the only option. To give you more services to choose from, we can also recommend two other proven payment providers for online gambling in Canada – Skrill, and Neteller.

skrill_neteller_VIP program

Depositing money through a Skrill e-wallet has become one of the most popular methods at gambling sites. Currently, it has over 35 million users and supports over 40 currencies, including CAD. If you want to learn more about its safety, our Is Skrill Safe in 2020? article goes into depth on this topic.

As for another way to gamble without ever giving out your actual bank account information, Neteller is also a popular way. If you’re struggling to make a choice between the two, you can read about in our Neteller vs Skrill article.


  1. I’ve really been interested in online gambling lately because being stuck at home has been soooo boring. I used a paypal account at first, but then they banned my account because I guess you cant use it for gambling in Canada.. So I’ve been looking for a different e-wallet to use. I’m really glad I came across this review, it looks like ecopayz is exactly what I need.

    1. pokerchamp, thank you for your comment! Hope you will enjoy ecoPayz for your purposes. Also, do not forget that registering with us, you will receive a Gold status completely free of charge for the entire period of using the account.

  2. After reading your article I thought iw anted to make an Ecopayz account, but then I dicided to read the links about neteller and skrill that you put at the end. And now I can’t make up my mind about which serfvice I want to use for casinos! Which one is compatible with the most casinos, skrill or ecopayz?

    1. azad, thank you for your question! It is completely up to you what exact ewallet to choose. All of them have been working on the market for more than 20 years, but if you are interested in casinos, I could recommend Skrill, it is more common in gambling merchants.

  3. I like tht you wrote an objective list with the pros and cons, most reviews don’t do a good job talkin about the cons. I am wondering about one of the cons, you said there are account limitations for lower tier users? Who is low tier and how do you get to a higher tier? And what kind of limitation are you talkin about?

    1. Darla Q., thank you for your questions! There are transaction limits for different account levels. To get a higher level you have to make deposits to merchants, if you create an ecoPayz account on regular terms.

      However, if you sign-up for an ecoPayz account via our special link, reaching a higher tier is becoming really easier. Here you can learn how to reach a higher tier:

      As for account limitations, I recommend you to have a look at this article to know more concerning this issue:

      1. so the more stuff i buy, the higher my level gets? nice. and omg i just looked at the requirements, and you are right!! baxity does make it easy – just 10,000 eur to get to gold instead of 250,000, i like that a lot. i have a question bout the second page you sent me, can you tell me can I buy ecoVoucher in my country? from Canada and where to buy? in ecoPayz account?

        1. Darla, you are right. For regular transactions, you have the opportunity to increase your account status. Actually, with Baxity you can get Gold status for free after verification, 10,000 eur you need for VIP status. Note that the status is given for the entire time of using the account.

          You can find out the official resellers of vouchers in your country on their official website –

          Soon we will also open a store within our website where you can buy various vouchers. Follow the news.

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